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>Chapter 4

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Archie's birthday is comming! And what better way to celebrate someone's 17th birthday by going somewhere to eat and playing some bowling. Sounds fun doesn't it? But what Archie doesn't know is tha...

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Chapter 4

-" Hey! I think he's waking up!"

-" No way! Atlanta! Quick! Come here!"

-" Are you sure?"

-" Ya, look! He's opening his eyes!"....

Archie's Point of View

Wow. Man have I got the biggest headache in the world right now..I feel as if a thousand Herry's just fell on me, and believe it or not, it hurts like hell! I wonder what happened...hum...let's see now..I was running with Atlanta, she won, then I tickled her, bla bla bla..WAIT! And then I didn't feel so good! Actually, I felt like hell! And then, everything went black..wich means...OH SHIT! I'M DEAD!! Oh God, Why! Why!! I must be in heaven now, and that must be God over there!! Well..I lived a pretty good life, and I-, hey, wait! God doesn't have orange hair! And God is not a female! That looks like...Theresa? And that's Jay! And that's Herry! And, that red blob!! It's Atlanta! WHOOT! I'm not dead after all! Hey! I can feel my hands again! And my legs! And...

-" Miss Hera! He woke up!!" yelled Atlanta. They all rushed next to the purple haired boy that was lying on one of Chiron's many hospital beds.

-"Wha-What happened?" he asked as he rubbed his head. Atlanta quickly hugged him, thanking the gods that he was alright. But suddenly Athena marched right in front of him, and by the looks of it, she wasn't very happy.

-" YOU! I had told you NOT to go outside! THIS is what happens when you disobey me! You're lucky I didn't turn you into a spider!!" she was yelling at a poor and confused Archie, who still had no idea what just happened. Luckily, Ares hold Athena and took her someplace to calm her down.

-" So..what happened to me?" asked Archie.

-" You were tickling me to death when suddenly you just fell to the ground. I was so scared so I called the others. Then I checked on you and saw that you were unconscious so I was panicking until Herry came and picked you up and we brought you here" explained Atlanta. Chiron came closer to Archie with some kind of spoon in his hand.

-" Open wide"

-" What-" but Chiron stuck the medicine in Archie's mouth, but he quickly spit it out.

-" YUCK! What was that?! Cat food?!" he yelled as he wiped his tongue.

-" No, it's your medicine"

-" Why do I need medicine?"

-" So you won't faint again" this time Chiron put the medicine right in his mouth and Archie was so surprised that he swallowed it, and then slowly drifted to sleep.

-"Hey, why did you-" Neil nearly yelled when Chiron covered his mouth and made him a sign to shut up.

-" Shhh, I gave him that so he would go to sleep and wouldn't bother us."

-" Ohh" responded Neil and winked at Chiron.

-" Children, I fear that because of the fact that Archie cannot drink medicine for he has never had it before, he will have less days to live than a week unless you get him that cure as fast as you can.." explained Chiron. Jay rubbed his chin.

-" How long do you think Archie could survive?"

-" Maybe about 5 days.."

-" Then we're gonna have to Sincostan tomorrow. It's the only way to save Archie."

-" Good, now then, all of you go home and rest for the evening, you will be needing your sleep for tomorrow.
And you can take Archie home. He won't bother you tonight." He answered and handed Archie to Herry. It was close to 10:30pm when they arrived home and decided to go to sleep.

They lay Archie on his bed, and then all walked to their separate rooms, except Atlanta, who wanted to sleep in Archie's room. She wore her pyjamas and lay down next to him. He looked so peaceful, yet so tortured from the inside. She kissed him on the cheek before going to sleep herself..

It was at 2:15am that Atlanta felt the bed moving and heard the sound of someone running, followed by the sound of someone banging the door. She woke up to find the other side of the bed empty.

-" But Chiron said he wouldn't wake up" she thought and walked out of bed. It was when she heard the sound of puking that she knew Archie was the one awake. She slowly opened the bathroom door and saw him kneeling down before the toilet, puking his lungs out.

-" Archie?" she asked and rubbed her eyes, as she was still trying to get used to the light.

-" Atlanta! What are you doing here?" he asked as he wiped his mouth. Atlanta walked next to him and gave him a tissue.

-" I'm here to help you."

-" Help? I don't need help Atlanta, go back to sleep.."

-" No Archie, I wanna stay with you."

-" It's ok, go to sleep, or else you wouldn't be able to wake up in the morning"

-" No, I wanna stay here." She answered simply and sat down next to him. Archie gave up trying and just continued puking.

-" So...what happened anyway? All I remember is being in Chiron's study, and the next thing I know, I'm in my bed.." he looked at her with a I-know-your-hiding-something look.

-" N-Nothing happened, we just..talked..about stuff.." she simply lied. She couldn't tell him "Oh nothing, your just gonna die in 5 days!".

-" You sure?"

-" Ofcourse" he raised and eyebrow, but just leaned back to the wall and rest his eyes for a second. She could easily know he didn't feel so good.

-" Don't worry Arch, I'm here for you, just like you've been there for me when I needed you.." she answered and rest her head on his shoulder.

They stayed for that position all night long. Sometimes, she would fall asleep but Archie would wake her so that he could puke. But in the end, they both fell asleep, hand in hand, right there, in the bathroom. And Atlanta was holding tight on his hand, hoping that he would keep his promise..

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