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His Life Back - May 3

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The guys come together to support Ray.

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"Donna, Kelly and I really want to stay home today. Mom was sure she would get released from the hospital and we want to be here when she gets home." Kara looked up from her breakfast waiting for an answer.
Kelly nodded, "Think how she would feel if we weren't here to greet her." she added.
Donna looked at the girls and smiled, "I suppose missing one day of school wouldn't be the end of the world. Gee said he would call me as soon as the doctor makes his rounds and then we'll know for sure. It's OK on one condition; if she doesn't get to come home I want both of you to go to school. That way you'll only miss half the day."
Kara smiled, "Agreed. Bob said he's gonna come over too. That's all right isn't it?"
"Of course, you know he's welcome here anytime. I'm going to run to the grocery store after breakfast and you two get the honor of washing the dishes."
Kelly smiled, "Can we have something special for dinner for mama?"
"What do you think she would like?" Donna asked before taking a sip of her coffee.
"Fried chicken, she really likes that." Kara answered.
"Oh and your macaroni salad" Kelly added.
"That is Gerard's favorite" Donna said with a smile.
"Mine too" Kelly admitted.
There was a knock on the door and Kara jumped up to answer it. "Bet that's Bob" Kelly said, She was right. Bob walked in smiling, "Morning, any word about Monica?"
"Gerard hasn't called yet. Would you like some scrambled eggs?" Donna asked getting up from the table.
"No thanks, Alicia made pancakes this morning for Mikey and me." He did grab a cup of coffee. His phone rang as he sat down at the table. He checked the number and saw that it was Frank. "Hey, what's up?" he answered.
Kara watched him closely trying to understand the look on his face. She couldn't tell if he was hearing good news or bad. He agreed to whatever Frank had said then hung up. "Uh, I've got to go to the hospital. Ray asked Frank to bring one of his guitars to him."
"He's already going to try to play? Is that a good idea?" Donna asked.
"Franks worried as hell about it. Mikey and Gee are already there. I'm supposed to meet them and we're all gonna be there when Frank gives him the guitar." He too was worried about Ray and how he would react if he couldn't play. However, deep inside, he felt good about one thing. The guys wanted him to be there with them. He just hoped the outcome would be good.
At the hospital Gerard was in the waiting room with Mikey and Alicia. "So do you think we should all go in when Frank gives him the guitar?"
"The nurses will bitch if all of you go in at once." Alicia reminded them.
Mikey rolled his eyes," Frank will sweet talk them into letting us all go in. Has anybody talked to Brian about this?"
Gerard sighed, "I talked to him this morning but I didn't want to mention it to him. He's freaking about the tour and wants us all to meet him later this afternoon. We have to make a decision. If we leave it like it is right now we'll have to leave in two weeks."
"That's how dates canceled?" Mikey asked.
"That's ten we will have to reschedule." Gerard took a sip of his coffee, "and that would put is in Europe for fourteen days."
"How would Monica feel about you leaving?" Alicia asked.
"She said she would be OK with it, but I just don't know. Fuck, I almost lost her and I hate to leave Ray."
"But at the same time you hate to miss dates and disappoint fans." Alicia added for him.
"Yeah, that's true. I guess we really need to see how Ray is before we decide. Christa told me the doctor is extremely happy with his progress so that's a good sign." He looked up to see Frank and Jamia getting off the elevator.
Frank was carrying the guitar case in one hand and holding Jamia's hand with the other. He looked upset. "I think this is a bad idea," he told them while taking a seat next to Gerard.
"He wants to know, you would too." Mikey said looking down. Alicia put her arm around him and gave him a hug.
"You called Bob?" Gerard asked.
"Yeah, he should be here any minute. What's the plan? Are we all gonna go in?"
"Only if you can sweet talk the nurses into letting us." Gerard answered.
Jamia laughed, "Frank can do that." She noticed he didn't even smile. "Frank, it's gonna be OK"
He shrugged, "Sure, it's gonna be OK" he agreed without enthusiasm.
Bob walked in, "Why is he trying this so soon?"
Frank looked at him, "Cause he's Ray, always determined. We were deciding if we should all go in or not."
Bob shrugged, "Why don't you just ask him? Tell him we're all here if he wants us."
"Leave it to Bob to have the right answer" Mikey laughed. "Gerard, why don't you go ask him?"
Gerard stood, "How come me?"
Bob grinned, "Front man, our slightly off-kilter leader."
Gerard shook his head, "Shit, people might think that but we all know it's really Ray that keeps us focused."
They all agreed and watched as Gerard walked down the hall towards Ray's room. "Is Monica getting out of here today?" Jamia asked.
"They haven't said yet. She'll know as soon as the doctor makes his rounds but I know she really wants to go home." Alicia told her, "Want to go see how she's doing?"
Jamia nodded, "Yeah" She gave Frank a quick kiss, "It will be OK" she whispered.
When the girls were gone Frank asked Mikey, "What does Alicia think about the tour?"
"She's good with me leaving, she understands how important it is. I'm the one who's having problems with the idea. I guess it would be OK if we know Ray's good."
Frank nodded, "So Bob, how about Kara?"
Bob moved to sit across from Frank, "She and I talked about it. She understands its part of my life." he added sheepishly, "Besides, she's busy with senior year stuff."
Frank looked at him then burst out laughing, "Oh man, I forget she's in high school. Shit, Bob that's so funny."
Bob tried to smile but it was getting harder and harder. He wanted his friends to understand how important Kara was to him. "I love her," he said quietly.
Frank stopped laughing, "Hey dude, I know you do. I think she's great and I'm happy for you. I'm just messing with you."
They all looked up to see Gerard walking back towards them, "He said he just wants the fucking guitar and to be left alone."
"Shit, he's upset?" Mikey guessed.
"Yea, he was arguing with his doctor when I walked in. Seems Toro has decided he wants to get out of here."
"He can't leave yet," Mikey said shaking his head in disbelief.
"You tell Toro that, the doctor isn't having much luck. He wants to run more tests to make sure everything is OK but Ray's fighting him." Gerard smiled, "Fuck, it was good to hear him sound so determined."
Jamia and Alicia walked into Monica's room to find her up and dressed. "You're going home?" Jamia asked.
Monica smiled at her friends, "Well the doctor hasn't been by yet but yeah I am." She had Donna bring her clothes the second time she had visited in anticipation of the day she got released. It felt so good to have them on and not the hospital gown.
"I thought Gee said you might not get released if your blood pressure was sill an issue." Alicia said walking over and taking a seat. Jamia sat in the other chair when Monica took a seat on the bed.
"My blood pressure is fine. I've been asking the nurses each time they've been in to take it. All the guys up with Ray?"
"They are up there but Gee went in to ask Ray if he wanted them all to come in or not. Frank is freaking about he whole guitar thing. He's afraid Ray will fall apart if he can't play." Jamia told her.
"Christa told me she thinks he'll be able to play. The doctor said his coordination might be off a bit for a while but that it will get better every day. She said he's so determined to get out of the hospital. I know exactly how he feels." Monica said with a smile," I just want my life back to normal."
"Yeah, and now that you don't have a psycho stalking you it's gonna really be normal." Alicia said but regretted her words as soon as they left her mouth, "Shit, I'm sorry I didn't mean to bring that up."
Monica smiled sadly, "It's OK, Alicia. I'm glad it's over, only thing is she probably won't go to jail."
Alicia and Jamia both spoke at the same time. Alicia's comment was a bit more colorful, "For fucks sake, why not?"
"They are going to decide if she is mentally competent to stand trial and I doubt she is." Monica explained. "She'll still be put away."
Gerard walked in, "Has the doctor been in?" he asked Monica.
"Not yet, how's Ray?"
"His doctor's with him but when I asked he just wants the guitar and to be left alone. The guys are in the waiting room." He narrowed his eyes, "Why are you dressed?"
She smiled at him sweetly, "Cause I'm going home."
He groaned, she was driving him insane. He was upset about Ray and if the doctor wouldn't release her she would cause him even more trouble. "Shit Monica would you stop acting like a baby about this. You go home if the doctor says so." His tone was angry and hard.
She started to give him an angry reply but stopped herself. He was upset about Ray and he didn't want her to be disappointed if the doctor didn't release her. Before she could say anything he walked over and hugged her, "Sorry" he whispered.
Bob walked in, "Hey, Ray's doctor just came left and Christa told us Ray's waiting for his guitar."
"I'm gonna go sit with Frank" Jamia said standing up. "He's so freaked about this I want to be with him."
"Ditto about Mikey" Alicia said following her.
Gerard looked at Monica, "I'll be back as soon as I can."
She stood up." I'm going with you. I'm supposed to walk anyway."
He looked like he was going to challenge her for a moment then shrugged, "I'll tell the nurse where you're going."
They all took the elevator together. Mikey smiled when he saw Monica with them. "Hey, you look good. The doctor released you?"
"Not yet, I just wanted to be here, too."
Frank sighed, "Guess I'll take it in then" He stood up and grabbed the guitar case.
"Can I take it to him?" Monica asked
The guys looked at each other. "Yeah, sure you can." Frank handed the case to her.
She took one last look at them, smiled, and walked down the hall. In her mind she said a silent prayer. "Please, God. He saved my life and playing the guitar is such an important part of his life. Please let him have his life back."
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