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>Chapter 3

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Archie's birthday is comming! So the guys decide to throw a party! There's gonna be presents, bowling, and Archie will finally get Atlanta! But what happends when Cronus drops in to give his little...

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Well guys, I've decided not to delete this story after all! I hope you guys are happy, & I hope I get some more reviews!:)

These Small Hours
Chapter 3

-" I-I can't believe I only have a week to live! I mean, I knew one day I would die, but not like this! I have so much to do, so much to see, and I just got Atlanta! This is not fair, so not cough fair!" Archie was thinking out loud in his room. He was discouraged, I mean, who wouldn't be? But what he didn't know, was that Atlanta was sitting right in front of his door, listening every word he was saying. Tears were forming in her eyes, she didn't want to lose Archie either.

-" Um... Archie?'" she stood up and opened the door. Archie jumped out of his place and hid the picture of him and Atlanta that he was looking at. He tapped on the bed, signalling her to come sit next to him. She sat down on his bed and put her head on his shoulder.

-" What's wrong lannie?" he asked as he stroked her beautiful red hair. He still couldn't believe that he was going out with her.

-" Archie...I-I don't want you to die.." she sobbed.

-" Shh..Atlanta, it's ok. Everything is going to be alright. I won't die.." he whispered in her ear.

-" Promise?" she said with teary eyes.

-" Promise.." he smiled. She smiled also and stopped sobbing. She stood up and stretched before turning around and asking him if he wanted to go running, thinking it would make him feel better. He nodded and they both ran downstairs, only to find Athena blocking the door with her hands crossed.

-" And where are you two going?" she asked and tapped her feet.

-" Uh.. we're going running miss Athena." Atlanta answered. Athena nodded and let Atlanta pass, but when Archie was about to go outside, she stood in front of the door and blocked his passage.

-" You can't go" she said with a cold voice.

-" What!? Why??"

-" Because you're sick. You have to stay home." She answered with the same cold voice.

-" But Miss Athena-"

-" No buts, now go inside!!" she yelled. Archie got pissed and started walking back to his room. But he turned around to Atlanta and mouthed to her "I'll meet you outside" before slamming the door to his room. Atlanta waited outside for 10 minutes until Archie showed up.

-" How did you get out?" she asked.

-" It's called the back door" he smiled. She giggled but returned to her serious face.

-" Um..Arch? Maybe miss Athena's right. I mean, you ARE sick and I don't want you getting worst. Maybe we
should stay inside.."

-" Oh common Atlanta! Not you too! Trust me, nothing's going to happen!" he assured her.

-" I don't know Arch-"

-" Ready, Set, GO!" he shouted and ran past her. She was left confused for a couple of minutes until she realised what happened and ran after him. Archie thought he was winning when suddenly a red blob passed right beside him and touched the finish line first.

-" Ha! I win again!" she jumped in joy. Archie only glared at her.

-" When will you let ME win for once?"

-" Hum...Let's see now...uh..NEVER!" she yelled and poked his nose. He smiled and tackled her to the ground. Then, he started tickling her on the sides.

-" Archie!! Stop!!" she was laughing hysterically and trying to get him off her. But Archie continued tickling her, and even harder. They were both laughing like maniacs until Archie suddenly stopped and stood up. Atlanta stopped laughing and looked at him with confused eyes.

-" What's wrong Arch?" she asked.

-" N-Nothing..." he answered and put his hand on his temples. Atlanta stood up and walked next to him.

-" Are you sure you're ok? You don't look so good.. Are you gonna puke again?" she asked. He shook his head.

-" I..I feel..." he started but his eye sight became blurry and he fell to the ground. He couldn't feel anything, not even his arms. His pupils were growing heavier and heavier, and all he saw was Atlanta yelling something in the PMR, then, he let darkness come over him as he lost consciousness...

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