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>Chapter 2

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Archie's birthday is comming! So the guys decide to throw a party! There's gonna be presents, bowling, and Archie will finally get Atlanta! But what happends when Cronus drops in to give his little...

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Well guys, Here's the second chapter of this story. But I see there's not really alot of interest in it, so if I don't get alot of reviews, I'm gonna have to delete it! So common guys! PLEASE review!:(

These Small Hours
Chapter 2

-" EWWW!!" they all yelled at the same time. Archie quickly jumped off the bed and ran to the bathroom, his hands covering his mouth. Atlanta ran after him only to have the bathroom door close right in front of her face. She put her ear on the door and heard the sound of puking. A little disgusted, she backed away and accidentally bumped into Jay.

-" Is he ok in there?" he asked. Atlanta shook her head.

-" No, he's puking, and by the sound of it, it's not very good." explained Atlanta. They all stood in front of the door for about 10 minutes until a disgusted Archie came out of the bathroom.

-" What was that about!! You ruined my 100$ cashmere shirt!!" complained Neil. Archie gave him a deadly glare but for once in his life, he didn't feel like chasing Neil.

-" I don't know...It just....came out! Sorry guys.." he answered. But as soon as he was about to go back to his room, the same feeling came to him and he quickly re-ran into the bathroom and started puking.

-" This is not normal! Archie can never get sick! Unless.." started Jay as he rubbed his chin.

-" Cronus!" the others finished the sentence for him.

-" That's true! Maybe it's from the green thing Cronus hit him with!" said Theresa. Jay nodded.

-" Then we have to get him to Chiron fast!" he commanded.

-" Wow! Wait a minute, I can't have him puking in my truck!!" complained Herry. Jay rubbed his head as he thought of something.

-" Hum...true...which is why he'll be holding a bag in which he'll be puking!" said Jay. They all agreed and ran to Herry's truck. Archie walked out of the bathroom and saw them running somewhere. He rubbed his head.

-" Hey! Where are we going?" Atlanta quickly grabbed from his hoodie and dragged him in the truck. Everyone sat as far away as they could from him so that he wouldn't accidentally puke on any of them again.

When they entered the blue portal and entered the gods hideout, they were greeted by Hera.

-" Good morning children, I see you have all-" she was cut off when Archie didn't see the "WET FLOOR" sign on the ground and accidentally slipped, making the bad full of puke go flying in the air and landing right...on Hera's head.

-" Shit.." whispered Archie as he gulped. The others all gasped. They quickly grabbed Archie and ran to Chiron's study before their best friend gets turned into a spider. When they arrived to Chiron's study, Chiron was reading a book when they all barged in.

-" CHIRON!!" they yelled at the same time. The old centaur jumped from his place, but only sighed when he saw it was the 7 heroes.

-" What Is the matter children?" he asked as he walked closer to them.

-" Chiron! Archie is sick!" said Jay.

-" Am not!" yelled Archie, but suddenly puked on the floor. Everyone stood away from him.

-" Sick? But Archie can NEVER get sick! He's immune! Unless.....oh my!" Chiron ran to the library and searched for a book.

-" Unless what Chiron?" asked Atlanta. Chiron came back with a book in his hand. He opened a page and showed a picture to everyone, a picture of a green flower.

-" The Optix Patriocus (I just made that up) is a rare flower who's powder can be made into a deadly poison which can infect anyone, including Archie. Did he, by any chance, have contact with this flower?" asked Chiron.

-" see Chiron, when we were out celebrating his birthday yesterday, Cronus came and hit him in the stomach with something green, but we assumed nothing happened to him!" explained Jay. Chiron nodded.

-" Then Cronus must've used the flower's powder to make that green ray! That is not good children, if someone is hit by the Optix Patriocus's powder, he or she has only a week to live!" at this, the whole team gasped, especially Archie.

-" WHAT?! I have only a week to live?! Don't you have some kind of antidote or something??" he asked and then started to cough.

-" Well... there is ONE way.. but it's too risky.." said Chiron.

-" We'll do anything for Archie!" said Atlanta. Chiron nodded.

-" There is a bird on an island called Sincostan (lol made that up too) who lays eggs that is said to heal anyone. You must get the egg and mix it's yolk with the leaves of an oak tree and then you must make him drink it. That is the only way to heal him." Explained Chiron.

-" Ok then, TO SINCOSTAN!!" yelled Neil. Everyone sighed.

-" Neil, we don't even know where Sincostan is!" said Theresa.

-" We can ask Hermes to-" started Jay but he was cut off when Hermes burst in the room.

-" PuffPuff Did someone say my Puff* name?" he asked as he tried to catch his breath.

-" Hermes, we need you to take us to Sincostan!" said Jay. Hermes nodded.

-" Follow...Puff..Me!" he said and took off. The others quickly followed behind him, leaving Chiron alone.

-" Sight Those children would do anything for each other.." said Chiron and smiled. He picked up a broom to clean up the mess Archie made when he heard the door open behind him. He saw Hera come in, and she was covered with a disgusting yellow substance.

-" What happened to you?" he laughed. Hera smiled and pointed at the floor.

-" The same thing that happened to your floor"

Chiron understood what happened and felt disgusted. He handed her some paper towel and continued sweeping..

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