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A Kiss Goodbye - APRIL 29

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Bert visits Monica. Christa's resolve to stay with Ray stays strong.

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Gerard was smiling as he walked away from Ray's room. He was sure Christa would stand strong on her resolve to stay with Ray. He wondered if Ray knew the true depth of love Christa had for him. He made a quick detour outside to sneak a cigarette then headed back to Monica's room. A he got near her room he heard Bert before he saw him.
"So this dude looks at me and says." He stopped his story when he spotted Gerard in the doorway. "Hey, Gee I was just entertaining Monica while you were gone."
"He is very entertaining" Monica said giving Gerard a wink while Bert was looking away. "How's Ray?"
"Didn't really get to talk to him. He and Christa were having a fight."
Monica was confused; "Ray is feeling good enough to have a fight with Christa?"
Gerard grinned, "Well it was really more of Christa telling Toro off. Seems he told Mikey last night to send her away."
"What? Why would he do that?" Monica sat up, "He needs Christa"
Gerard nodded, "For sure, but I think he was trying to push her away cause he thought it would be for her own good."
"Cause he's afraid he won't recover" Bert guessed, "Shit, that sounds like Toro." He stood and offered Gerard the chair by Monica's bed. Gerard nodded and sat down. Bert moved to the other side and sat down on the bed. Gerard glared at him but Bert just smiled.
"So did Mikey really tell her what Ray said?" Monica was very concerned for both Ray and Christa.
"She overheard Mikey telling Ray's mom. At first she was very upset but then she realized why he had said it. You know I really like her, she strong and determined to stay by his side. I just hope she can get it through Ray's head that he shouldn't try to push her away. Shit, he needs her now more than ever."
"So Gee, have you guys decided what to do about he tour? Bert asked turning slightly to look at him.
Gerard seemed surprised by the question. "Fuck Bert, it's only been a few days since the accident, we can't make any decisions right now. Brian has canceled some of the dates but I'm sure he will have to cancel more."
Monica felt a pang of sadness, this tour meant so much to all the guys. Making The Black Parade had taken an emotional toll on all of them. The tour to support the album was so important, seeing and hearing their fans reaction when they played was a reward. If Gerard decided not to tour she wanted it to be because of his concern for Ray and not out of concern for her. She wasn't going to lie to herself, she would like nothing better than for him to stay with her but in her heart she knew it wouldn't be right. She loved him too much to want him to give up such an important event in his life.
"I get to go home tomorrow," Monica told Bert wanting to change to a happier subject. "I'm so ready to get out of here."
"Maybe you get to go home tomorrow," Gerard reminded her.
She narrowed her eyes, "I'm going home," she repeated.
Bert looked at them and laughed, "You two already sound like an old married couple. So when are you gonna get married?"
Gerard looked at Monica while answering Bert, "If it has been up to me we would already be married. This whole fucking mess has changed everything. We were supposed to get married during the break when we got back from Europe. Now I don't even know if we'll even do any of those shows."
Monica felt her spirits sinking, if only this hadn't happened. Gerard looked at her and saw the sadness in her eyes. He reached out and grabbed her hand, "I'm pretty sure she will get to go home tomorrow." He just wanted to see her smile.
"That's great. I'm gonna be in California a few days and I'll stop to see you guys on my way to London. We're performing at a special charity concert next week."
Monica's breakfast tray arrived. Bert hopped off her bed, "Well I'm gonna take off. I've got to get to the airport, you take care of yourself" He leaned down and kissed her cheek. "Take care of Gee, I know how hard all of this is on him" he whispered in her ear.
Monica nodded, "I will. Thanks for coming to see me, Bert."
He walked over to Gerard, "Take care, dude. Tell Ray I'm thinking about him. I was gonna stop and see him but it sounds like now wouldn't be a good time."
Gerard laughed, "You're probably right, I'll tell him. Take care." He watched Bert walk out into the hall. "What did he whisper to you?" He asked turning back to Monica.
She smiled, "Wondered about that, did you?" He looked so serious she stopped kidding him. "Gee, he told me to take care of you cause all of this has been so hard on you."
Gerard was surprised, "Hard on me? Shit, it's been hard on everyone not just me."
"But you have been strong for everyone else. Not only did I get hurt but you almost lost one of your best friends and band mates." She looked down at the tray as he uncovered her breakfast plate. "Gee, about the tour. As soon as you all feel comfortable leaving Ray to recuperate you should go."
He began shaking his head; "I don't want to leave you right now. You've had a serious injury it wouldn't be right for me to leave."
Monica smiled at him, "I will be fine. I don't want you to feel guilty about leaving me to go on tour. This tour is the reward for all you and the guy went through to make The Black Parade. It's such a big part of your life. You know Ray will think the same way. He will want you guys to continue on until he can join you."
Gerard sat down, "Do you really think he will be able to join us ever again?"
Monica was surprised, "Of course, I do. I really believe he's gonna be fine. Are you having doubts?"
He ran his hand over his face, "Shit, it's hard not to have doubts, fears really I guess. Until I see him playing again I guess that's just gonna be in my head." He sat up, "Ok, no more talking until you start eating that breakfast."
She smiled and picked up a piece of toast. "Bossy"
He smiled at the woman he loved with all his heart, "Yep, that's me."
In Ray's room the staring contest was well under way. Ray honestly didn't know what to say. Christa continued to look into his eyes and he finally gave and looked away.
"So do you feel like trying to eat something?" she asked. Before he could answer his mom walked in. Christa quickly filled her in on the excellent progress Ray was making. His mom didn't seem surprised at all. She told Christa that she had known in her heart all along that Ray would recover. Christa explained to her that they were to try to keep Ray awake as long as possible. His mother convinced her to go home for a quick shower and change of clothes. At first she resisted the idea. She didn't want to leave his side but she eventually agreed. She was preparing to leave when Ray spoke her name.
"Christa" His voice held no emotion and she braced herself expecting to hear him tell her not to come back. She turned to face him.
"Don't I get a kiss goodbye?" He said slowly.
She closed her eyes and smiled. When she opened them he was staring at her waiting for her answer. "A kiss goodbye now and a kiss hello when I get back" she said walking over to the bed.
He smiled as she leaned down and gently pressed her lips to his. "Love you," he said in a whisper.
Sitting in the chair beside the bed his mom smiled. Her Raymond was a smart boy.
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