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Numero Nueve pt.2

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/So this is the other half of chapter nine that Ficwad managed to delete and if they didn't delete it...oops? Anyway, sorry for the lack of updates something unexpected came up and I haven't been home. But everything's peachy now =D/

"Kay, hold on a second," Natalie carefully rolled over, to come face to face with Pete, "Sweetie wake up," she said while softly brushing his hair back.

"What's going on?"

"Patrick's on the phone for you."

Pete nodded, taking the phone from her as he rubbed the sleep from his eyes, "What's up Man?"

"Your house made the news."

"What do you mean it made the news?"

"Your house is on the news," Patrick repeated a little slower this time, "turn on channel...ten."

"Kay," he quickly turned on the TV, flipping it to the right channel as Ally slowly woke up.

'We are currently standing outside the house of Chicago Musician Pete Wentz where a drastic act of vandalism has occurred. As you can see there are many burn marks and small holes along the side of the house with a few unmentionable words written alongside them and spray-painted into the snow. We have not heard from Mr. Wentz or any residents of the house but he and the police have both been notified.'

"Oh my God," Natalie whispered, staring at the TV as she felt a sharp pain in her stomach.

"Yeah Trick I'm still here, I have no clue what happened, Ally slept in our bed last night because she heard something and Nat saw someone drive away but I didn't think they actually did something, let alone something like this."

"Pete," Natalie choked out as the pain in her stomach increased.

"Just a sec Babe."

"Pete we have-"

"Nat, please hold on," he pleaded, softly kissing her cheek as he continued to listen to Patrick.


"Daddy, Mommy wet the bed!"
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