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It Begins

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Teen drama just got a Hell of a lot more exciting.

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Chapter 1: It Begins

Theresa mentally debated whether or not to tap on Jay's shoulder during English. She should have been paying attention, but he was just so damn cute! For the remainder of the month, everyone was bustling around the school, trying to finish late assignments, studying for end-of-term tests and countless exams but most importantly, the end of term dance. The Junior-Senior dance was the biggest event just for the Juniors and Seniors and was set to be at the end of the year, right before summer holidays, but even though it was still so far away, everyone who was anyone was getting dates then. Anyone who was anyone was to be there with a respectably cute date; except for Jay, Theresa, Archie and Atlanta. Herry, Odie and Neil already had hot dates, Herry (being on the football, rugby, wrestling, and basketball team) got to have a tall, pink-haired cheerleader, Odie got to go with a fairly shy brunette from his French, Gym, and Chemistry class and Neil was going with a pack of girls that all asked him out, definitely setting a new record for most dates for the entire school in their history. Archie and Atlanta did, however, decide to go with each other as 'just friends', which resulted in many awkward moments and 'boyish' giggles from Atlanta after when she was out of earshot from Archie. But Theresa and Jay were the only two who hadn't accepted any of their invites from fellow classmates, both wishing to the gods that the other would ask the other out to the dance.
But Theresa's eyes kept glancing nervously over to the hot blonde girl sitting beside him, Brook, whose eyes would frequently glance over to his handsome features as he wrote down the studies for that day in English. Theresa was finally bringing up the nerve to tap on him shoulder when the end of class bell rang, sending the pencil she had in her hand flying. She gathered her books, set them in her book bag and followed Jay out of the class, the only class that she had solely with him. He was right there, right in front of her, so close yet so far away.
'So?' Odie asked her, stepping in between her and Jay as he came out from his previous class right beside Theresa and Jay's.
'So what?' She asked bitterly, angry at the fact that she just missed her chance at asking Jay out.
'Have you asked him yet?' Odie asked as they walked to lunch together.
'Well I was going to but then you came in and-' Theresa said but then was cut off by Odie.
'Well then go!' Odie said, rushing her away. 'Jay should be at our usual table now for lunch. I'll be waiting for you at the table. Go!'
Theresa ran there, as fast as she possibly could, sending apologies everywhere from bumping into other students and the occasional teacher.
'Where's Jay?' She asked Herry once she had reached the table.
'He went over to the lunch line.' He responded through bites of his hamburger.
She ran over to him, but froze when she saw her and him, talking together. She knew that it wasn't like he was her property or something, Jay had his own rights to his own life, but why the hell would he be talking to Brook Kingston! She was the hoar of all sluts for the girls but a boys dream there, always wearing a too-tight bra, too-tights shirts, mini skirts, high heel shoes and always went commando (a.k.a. no underwear).
'So I'll see you at 7.' Brook said as she left the line with Jay standing there, half shocked, half confused.
'Jay, what was that all about?' Theresa asked him, arms crossed and lips partially pursed.
'Well, I think that I have a date with Brook Kingston.' He said. 'She just asked me out.'
'Well, did you say yes?' She asked, trying her hardest to be happy for him but barely sustaining a smile.
'I don't know,' he responded, scratching the back of his neck. 'I'll be seeing her at 7 tonight so I guess so.' He laughed awkwardly.
Theresa's heart dropped and she forced a smile.
'So what did you want to say?' Jay asked her, a broad smile slowly fading.
'Oh, um, n-nothing,' she stammered. 'Just to remind you that we have the gym trust exercises next period.'
'Right,' Jay exclaimed and turned to the lunch buffet, grabbed a sandwich, a bottle of water and an apple. 'Thanks for reminding me about that. We're partners, remember?'
'Yah,' Theresa said, slightly disappointed in her voice. 'The trust exercise should be fun.'
They laughed very unhappily, almost forceful.
'So I'll see you around.' Theresa said slowly, backing away from the line towards the table that she and her friends would usually sit at.
'So,' Atlanta said happily yet very sarcastically as Theresa sat down onto the chair, but Jay still had not arrived. 'Have you picked up your dress yet? Or maybe you two have got some sort of kiss planned out for the dance, huh? Has he rented a tux, or bought one? Oh, or has he rented a limo? A chariot? A-'
'There's not gonna be a chariot, or a limo, or a tux, or even a dress because he didn't ask me.' Theresa said forcefully, tears forming in her eyes but she blinked them away. 'Jay is dating Brook Kingston so my chances are basically slim to none to getting him.'
None of the other friends spoke, Atlanta looked down at her shoes, obviously finding something very interesting about them, and fiddling her thumbs.
'Hey guys,' Jay said, setting his tray down onto the table with a smile ear to ear. 'What's up?'
'The ceiling,' Theresa answered simply. 'Listen guys, it's been fun but I've got to go, uh, see you in Gym class, Jay.'
'See you.' Jay responded, taking a bite out of his apple, his eyes avoiding hers.
Theresa picked up what was left of her salad and bottle of water and walked away, but when reaching the nearest garbage bin, threw it out.
'Nice going shorty.' Archie murmured to Atlanta, who was still staring down at her shoes.


Every girl had to go with a guy, the rules were. That was mainly how the Seniors got their dates to the dance, a game of trust would be perfect for something like that, or not. Odie and Chelsea, the brunette that was his date to the dance, were a team, and Herry was partners with Chloe, the spunky pink-haired cheerleader that was also his girlfriend. Neil was teamed up with Brook, and to everyone's dismay, neither finding a liking to the other. Jay and Theresa were partners, so everyone 'knew' that they were going to the dance with each other, but high school is always full of silly rumors. It's just funny when those rumors should be true, but just aren't, and when they wish that the rumors are true but just aren't.
'Good job Odie and Chelsea!' Ms. Bennet said cheerfully after Chelsea fell gracefully into Odie's arms. 'Neil and Brook, you are up.'
'Ms. Bennet,' Brook said, raising her hand. 'I don't trust Neil-'
'Well then that's a good thing 'cause I don't trust you either.' Neil cut in.
'Neil and Brook will you please just calm down.' That was more of an order than a question that Ms. Bennet said to them.
'Fine!' Brook said, standing behind Neil and holding out her arms, but Neil stayed put, unmoving.
'I do not trust her and I think that my luck may be running short.' He said simply, arms crossed.
Ms. Bennet glared at him so coldly that he jumped back into Brook's arms, but she quickly dropped him onto the wooden gym floor.
'Ouch!' Neil shouted as he hit the ground hard.
'Hey,' Brook said innocently. 'I said I'd catch you, but I never said I'd actually hold you there.'
Jay grinned as Theresa rolled her eyes.
'Let's move on, shall we? I don't want to be responsible for any broken limbs thanks to you two.' Ms. Bennet said to Neil and Brook. 'Jay and Theresa, you're up, so I want Jay to fall first, then you, Theresa.'
They did as they were told, and Jay fell back into Theresa's arms, her face blushing as he looked up at her and smiled. But when Theresa was readying herself to fall into the arms of the man of her dreams, a powerful wave of pain washed over her and she clutched her head.
'Theresa,' Jay said quietly as he rushed over to her. 'Are you okay? Do you want to go to the nurse?'
'No, I'm fine, Jay. It was just a migraine.' Theresa responded, again, forcing a smile.
'A migraine isn't something to be taken lightly, especially for you.' Jay said, obviously concerned.
'Theresa, are you feeling alright?' Ms. Bennet called over to her as Herry, Odie, and Neil exchanged nervous looks.
'Yah,' Theresa answered, lowering her hand from her temple. 'I-I'm fine, I'll be okay.'
'Alright then,' Ms. Bennet said, disregarding Theresa's pained expression and her wobbly posture. 'Let us continue with the exercise.'
Jay stood closely behind her, and whispered to her so that only she could hear, 'I don't want you straining yourself and Theresa...know that I will always protect you.'
'Farther back, Jay, unless Theresa does not trust you, the entire meaning of this game so that we can all learn to trust each other.'
Jay ruefully obeyed and took a few small steps backwards, away from Theresa and held out his arms. Theresa fell backwards, and the next thing she knew, she was leaning against Jay's chest, her breathing choppy, her entire body swaying, and her head pounding like someone was bashing it with a hammer. She heard people surrounding her, but her eyesight failing, all she saw were grey blobs and then black silhouettes. She heard Jay's voice echoing in her head and felt her body numbing until all she felt was the cool breeze of the beaches in Florida, she heard the birds chirping and the ocean waves crashing against the beaches, and smelt the salt in the water. Until blackness overcame her and she lost all consciousness.
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