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Serves Them Right - APRIL 27

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Mikey returns home

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Mikey put his key in the lock and started to push open the door when it was suddenly yanked from his hand. Alicia stood in front of him and he could tell she had been crying. Fear gripped his soul, "What's wrong? Is it Ray?"
"What?" she looked at him and shook her head, "Why would you think something happened to Ray?"
He closed the door and turned to her, "Cause you're standing there and I can tell you've been crying."
She fought the urge to strangle him, "I've been crying you idiot cause I woke up and my husband was gone. Where the fuck did you go?"
There was no way he was going to tell her the whole truth. However, he could tell her some of it. "I just went down to Starbucks."
"With all the coffee makers we have you decided to go down to Starbucks in the middle of the night?"
He walked past her and into the living room. Bunny was lying in the middle of the sofa wearing her new sweater. He gently pushed the cat off to one side and sat down. Alicia was standing with her arms crossed waiting for an answer. "It's not exactly the middle of the night, shit it's not even midnight."
Alicia stood looking at him trying to decide whether she should go ahead with her original thought and strangle him of should she kiss the crap out of him. She chose neither option. "Mikey why did you go to Starbucks?"
He reached out to pet Bunny. The cat purred, rolled over and fell off the sofa. Mikey wondered briefly if something was mentally wrong with their cat. He leaned over and scooped her up in his arms. He could feel Alicia's eyes boring into him. "I wanted coffee." He finally answered.
She folded her arms and glared, "Michael James Way, this has got to stop. You have to stop letting worry eat away at you. I know you're worried about Ray. Fuck Mikey, we all are but think how optimistic the doctors are. He wasn't in the coma very long, so that means he's got a great chance of being just like he was before the accident."
Unexpected anger suddenly filled him, "But what if he isn't like he was before? What if he can't play the guitar? What if he can't ever be part of My Chem again? What the fuck would we do?" He looked down at the purring cat in his arms.
Alicia sighed, "Mikey you have to have faith. You have to believe he will be all right."
"Oh so if I think he will be all right he will fucking be all right, is that what you're saying?" He was upset, she didn't understand at all.
Alicia's own anger got the best of her, "OK Mikey that's great. Why don't we just go ahead and call Brian. Maybe he can release a statement saying My Chemical Romance is over, fuck why don't we go ahead and buy a coffin for Ray. You have decided it's all over for him anyway." She was screaming, tears were coursing down her face.
Mikey looked horrified by her words, "I never fucking said that." Bunny jumped out of his arms and went to hide under the sofa.
"You don't have to say it Mikey, I know it's what you're thinking. Whatever the situation you look at the dark side of it. You think of the worst possible thing that could happen and that's what you believe. Mikey you gotta stop it. I'm trying to help you but you gotta help yourself too. You gotta realize what you're doing and fucking stop it." She sank to the floor and covered her face with her hands.
Mikey stared at her hating himself for making her feel this way. "Alicia" he said softly, "Why don't you leave me, why do you stay?"
She looked up through her tears, "Because I love you," she answered simply.
Her words tore at his heart. She was the love of his life and he was hurting her. "I'm sorry," he whispered.
"Sorry about what Mikey? Sorry that I love you?"
He got off the sofa and sat by her on the floor, "No, sorry that I'm hurting you."
She reached out to touch his face, "Then stop. Just stop hurting me. If you love me then you gotta make yourself change. You gotta make yourself stop having the dark thoughts. No one can do it but you."
God, he thought, she is so beautiful and she loves me so much how can I even think of messing up what we have. "Alicia I promise you I will try with everything I have inside me, I will try. I love you more than I could ever say. You are the light to my darkness. Please don't give up on me."
She shook her head, "I'm your wife I promised I would stand beside you and I meant it. Just hold on to me and don't let go, I'll keep us both in the light."
He pulled her over to him and gently touched her face, "My wife, I feel so fucking happy when I hear those words." His lips touched her softly at first but soon the passion they both felt took over. He pushed her back carefully and followed her down, his own body covering hers. "I love you, I love you," he breathlessly told her and he covered her face and neck with kisses.
Suddenly they were both frantically pulling off each other's clothing. Alicia's pajama top sailed across the room and landed on Bunny who had ventured out from under the sofa.
Alicia struggled with his belt buckle, "For the love of God help me with this" she panted. His own fingers shook as he helped her with the buckle, then the zipper. "Mikey I want you baby, I need you."
He pushed her now nude body back down onto the plush white rug, "Baby I need you." With his knee he parted her legs.
The phone rang and he cursed. "Fuck I'll get it" Alicia rolled out from under him and grabbed the phone off the table by the sofa.
"Yes, he's back, it's all good, can't talk now" she said the jumble of words and slammed the phone back down. Mikey, who had followed her pulled her back down.
Jamia's laughter confused Frank. "What did she say? Is he back? Is he OK?"
"Oh yes, he's back and from the sound of it he's doing OK" she giggled, "Glad I called when I did. They interrupted us so it serves them right."

AUTHOR'S NOTE - Just thought the new Mr. and Mrs. Way deserved their own chapter!
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