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Just A Little Help - MAY 1

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The Talent Show doesn't go as planned. Gerard gets some great news!

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The High School parking lot was almost completely full and Gerard had to circle around twice until he found a parking spot. He looked over at the clock on the console; it was almost 6:54. The talent show started at 7:00. He hoped his mom and dad had already arrived and that Mikey had gotten his message. Once more he thought about Kelly and how, as important as this was to her, she hadn't reminded any of them about the show. He smiled to himself thinking how much she was like Monica.
He was almost to the door when he heard Mikey call out to him. Turning he saw his brother and his wife rushing to catch up with him. "Hey, we made it" Mikey said stating the obvious.
"Poor Kelly, I bet she thinks none of us are gonna show. Do you know when she's gonna perform?" Alicia asked slightly out of breath. He told her he had no idea.
They walked through the doors and purchased their tickets. The girls behind the desk giggled when they looked at the Way brothers. The auditorium was filling up fast but they spotted Don and Donna who were saving seats for them in the last row.
"These were the only seats we could find together." Donna said.
Actually Gerard didn't mind, being in the back row meant less people would notice him and Mikey. He didn't want to distract attention from the show. Looking around he was suddenly swamped with thoughts of the time he spent in this school. He had swore to himself that he would never step foot in this place again but here he was. Don interrupted his thoughts, "Want me to record, I think I have a better view of the stage." He and Donna had brought the video recorder. Monica would get to see Kelly perform.
"Sure, I hope she's not nervous." He said to them. "Hell, I'm nervous for her."
Donna smiled, "I think she will do just fine. I'm just sorry we forgot about this and I'm sorry Monica can't be here."
"Yeah, she really wanted to come but I told her we would record it for her."
"Bob and Kara here somewhere?" Mikey asked looking around.
"They found two seats closer to the front." Don answered.
The lights in the auditorium went down and the stage lights came up. The Belleville High Talent Show began. They enjoyed watching a variety of acts mostly singing and dancing. Some of the students really showed a lot of talent and it was obvious they had put a great deal of effort into the performances. Gerard began to fidget in his seat wondering when Kelly would take the stage. The show was supposed to last two hours and it was already a bit over that time limit.
The MC came back out, "Now for the last act of the night. She just stated attending our school and is a member of the Choir. Tonight she is going to sing something very special for us. I'm sure most of you know that her mother was injured in a hit and run accident a few days ago so I want you all to applaud her dedication to the talent show for being here. I present Kelly Knight performing the song "Cancer". The applause was loud as the stage curtains parted to reveal Kelly standing at the microphone. Gerard noticed immediately she looked terrified. The music started but when it was time for her to sing she looked down. The audience began to mummer.
Immediately Gerard got to his feet and headed towards the stage. When Kelly looked up he was already walking across the stage towards her. The music was stopped and he smiled, "Sorry I'm late." he said loud enough to be heard by the audience. Kelly hugged him tightly.
"I was at the hospital with Kelly's mom.," he explained into the microphone. "Glad you didn't start without me." He asked for the music to be stated again then leaned down and whispered in Kelly's ear, "Just close your eyes and think only about the music. I'll sing with you."
She took a breath and began to sing along with Gerard.

Turn away if you could get me a drink Of water cause my lips are chapped and faded
Call my Aunt Marie Help her gather all my things And bury me in all my favorite colors
My sisters and my brothers still I will not kiss you Cause the hardest part is leaving you.
Now turn away Cause I'm awful just to see Cause my hairs abandoned all my body / Oh
my agony know that I will never marry Baby I'm just soggy from the chemo But counting
down the days to go / It just ain't living and I just hope you know.

Gerard stopped singing and Kelly clear strong voice continued

That if you say Goodbye today I'd ask you to be true / Cause the hardest part of this is
leaving you / Cause the hardest part of this is leaving you.

As her voice trailed off the auditorium came to life with applause and cheering. Kelly turned to thank Gerard but he was standing off to the side clapping for her. She walked over and hugged him tightly, "Thank you so much" she whispered. The applause continued as they bowed together and left the stage.
Twenty minutes passed before they met Gerard's parents and Mikey and Alicia. So many people had stopped them to give congratulations on the performance. Donna pulled Kelly in for a huge hug, "Honey that was so beautiful"
Kelly smiled, "Thanks, I don't know what I would have done if Gerard hadn't helped me." They all walked out towards the parking lot.
"You have an awesome voice," Alicia told her.
"Yeah I was blown away" Mikey agreed, "You nailed the song."
Gerard put his arm around Kelly as they reached Mikey and Alicia's car, "Oh course my daughter has a great voice, takes after me." he kidded.
Kelly giggled, "Gerard you are so lame" She reached up to kiss his cheek, "Thanks again."
Bob and Kara called out to them. "Good job" Kara told her sister, "I'm so proud of you. I know mom would have been too."
"Got it on tape" Don said holding up the video recorder. "She can see it tomorrow when she comes home."
Because it was late Gerard promised to tell Monica all about the show when he got to the hospital. Mikey and Alicia told him to give her their love too and that they would stop by Donna's tomorrow to see her.
Gerard told his mom and dad he would see them tomorrow and headed for his car. Donna's voice stopped him, "Honey, I forgot to tell you. Carla called just before we left the house. With all the rushing around I just put it out of my mind. She said she tried to call you but you didn't answer."
He frowned, "Oh, phones dead, I forgot to charge it." He put it back in his pocket. "Did she say what she wanted?"
His mom smiled, "She said she had some very good news for you." Don put his arm around her and she snuggled closer to him.
Gerard looked at his patents and tried not to smile, "I bet we got the house. Can I use your phone?"
Donna punched in Carla's home number and handed the phone to Gerard. He listened a minute then smiled, "Thanks Carla, that's just the kind of news I need to hear. I'll call you tomorrow and we can get the ball rolling to close the deal." He handed the phone back, "We got the house."
"That's great, Monica will be so pleased." Donna said, "A home of your own"
"Guess when Monica and the girls move out the house will be pretty empty again." Don said looking over Donna's head to give Gerard a smile.
Donna rolled her eyes. "Don, we'll talk later." she said placing a kiss on his lips.
Gerard smiled at his parents, "I'll see you tomorrow" He crossed the lot to Kara's car. She hadn't minded letting him use it. His mind went to the conversation with Carla. The house was theirs, how could four simple words make you so happy he asked himself.

AUTHORS NOTE - Thanks to all of you who suffer through the FicWad problems to find the chapters. It makes me so happy to know that you care.
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