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>Chapter 1

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Archie's birthday is comming! So the guys decide to throw a party! There's gonna be presents, bowling, and Archie will finally get Atlanta! But what happends when Cronus drops in to give his little...

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Hey guys! Ya, I know, I should be continuing my other stories! But this one just came to me like a dream and I HAD to write the first chappie so I wouldn't forget it! Sorry for making you guys wait for the other stories, I promise i'll update as soon as I can! Luv ya guys! Hope you enjoy!

NOTE: If Any Of You Guys Have Another Idea For The Title Of This Story, PLEASE Tell Me!

These Small Hours
Chapter 1

-" Oh common guys! You don't need to do this!" said Archie as Atlanta pushed him in Herry's truck.

-" Of course we do Arch! It's your birthday today, and the only way to celebrate someone's 17th birthday is to go to dinner and then...BOWLING!" cheered Atlanta.

-" I bet the only reason you wanna do this is for the bowling" smiled Archie. Atlanta punched him in the arm and smiled.

-" Archie! Come here!" yelled Theresa. Archie walked near Theresa and she quickly covered his eyes with some kind of bandana.

-" Hey! What's this for?" he asked.

-" Well so you obviously won't see where we're going so it can be a surprise!" she said. Atlanta came and took Archie by the hand so she could guide him to Herry's truck. Archie felt butterfly's in his stomach when she took his hand and thank god it was dark outside so no one saw him blush. When they arrived at the place, they all walked outside and stood in front of the restaurant.

-" Ok Archie, open your eyes!" exclaimed Atlanta. Archie untied the bandana and saw his favourite restaurant: Baton Rouge, one of the most expensive restaurants in New Olympia.

-" Wow, You guys actually brought me to the most expensive restaurant just for my birthday?" he asked his mouth wide open.

-" You totally deserve it Arch! Now common! Last one there's a rotten egg!" yelled Atlanta and they all ran inside. After a few hours of laughter, talking and eating, Theresa decided it was time to open the presents!

-" Here Archie, start with mine!" said Theresa and quickly handed him her present. He opened it and saw a book full of poems.

-" Uh... thanks Theresa.." he said and a blush appeared on his cheeks. Herry had gotten him a brand new
skateboard, Jay had gotten him a book on sailing, Odie had built him a virtual video game and Neil had bought him a shampoo and body kit. When it was Atlanta's turn, Archie carefully opened the small box in front of him, like there was some kind of bomb in it. After slowly opening it, he found a message inside of it that said

Dear Archie,
Meet me in my room at night so you could have your real present.

Oxox Atlanta

Archie smiled and looked at Atlanta, who was also smiling. After eating, they all went outside and played bowling. As usual, Atlanta had won 1st place, but she decided to share it with Archie. After 2 hours of fun, Jay, being his serious self again, decided it was time to go home. They all agreed, because they were all exhausted.

-" Thanks guys, this has really been the best birthday I've ever had in my life" said Archie. Everyone smiled and they continued walking home until they heard someone clap behind them.

-" Ah, Archie, where are you going to fast? Did you forget my little present?" said the familiar voice but as soon as everyone could turn around, a green light hit Archie right in the stomach and made him fly into a tree.

-" Archie!" they all yelled and ran next to him. Cronus came out of the shadows and started laughing.

-" Enjoy your little birthday while you can Archie, because it's going to be the last one you'll ever have.." Cronus whispered the last part and walked through one of his portals.

-" Archie! Are you ok??" asked a worried Atlanta as they were all beside him. Archie rubbed his head and nodded in response.

-" I wonder what Cronus did with that green light? Are you sure you're feeling fine Archie?" asked Jay as he rubbed his chin.

-" Ya . .I'm fine..It's not enough that Cronus ruins every other day, but why MY birthday?!" he said as Herry helped him up.

-" Ok then, common, let's go home" ordered Jay and they all walked home.

At night, everyone had gone to sleep except Archie. He still hadn't forgotten about the letter from Atlanta and he was getting ready to go to her room. He slowly approached her door and knocked on it. The door opened and there was standing Atlanta, wearing a beautiful red dress and heels. Archie kept staring at her with him mouth wide open until Atlanta waved her hand in front of his face.

-" Archie! Common! What are you standing there for? Follow me!" she said and took him by the hand. Atlanta ran outside and dragged Archie with her until they reached a park bench.

-" Um...Atlanta? What are we doing here?" asked Archie, slightly confused.

-" I'm going to give you your present doofus!" giggled Atlanta. She took out a paper and wrote something on it. Then she handed it to Archie and said.

-" This is my present to you Arch." Archie slowly opened the note and read what was written on it over and over, not believing what it said.

Archie, will you be my boyfriend?

Archie took the pen out of Atlanta's hand and wrote something. Then, he handed it back to Atlanta. She smiled as she read what was written on it.

I'd love to lannie

Atlanta leaned in and gave Archie a kiss on the lips, a kiss Archie would never forget in his life.

-" Man, this really is the best birthday in my life!" he thought as he continued kissing Atlanta. When they broke apart from the kiss, they both walked home hand in hand and that night, Archie slept in Atlanta's room. (Don't worry guys, nothing naughty happened in there)

Atlanta woke up and saw Archie sleeping beside her with his hand around her waist. She smiled and cuddled up some more on his chest until she realized he looked paler than ever. He didn't look so good either. A little worried, Atlanta shook his boyfriend until he slowly opened his eyes.

-" Arch? You ok?" she asked. He yawned and nodded in agreement, but she was not satisfied from that answer.

But as soon as she was about to ask what was wrong, the door opened up and the whole gang came in with a cake made out of rice krispies cereal in Theresa's hand.
But as soon as they yelled "SURPRISE!!", Archie suddenly sat down and puked all over everyone...

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