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Jack shows Will his collection, and insecurities arise.

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Will sat on the cot, a drawn look on his handsome features. Was it really possible for a blacksmith-turned-pirate to be bored on the sea? Was it REALLY possible? According to the way he felt at the moment, not only was it possible, but it was happening.
The Black Pearl was no where near a port, much less one as fun as Tortuga. In the few months, he'd grown to understand why Jack loved the grimy, filthy port full of whores and drunkenness. It was a fun place.
The young man shoved the thoughts out of his mind. Thinking of a place more fun than the one he was in wasn't helping him to feel any better. He let out a sigh. There was a frustrated grunt from the desk. "Boyo, tha's the millionth sigh ye've heaved out 'n the last five minutes." Will's eyed flitted up to see Jack bent over a large map. He suspected the older pirate hadn't even looked away from the parchment when the statement had been made. "What be botherin' ye?"
"I'm bored out of my bleedin' brain, that's what!" The outburst caught Jack's attention and he looked away from the map, his brows furrowed in confusion.
"Lad, yer on the Pearl, the fastest, most famous pirate ship in the SPANISH MAINE, and yer 'bored'?" He shook his head, the beads in his hair tinkling in response to the movement. Will heard him murmuring something about 'pirate newbies" and "indecisive little buggars" before he went back to charting a course to their newest destination: some little spit of an island that was supposed to hold some treasure that would "surely make the gods tremble in Heaven"...or so Gibbs had said. And even THAT was boring to the younger of the two pirates.
"Jack?" Will moaned, getting up and making his way to the captain. He bent, resting his elbows on the desk, looking at the large map. "Jack?" The said man sighed and looked at Will with half-lidded orbs.
"Aye, Will?" The two shared a look and Jack smiled. He gripped Will's chin with his forefinger and thumb, pulling the younger man into a short kiss. "I know ye's bored, but this 'ere course 's important." Will pouted and Jack shook his head. "Alright, I'll show ye somethin' an' keep ye entertained fer a moment or two, then ye got to behave yerself, savvy?" Will nodded eagerly and plopped himself into Jack's lap, bring forth a small "humphh" from the pirate.
Jack pulled out a desk drawer and produced a leather sack from it's depths. "What's that?" Will asked. Jack rolled his eyes.
"Give me a bloody minute, will ye? S' hard to do thin's wit' ye in me lap." Just as he said this, the sack fell open and an array of small polished stones clattered on to the desk. Will fingered them. They were different colors and smooth as glass to the touch. "Now," Jack said, "let's 'ave a bit o' a lesson, eh?" An arm on either side of Will, he touched the stones on the desk. Will closed his eyes for a moment as he felt the strong arms pressing on him from either side.
"Aye," he said, " a lesson." Jack grinned, knowing what his simple touch did to the younger man. But he wasn't going to indulge in that particular sin at the moment.
"Open yer eyes, Will," he said, and Will's hazel circles opened as he blushed slightly, now knowing that Jack had seen them closed. "Pay attention. This stone 'ere," he pointed a tanned finger to a stone and Will followed, listening. "This 's called Amber." Will nodded. "Ye know w'at it does?" He looked up to see his lover shaking his head. "Well, 's s'posed to make it's owner irresistible." Jack quirked a smirk at that one. Of course he was irresistible. He was, after all, Captain Jack Sparrow. Will rolled his eyes.
"Are you telling me a stone is the reason that you're the way you are?" He asked. Jack shook his head, grin still on his lips.
"No. Too many hours 'n the sun 's the cause o' that," he said, winking. Will rolled his eyes again. "But, this stone does more than that. Accordin' to legend, 's linked to sensuality an' it rids depression."
Will furrowed his brow in thought for a moment. So far, all the things this stone stood for represented little bits of Jack himself. That was most interesting. But it was also possible that Jack was saying these things, making them up at his convenience. He shrugged inwardly. It was keeping him entertained, none the less. "Okay," he offered, hinting for Jack to continue.
"This'n 'ere is called Hematite," Jack said, brushing his finger against a metallic gray stone. "It builds courage an' strength." He thought a moment. "Ah, yes. An' personal magnetism." Will grunted, thoroughly believing that his captain was making all this up. "It heals," Jack said, almost as an after thought. Will thought momentarily about the bullet scars on Jack's chest. Those should've killed him... "S'posed to keep a person grounded, too." Will's interest was mounting.
"What about this one?" He asked to a translucent white stone.
"Moonstone," Jack said. "Brin's success 'n love an' life, mate. " They grinned at each other. "It relieves stress an' makes yer emotions balanced."
"And this one?" A deep blue stone this time. Jack squinted, trying to remember the exact name.
"Erm...Blue...oh, buggar." He frowned in concentration. Blue-somethin-or-other..." Will chuckled, looking at the twisted expression on Jack's face. "AH! Blue Siberian Quartz! Tha's the one!" He smiled, proud of himself. "It...'inspires self-awareness and clairvoyance". Tha's w'at the man tha' sold 't to me said. 'S the stone of mystics an' healers. It's s'posed to 'elp focus the mind."
"Well, it's not doing it's job on that last one," Will said. Jack narrowed his eyes and jolted his legs, almost causing Will to fall. Jack caught him at the last moment before he toppled.
"Yer s'posed to behave, 'member?" Will laughed.
"Okay." He scanned the stones and picked up a black one. "I know this one, " he said. "It's Onyx. I used to put into the hilts of swords for show." Jack nodded.
"Pretty stone, tha' one," he said. "But I don' reckon ye knows what it does from yer blacksmith days, do ye?" Will shook his head.
"No, I'm afraid not."
"Well, I'll tell ye. This stone 'tracts good fortune an' it repels negativity." Jack plucked the small stone from Will's hands and messaged it with his fingers, staring at it in almost-wonder. Will studied the Captain's face and the way he stared intently at the object in his rough hands.
"What, Jack?" The older pirate flicked a smile in Will's direction.
"It brin' brings fidelity in a partner." His eyes met Will's for a brief moment before returning to the rock. Will waited for a moment, trying to sort out exactly what it was that Jack's face was portraying. "This stone hasn't done much o' it's job either, really." Will cocked his head to the side, and nuzzled himself a bit closer to Jack. Jack felt him do this, and he didn't recoil, but he didn't really welcome the gesture either. Pirate or no, he was a humble man, he wasn't one for pity. "An' this 'n 'ere is called Tiger Eye. It brin's good luck an' protects tha' wearer. It makes yer insight better, I think."
Will didn't respond to Jack's aversion--the pirate still had a lost look in his eyes, as if he was really miles away instead of where he was, with Will secured in his arms.
"Jack?" Will ventured. The captain's gaze lingered still on the rocks for a moment, and then slowly turned to Will.
"Aye?" Will smiled gently and brushed his fingers along Jack's jaw. When Jack tried to slither out of the embrace, Will nabbed his chin between his blacksmith thumb and forefinger, making Jack still look at him.
"Don't avoid this, Jack," the younger man said sternly. Jack dropped his eyes, aware that he'd been caught hiding something. Will nuzzled into Jack's shoulder, resting his cheek on the older man's shoulder. "Is there a stone that forces the owner into truth?"
Jack grinned. "'Fraid not, pet."
"Then this'll have to do." Will let a soft kiss play on Jack's lips and hoped that one day, Jack could trust him with his life just as he trusted the stones.
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