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Disenchanted - May 4

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Ray picks up his guitar for the first time since the accident.

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Monica walked slowly down the hall to Ray's room, the guitar case felt heavy in her hand. She paused at the door, took a deep breath and walked in. Christa smiled, "So they sent you. I was wondering who would be brave enough to face him."
"Face him?" Monica hadn't heard about Ray's argument with the doctor.
Ray, who was sitting in the chair by the window, snorted. "All I said was I was ready to get out of here. Damn doctor doesn't understand."
Monica smiled, "Well you sure sound like you feel better. So I guess the doctor isn't agreeing with you?"
He shook his head, "He wants to run some more fucking tests. I'm fine, a little weak but that's all." His eyes fell to the guitar case clutched in her hand.
Monica followed his gaze, "So I guess, this is what you're waiting for?"
"Look, I know I'm not gonna play like I did before the accident - yet. But shit, I want to start practicing. I want to put all the fucking fears I got out of my head."
Christa nodded, "I asked the doctor and he said playing would be good for him. I will help with his coordination and concentration. He just warned him not to get discouraged."
Monica walked over and set the guitar case down by his chair. "Well, I better head back to my room. The doctor still hasn't released me and he will be coming around soon." She started to back out of the room as she watched Ray lean down and struggle with the latches on the case.
Christa moved to help him. "I can get it," he snapped.
She stood back and moved further away. He lifted the guitar out and set it on his lap. "Christa, sorry."
"I know," she said softly. Her eyes cut to Monica, "I'll walk out with you." They both reached the door when Ray's voice stopped them.
"You both can stay if you want."
Monica looked at Christa, they both turned and sat down. Ray placed his fingers on the strings simply staring at them. Monica held her breath; beside her Christa did the same.
He took a deep breath and simply played a few easy chords. Fear was being pushed aside by determination. Now he fingered more difficult chords and while it wasn't as easy as it should be, he could play them. Monica looked over at Christa and saw the tears of happiness she was wiping away under her glasses.
In the waiting room the guys were straining to hear the sounds coming from Rays room. The soft, gently sound of "Disenchanted" drifted down the hall.
"Son of a bitch" Bob said quietly "He's OK"
"Never heard the fucking song sound so good" Frank felt himself being hugged by Jamia.
"See, I told you it would be OK" she whispered in his ear.
Gerard leaned his head back against the wall and felt the tension leaving his body. His ears strained to hear Ray playing. It wasn't perfect but it was damn close. He would be all right; they all would be all right. Mikey moved over to sit next to him. He felt his brother's arms encircle him and he hugged him back.
The day even got better for Gerard when an hour later the doctor agreed to release Monica. He had been waiting for her when she and Gerard returned to her room. He was pleased with her vitals but made sure she understood that she was to take it easy when she got home. Gerard had promised him that she would.
They were driving to Donna's and he was smiling, life was good. "Gee, when are you gonna decide about the tour?"
"Later today I'm gonna go meet up with the guys and Brian in Ray's room. We're all gonna decide together what to do. I'm thinking we'll probably start up again where the canceled dates left off." He looked over at her briefly, "Would you be good with that? Tell me honestly."
"Yeah, you need to get back on the stage."
"Why do you say that?" he asked
Monica smiled, "Cause you do. I've told you before, it's in your blood. You miss it whether you will admit it to me or not."
"Is that bad?"
"No, that's not bad. That's just who you are. That's just part of the man I feel in love with. You don't think Ray will be able to go do you?"
He shook his head, "Hell no, but he will want to. But it wouldn't surprise me at all if he's ready to join us when we get back."
She reached out and touched is arm, "Gee, can we just drive by our house?" she asked softy.
He smiled over at her, "Sure we can." They were close to the house so it didn't take long. As he turned on the road his mind flashed a memory of the accident. He could see the police and emergency vehicles blocking the road. He shook his head to clear the memories; he wouldn't allow them to spoil this house for them. This was where they would start their married life, where they would live and love.
Beside him Monica's eyes misted as she looked to the spot where she and Ray had been when the accident occurred. She could picture Ray running towards her, she could see the car coming, she could feel the fear. Gerard pulled in front of the house and pulled her into his arms. "It's OK, baby, it's OK" he whispered rocking her gently. After a few moments he cupped her face and made her look directly into his eyes. "It's over let it go." He kissed her lips then turned her head away from the road and towards the house. "Look at our future."
Through her tears she saw the house and it was just as beautiful as she remembered. "Our future" she whispered.
"Yeah, our future" he repeated. He wrapped his arms around her and they simple sat looking at the house. The healing process had begun.
When they arrived at Donna's they saw that Bob was already there. He walked out to greet them. "So feel good to be out?"
Monica nodded, "Hell, yeah" She spotted Kara and Kelly walking out of the house, Kelly broke into a run, "Mama, I'm so happy you're home." She hugged her mom tightly. "Donna is making a special dinner just for you."
Kara hugged her mom when Kelly stepped back, "I'm so glad your home," she said. "I'm just want our live to go back to the way they were before Jenn showed up."
Monica smiled, "That's what I want honey, that's what I want."
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