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Chapter Seven: HERO - Usagi

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Kafir is recuperating in the hospital and Usagi begins to remember the Past...

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PART 7: HERO - Usagi

Usagi sat by the hospital bed holding the critically injured Kafir. He was hooked up to a respirator and had an I.V. running into his left arm. His head and most of his torso were bandaged tightly. The white of the bandages was stark against the darkness of his skin.

'Oh Kami-sama...Okaasan...please help him. This is all my fault...I should have not had gone out with him...' she thought as tears streamed down her pale cheeks. She felt a strong hand rest on her shoulder and she knew without looking that it was her elder brother, Solace. He, Hotaru, the male Senshi of Mercury named Hermes, the male Senshi of Uranus named Hisharo, and Kenji and Ikuko were all in the hospital room with her and Kafir.

"He's been through worse. He's tough and he'll...pull through..." the soft tenor of Hermes whispered out as he comforted Hotaru.

"What do you mean 'been through worse'?" Kenji asked.

"Did you hear of the oil well exploding in the small country bordering Saudi Arabia because a Youma attacked it about a year ago?" Hermes replied.

"Hai..." answered Kenji, remembering watching it blow up on the news.

"Kafir was in the middle of it; his family owned that oil well. He went into the oil well to make sure none of the employees were in there when it exploded. He was out of the hospital in less than a week and his injuries were twice as bad," stated Hisharo in his gentle bass.

"Broke both legs, his left arm, his back, internal injuries as well as internal bleeding, and had 2nd and 3rd degree burns on most his body; he still was able to drag himself out of the burning wreckage. The doctors said he was supposed to be dead and that if he did live he'd at best never walk again and at worst he would be a vegetable. He walked out of the hospital in five days, completely healed," Solace murmured, pride in his voice.

= There's a hero
If you look inside your heart
You don't have to be afraid
Of what you are
There's an answer
If you reach into your soul
And the sorrow that you know
Will melt away =

Usagi could barely hear the conversation; she kept hearing the sound of her screaming Kafir's name, the sound of Mamoru's gun going off, and the sound of Kafir's Berserker battle screams. Solace watched Usagi from the corner of his gold eyes before he looked over at the others in the private hospital room.

"I think we should leave them in peace," Solace said quietly, nodding his head towards Usagi and Kafir. Hermes nodded in agreement and whispered something in Hotaru's ear. Hisharo also nodded and escorted Hermes and Hotaru to the waiting room to wait with the other Senshi. Ikuko placed a gentle hand on Kenji's arm and gestured for them to follow the trio. Kenji nodded his head silently as he dragged his gaze away from Usagi and Kafir. They exited the hospital room, followed silently by Solace.

"Kafir..." Usagi whispered, her voice cracking under the strain of her emotion. She rested her head on his forearm, crying softly.

------------- FLASHBACK 1 ------------

A 6-year-old Serenity-hime stealthily crept away from her guards and began to play in the forest near the large palace where she lived. She giggled happily as she chased a silver butterfly. She froze when she heard the sound of a feral scream. She turned and saw a white moon cougar, staring at her from a perch upon a large boulder. ~Oh megami-sama, I'm going to die!!~ Serenity-hime thought in panic. The cougar snarled at her before its ears twitched and it looked to the side. A pair of horses and their riders came into view. The cougar roared and sat down.

"Stay, beast!" Came a young, masculine voice.

The cougar yawned and laid down, as though waiting for its master. The two riders came into view. It was much younger Solace and a solemn looking preteen boy with longish dark brown hair and older than time indigo-blue eyes. The glowing insignia upon his brow identified him as Kafir.

"Serenity-hime, daijoubu ka?" Asked the solemn young Kafir.

"Hai, Kafir-san," Serenity-hime said meekly.

"Lucky for you Kafir was with me, 'Renity-imooto. Else we would have had to kill the beast." Solace said.

"Naze? (Why?)" She asked.

"All creatures, especially predators, fear and respect me," murmured Kafir.

= And then a hero comes along
With the strength to carry on
And you cast your fears aside
And you know you can survive
So when you feel like hope is gone
Look inside you and be strong
And you'll finally see the truth
That a hero lies in you =

------------- FLASHBACK 2 ------------

A pre-teen Serenity-hime peeked around the corner to stare at her crush. However the red-haired male Senshi of Uranus was obstructing her view. She frowned and mentally ordered him to move. He seemed to follow her silent order, because he moved enough for her to catch sight of the male Senshi of Saturn. Her breath halted in her throat. There he was, standing in all his teenaged glory. His hair was now shorn closer to his head, making it easier for him to wear his helmet or so he said. His eyes remained the older than time indigo-blue. Even as a teen it was obvious, Kafir of Saturn was a very handsome man...

------------- FLASHBACK 3 ------------

A 16-year-old Serenity-hime cowered behind a pillar, trying to hide from the 23-year-old Prince of Earth, Endymion. Endymion had been trying to force her hand in marriage by attempting to get her alone and compromise her virginity. However, her old crush, Kafir, had made certain Endymion was never alone with her by delegating all of the Senshi into a rotating guard duty. At the moment, Minako was her guard, but had gone to investigate a strange noise outside the window.

"Ohayoo gozaimsu, Serenity-hime," came Endymion's voice as he attempted to flirt and woo the Tsuki-hime.

A great amount of expletives went through her mind and her telepathic link with her Senshi, her Brother, and his Senshi as she turned, plastering a fake smile as she turned to greet the Chikyuu ouji-sama (Earth Prince), "Ohayoo gozaimsu, Endymion-sama,"

The ouji-sama smirked slightly as he ogled the young hime-sama, much to her deep disgust. /Some one get this onore (bastard, jerk, jackass) away from me or Chikyuu will be less one ouji-sama!!/ She screamed telepathically.

= It's a long road
When you face the world alone
No one reaches out a hand
For you to hold
You can find love
If you search within yourself
And the emptiness you felt
Will disappear =

/It will be I who kills him, Serenity-hime./ Kafir's quiet baritone assured her.

"Forgive the intrusion, Endymion-sama, demo (but) Solaris-ouji-sama would like to speak to his sister," came Kafir's baritone from behind the Chikyuu ouji-sama.

A look of pure hatred and anger crossed Endymion's face for a split-second before he put a fake smile on his face as he turned to look at the Shi-no-Senshi, "Of course, Kafir-sama. I wouldn't want to interrupt on quality time between the two! That reminds me, where is that cousin of mine?"

'Yea right...better warn Earth-kun...' Kafir mentally grumbled before saying out loud, "He is in the stables I think."

/Endymion's heading your way, Earth-kun, be careful./ Kafir warned his comrade through the Senshi's telepathic link.

/Hai, Saturn-kun. Doomo./ came Alantas's reply.

"Doomo Arigatoo, Kafir-sama. I think I'll go to see if he would like to go for a ride with me," Endymion said before he left the Shi-no-Senshi and the Tsuki-hime alone.

"Doomo once more, Kafir-san..." Serenity-hime whispered...

= And then a hero comes along
With the strength to carry on
And you cast your fears aside
And you know you can survive
So when you feel like hope is gone
Look inside you and be strong
And you'll finally see the truth
That a hero lies in you =

------------- FLASHBACK 4 ------------

Serenity-hime looked around the ballroom that was filled with people to see her coming out into society. She frowned slightly when she saw Endymion-onore but decided not to let him ruin her party. The band struck up her entrance music and she carefully made her descent down the curving staircase to the ballroom. All stopped to stare at the young goddess coming from heaven to join them. Kafir stepped from the shadows by the staircase, startling a great many with his sudden appearance; a great many likened him to a shadow demon when he emerged from the shadows. He calmly waited to take Serenity-hime's hand and lead her to her parents.

"Serenity-hime, your parents await," Kafir murmured somberly.

"Doomo, Kafir-san," Serenity-hime said demurely as she held out her hand and smiled slightly when he took it.

The crowds parted from the couple, letting them pass...all but one. Endymion. The Chikyuu ouji-sama stood in the center of the parted crowds, arms crossed over his chest, a scowl darkening his features. Kafir's indigo-blue eyes darkened to near black and he halted his and Serenity-hime's walk at this insult. The Shi-no-Senshi stepped before the Tsuki-hime, instantly summoning his scimitar. The hilt of the scimitar lengthened to seven and an half feet and the scimitar's slightly curved blade moved into a right angle to the now seven and a half foot hilt and the blade grew longer and curved more until where once there was a scimitar was now a wicked looking scythe. Transparent wings of purplish-black energy appeared to sprout out of his back and shoulder blades. Kafir's eyes narrowed and his insignia gleamed brightly upon his brow.

"Remove yourself from the path..." Kafir growled, "Or I will be forced to take drastic action to remove you from it..."

"You wouldn't dare," Endymion sneered.

Kafir gave a sharp bark of laughter before her said grimly, "You seemed to have forgotten just who and what I am. Allow me to reintroduce myself. Ore wa Kafir, Dosei no ouji-sama (I am Kafir, Prince of Saturn.). Ore wa Shi-no-Senshi (I am the Soldier of Death)."

Serenity-hime remained behind Kafir and stared at the transparent wings of purplish-black energy that protruded from his back and shoulder blades. ~Its like he is a Tenshi (angel) or something...~ she thought to herself.

The scowl on Endymion's face deepened, especially when Alantas stepped from the crowd behind Kafir.

"You heard Saturn-kun. Move." The tallest of the Soldier Senshi growled, "Do not ruin the tsuki-hime's party or I will not protect you from Solace-ouji-sama's wrath."

Solace steeped down from the dais where his parents stood, a hand on the hilt of his sword. His gold eyes were narrowed in rage and he was ready to lunge at Endymion when he felt a strong hand on his shoulder.

"All Senshi are awaiting your orders, Sol-sama," rumbled Hisharo's gentle bass.

"Do not bother. Endymion is Kafir's to kill," Solace muttered.

"As you command, Sol-sama, so shall it be done," Hisharo replied as he removed his hand from the ouji-sama's shoulder.

Endymion glared at Alantas, Kafir, and Serenity-hime. He then snarled, "You will regret your actions this night!"

"Not before you..." Kafir intoned solemnly.

"Leave, Endymion. NOW." Solace snarled, "Before I have you removed..."

= Lord knows
Dreams are hard to follow
But don't let anyone
Tear them away
Hold on
There will be tomorrow
In time
You'll find the way =

Endymion turned and stormed out of the ballroom. Kafir closed his eyes and his scythe and the wings of purplish-black energy vanished into thin air. He then turned to face Serenity-hime; he offered his arm to the tsuki-hime and smiled slightly when she took it. They continued their walk to the upraised dais where two thrones rested. One throne was white and silver with the golden emblem of the White Moon Kingdom resting upon the back of it. In this throne sat Queen Serenity; she was dressed in her formal gown of white with a deep square cut décolleté. The décolleté was trimmed in golden crescent moons and her pale silvery-lavender hair was done up in its usual royal style and her crown rested between the buns of hair; she also wore a crescent moon pendent with matching earring that had been a gift from her Husband on their wedding day. The other throne was much larger, done in gold, black, and white with the symbol of the White Sol Kingdome gracing the back of it. In his throne sat King Solaris; he was dressed in his formal armor, which was similar to samurai armor; it was gold and white, trimmed in black. His crown was composed of gold and had golden topazes and amber stones embedded into it; there was a circle of gold wire in the front and center of the crown and in the very center of that circle was a golden topaz. It was the symbol of Sol. His white and gold trimmed cape swirled around his large muscular frame as he shifted in his throne. Kafir placed Serenity-hime's hand in Solace's before he stepped backwards into a group composed of the Sailor and Soldier Senshi.

"To you, my parents and my peers, I present to you my beloved Imooto-chan, Serenity, hime-sama of the White Moon Kingdom," Solace announced, "Now let the party begin!"

Kafir once more stepped forward and held out his hand once more to the Tsuki-hime and smiled slightly when she took it. He led her from the dais to the center of the ballroom, waiting for the first strains of the song to come to life. Serenity-hime smiled slightly when the band began to play her parents' song. Kafir led her around the ballroom in the graceful waltz and her smile grew as her parents danced by them. She drifted closer to Kafir and rested her head on his chest. The Senshi and their respective partners danced by them as did the Royal Knights, and Royal Samurai. A loud gasp then laughter was heard and Kafir stifled a laugh when he saw why: Hisharo and Solace, the best of friends waltzed by them, probably on a dare from their comrades, Shawn being the most likely suspect. Kafir lowered his gaze to Serenity-hime's and silently wished for this moment never to end.

Unfortunately, that wish was never to come true. One of the ballroom's walls exploded inwards, killing the band and all that were near them. Kafir's eyes glowed in rage when he caught sight of Metallia's attacking force; leading the charge was Endymion and his four Generals. He growled out his rage and his Royal insignia glowed brilliantly upon his brow.

"Serenity-hime, stay behind me!" Kafir demanded.

"Senshi, HENSHIN!!" Solace bellowed the order.

"King Solaris-sama! The White Sol Palace is under attack!!" Hisharo shouted.

"Gomen, Itooshi, demo, I must..." King Solaris whispered to his wife.

"I know, Ai (love). Go. Your People need you. Take Solace with you and please be careful..." Queen Serenity whispered her reply to her husband. They shared a brief and passionate kiss.

Scenes similar to this happened all over the ruined ballroom as lovers said farewell to one another. The Soldier Senshi and Outer Sailor Senshi said farewell to everyone as they left the Inner Sailor Senshi and Kafir to protect the Moon and its inhabitants. Solace hugged his little sister as he reassured her he would see her again soon before he moved to hug his mother. King Solaris broke the kiss between he and his wife long enough to let his son say fare thee well to his mother and to reassure his baby girl all would be well. With flashes of light in their respective colors as the Planets' Royalty vanished to protect their homes, leaving four Princesses and a single Prince to destroy the main invading force. Kafir took the distraction of his comrades' exits to summon forth his scythe and rush forward to attack the invaders.

"SHI-NE!!! (DIE!!)" Kafir bellowed as he tore through Youma after Youma. As he sliced and slashed his way through the Youma battalions, he acquired many a wound, but paid them no heed. His life's blood seeped from those wounds slowly ebbed away his strength. He could hear the battle shouts of the Inner Sailor Senshi and he dove deeper into the Youma Army; he felt panic when he heard the battle shouts change to scream of pain. Even more frenzied, he swiftly made his way to where Endymion awaited him with a hostage; a female familiar to Kafir with Endymion's sword pressed against her throat.

"Serenity-hime!!" Kafir shouted hoarsely, beginning to feel the full effects of his wounds.

Endymion's insane laughter trilled through the air until it was joined by the equally insane laughter of the evil Queen Beryl. They were truly made for one another. Kafir tensed even more when the evil Queen appeared beside Endymion.

"Are you so weak you must hide behind a woman?!" Kafir snarled at the insane Earth-ouji-sama.

Endymion's face darkened in rage and he threw Serenity-hime aside and brought his sword up as he charged at the Shi-no-Senshi. Kafir lunged forward at Endymion, swinging his scythe at his opponent. The Earth-ouji-sama's sword-blade clashed against the blade of Kafir's scythe, sending sparks flying everywhere. The two men strained against one another for dominance against one another; each man's biceps bulged beneath their coats' sleeves. Kafir moved his booted feet to gain purchase against the rocky soil.

"I grow bored with this!" Exclaimed Beryl, who had been watching the two men fight with air of boredom, as she tossed a bolt of negative energy at Kafir.

As Kafir grimaced in a new pain, Endymion delivered a sharp kick to the Shi-no-Senshi's already broken ribs, driving the fragments deeper into his lungs before he delivered a kick to Kafir's knee, forcing it to buckle under the Senshi's own weight. As Kafir fell backwards, Endymion swiftly sent the blade of his sword through the center of his chest, wounding him fatally. The Senshi's indigo-blue eyes widened in shock and pain as blood flowed freely from his lips and wounds. Kafir's body fell to the blood-soaked and rocky ground with a dull thud. Endymion leant over the body of the fallen Senshi and jeered out in derision, "Now that I defeated the great Shi-no-Senshi, looks like it's time for me to have my fun with that pretty little hime-sama, ne?"

"Like...hell..." Kafir croaked out, much to the surprise of everyone. He then swiftly brought up his bloodstained scythe and decapitated the surprised Endymion.

Endymion's headless and lifeless body fell backwards, hitting the ground. Kafir slumped backwards onto the ground, the last of his life-energy spent protecting his hime-sama one last time.

"IIE!!" Serenity-hime screamed as she threw herself down beside the lifeless Shi-no-Senshi. She drew her jeweled dagger and gently kissed Kafir's bloodstained lips before she whispered, "I am coming to join you, 'fir-chan... (Pronounced 'fear-chan')"

Serenity-hime the brought of the jeweled dagger and swiftly plunged it into her heart. As her lifeless body collapsed onto Kafir's, the combined powers of her parents' crystals sealed away Metallia, Beryl, and their dark forces away, sending them and the souls of the fallen kingdoms to be reborn 1000 years in the future...

------------- END ALL FLASHBACKS ------------

"'fir-chan..." Usagi whispered, "oh, Ai (love), I've missed you so much and for so long. Come back to me. Please, I beg of you, Ai, do not leave me again. Ai shiteru...(I love you...)"

= And then a hero comes along
With the strength to carry on
And you cast your fears aside
And you know you can survive
So when you feel like hope is gone
Look inside you and be strong
And you'll finally see the truth
That a hero lies in you =

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