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The Request - APRIL 30

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Monica speaks to Ray. Ray has a special request and Kelly's special night is almost forgotten.

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It was after lunch that Monica felt strong enough physically and mentally to see Ray. She needed to thank him for saving her life; she needed to tell him how sorry she felt that he had almost lost his. Gerard helped her put on the robe his mom had brought for her and they started towards the elevators. "Gee, what do I say to a man who saved my life, thank you can't even begin to explain how I feel."
"I know what you mean, I don't know how to thank him for saving the most important person in my life. Shit, if something had happened to you." He trailed off, he still couldn't imagine living without her.
The were standing outside his door when Monica spoke again, "Damn it this is all my fault. My fucking sister-in-law did this."
He grabbed her shoulders and made her face him. "Stop it, now. It's not your fucking fault. The woman is crazy, that's not your fault."
Ray's mom walked out of his room. They both looked away from each other. If she noticed the tension she ignored it. "Monica, Raymond will be so happy to see you. He's been asking about you."
Monica nodded and took a deep breath, "I want to thank him," she whispered.
"He doesn't want that. He told me you are his sister, what he did he did out of love for you and Gerard."
Monica's eyes filled with tears, slowly walked into the room. She was shocked to see Ray sitting in a chair, not lying in the bed as she had expected. He smiled as soon as he saw her. She crossed the room and went to his side but words escaped her. Ray put his arms out and she leaned down to hug him.
Christa sat across the room smiling as she watched the encounter." He insisted on getting out of bed," she told Gerard. "He still weak but when I saw him take the first few steps I cried."
Gerard stood looking at Ray and Monica feeling happiness he couldn't begin to describe. He felt a presence and turned to see Mikey standing behind him. The look of pure joy on his face made Gerard believe in miracles.
When Frank and Jamia arrived at the hospital Ray had just gotten back in bed. He had sat in the chair for over an hour and it had felt like a major accomplishment. Now however, he was tired and becoming sleepy. Christa fluffed the pillows behind his head and straightened his blankets. "Stop fussing" he said giving her a smile.
"I like to fuss" she leaned down and gave him a kiss.
"So you ready to get out of here" Frank joked.
"Oh man, so ready," Ray said. Christa sat down next to the bed and he reached out for her hand.
"You look great" Jamia told him, "Mikey called and told us you were out of bed, we couldn't believe it."
Ray nodded, "Got something important to do when I get out of here." He looked over at Christa and their eyes met. She squeezed his hand.
Frank watched them, "Uh, like a tour?"
Ray looked over at him but ignored the question, "I need something."
Frank nodded, "Sure Ray whatever you want."
Ray took a deep breath, he had to conquer his fear, "Bring my Gibson tomorrow."
Frank was unprepared for that but he understood how important the request was to him. "Sure, no problem."
Jamia and Frank stayed a few more minutes until Ray fell asleep. Christa nodded to them. "He has been up most of the day. It's OK that he gets some sleep, I'm sure the doctor will be pleased about the amount of time he stayed awake."
She gave them Ray's apartment key as they were leaving. Frank took it from her trying not to let it show how upset he felt. They were in the parking lot when Frank started to fall apart. "Shit, he wants his fucking guitar. He just sat up for the first time since the accident and he wants his fucking guitar."
"Frank calm down." Jamia grabbed his arm and pulled him to her.
"You don't understand. What happens if I bring the guitar and he can't play it? He was in a fucking coma for God's sake. He's pushing himself too much. If he has trouble playing he will fall apart, it will kill him.
"It's gonna be all right." She said trying to comfort him
"Why me, why did he have to ask me to bring the damn thing?" He got in the car and slammed the door.
Jamia sat beside him, "Because if it was you in that hospital you would have asked him the same thing."
Upstairs at Donna's Kara was getting impatient. "Come on Kelly, we gotta go, I want to see mom." she yelled down the steps at her sister.
Bob walked up behind her and pulled her to him. "Give her a minute, as long as she is downstairs we are alone upstairs." Donna had left with Don a few minutes earlier.
Kara smiled and leaned her head back on his chest, "Good thought." She twisted in his arms to face him. "I talked to Gerard when I got home from school today and he said mom might get to come home tomorrow. I'm not going to school, I want to be here."
"Me too" he lowered his lips to hers.
"Can you guys hurry up?" Kelly said walking by the kissing couple. Kara was about to give her little sister an angry reply but Bob silenced her with another kiss.
They were driving to the hospital when Kelly surprised them, "Bob, I need you to drop me off at the school. There is a talent show tonight and I've got to be there."
Kara turned in her seat, "What? You can't go to that we're going to the hospital to see mom."
"I have to go. Mom will understand." She looked at Bob, "Please?"
Bob looked over at Kara, "Do I drop her off at the high school?"
Kara looked at her sister who was staring out her window. "Kelly are you sure? How are you gonna get home?"
"Donna is gonna pick me up" she lied. She told herself she could find a ride home.
Kara looked at Bob, "I guess we drop her off at the high school. If Donna is picking her up than it must be Ok"
They dropped Kelly off and waited until she was inside the school before driving away but something seemed wrong to Kara. She took out her Sidekick and called Gerard.
"Kelly had us drop her off at the high school talent show. She is in it?"
"Oh hell, that's tonight. Why didn't she remind me?" he asked then realized he already knew the answer. She was so considerate of everyone and with all that had happened she didn't want to remind them.
"Kara call mom and remind her about the show. If I take off now I should be able to make it there before the show starts." He pushed END then called Mikey. He got his voice mail and left a message -"Dude the talent show at the high school is tonight. Monica will understand if you and Alicia go to see Kelly instead of visiting her."
Monica was watching him and waiting for an explanation. "Remember when Kell and I went on our 'secret mission'? I couldn't tell you cause it was supposed to be a surprise. She is singing in the talent show at school. I made a special tape of the music for her, that's what we did that night."
"Kelly is going to sing in front of an audience? By herself?" Monica was shocked. "Gee, she is shy about stuff like that. It was hard to convince her to sing at the Christmas Gala with Kara and me."
He nodded, "She told me she was nervous about doing it but she wanted to try. I was supposed to help her practice but with everything that has happened I never got the chance."
Monica looked uphappy, "I wish I could see her."
"I'll make sure dad tapes it." He stood and dropped a kiss on her lips, "I gotta go, I don't want to miss it. I'll be back after the show."
"Why don't you just stay tonight at your mom's? I'm sure you could use a goodnight's sleep."
He shook his head, "Nope, as long as you are in this hospital, I'm gonna stay with you." He quickly headed towards the door.
Monica watched him leave. She smiled at the love he had for her daughters. No she reminded herself, not her daughters, their daughters.
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