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Chapter 5

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Amy-Lia still stood in the doorway of my apartment with an expression much like a fish gaping for air plastered across her face. It's funny how such a glamorous girl can have such unflattering facial expressions. I was beginning to think I should just tell her to get botox injections so she wouldn't ever have to move the muscles in her face ever again. That would probably save her from making expressions that would make me want to smack her.

"Ah.... Amy...." I said helplessly, I was searching for words that might constitute as damage control but here, right now, still having Brendon holding me rather tightly to himself might just make the words useless. If I even tried to speak them they might as well just be like little pebbles bouncing off the shiny metal surface of a car. No impact at all.

Brendon murmered something that I couldn't quite catch but he didn't let me go. I could feel his thumb rubbing my arm. Amy definitely couldn't see the comforting gesture but it really made me feel better. Just the soft brush of his thumb across my arm felt nice, it made me feel like he understood the situation at hand.

"You.... You guys!" Amy-Lia finally managed to choke out in a tone of voice that almost sounded playful, to back up the playfulness of her statement she flicked her wrist haphazardly and plasted a little grin on her face. She was anything but playful though, I think both Brendon and I could see that. She may now have been playing with us. She wasn't so carelessly cheerful about this situation as she seemed on the surface.

"It's great to see you again Bren!" Amy-Lia exclaimed happily, she was practically bouncing as she shut the door behind her. She was beaming like this was a little tea party she'd set out to play with her dolls. The way she was reacting now made me even more scared then a temper tantrum would have. I knew how to deal with the tantrums, but not this.

"H-- Hey Amy." Brendon said uncertainly, shooting me a side glance that pretty much spoke louder then he could have shouted. He was hell confused, I could see that. I didn't have any answers to offer though because I was just as confused as he was.

"Amy, babe, what did you want me to look at today?" I finally managed to ask after a long pause, gesturing at the bright orange folder that she held. I didn't sound sincere, I could hear the falseness in my voice when I asked but I hoped that Amy-Lia wouldn't notice, either by choice or pure chance.

"Oh! This," She exclaimed, holding the folder out to me. "Is party plans."

"Oh, cool." I replied. I wasn't surprised. I took the folder from her grasp and flipped it open. As soon as I read the theme for the party I cringed. Talk about clichè. The theme for the party was 'Pimps 'N Hoes' and I was sure she'd attempted to pull off a party like that before, but hey, looks like she was trying the theme again. Brendon glanced at the sheet of paper in the folder and I saw him raise his eyebrows.

I didn't want Amy to hang around longer then she had to so I decided I would quickly fob her off with some reassurances that the party sounded great.

"Amy, I love this. It looks like you've pretty much got all the plans done." I said, slapping the folder closed so abruptly that Brendon jumped a little. I passed the folder back to her. "Looks like you don't need my help."

Amy-Lia grabbed the folder back off me and grinned. "Great! You've gotta come Parker." She said.

"When is it?" I asked. I didn't particularly want to go to a party that had such a tired, overworked theme and one that was being hosted by Amy, but if I at least put in an appearence then maybe it'd keep her happy.

"Tomorrow night."

"Tomorrow night?" Looks like Amy wasn't here for me to help her with the plans, just here to deliver an inadvertant invitation. There was no way she could book everyone/everything that she had on her party plan by tomorrow night so she'd probably already booked them all way in advance and didn't care if I told her the party was a good idea or not.

"Yep." She replied, rocking slightly on the balls of her feet. "You've gotta come."

"Sure, okay. I'll come." I sighed.

"Awesome!" She exclaimed. "You can come too Bren." She added, looking at Brendon expectantly.

"Yeah, okay. I'll come Amy. Sounds cool." He replied.

"Cool, cool." She said brightly. "This is gonna be awesome. Parkie and Brenny coming to my party! Rock on." She exclaimed giving a wholehearted cheer.

Brendon and I exchanged glances. This was insane. Amy-Lia was acting worse then usual.

"Okay, great, great. I'll see you both tomorrow night. Parker, you know where, so bring your boytoy and any other guests you can gather. Don't forget the theme!" She said opening the door and waving as she left closing the door sharply behind her.

"What was that?" Brendon asked with widened eyes.

"I have no fucking idea Brenny." I said exaggerating the horrid new nickname Amy-Lia had made up.

Brendon shuddered and then laughed softly. "Well Parkie we'll probably have to go to her party now. You'll have to bring along your boytoy, y'know."

Now it was my turn to shudder. Parkie and Brenny. Amy-Lia came up with some of the stupidest nicknames sometimes, ones that could only be thought about accompanied by a shudder.

"Looks like we might have to go this stupid party tomorrow Brendon. I'll be the pimp and you can be my hoe." I laughed cheekily and spun around to escape his grasp before he could grab me again.

"Thats what you think Parker. No way I'm gonna be your hoe, baby." He called after me as I made a dash for my bedroom with him chasing after me.

I had almost made it to my bedroom safely when Brendon caught up to me and grabbed me tightly around the waist and spun me around to face him.

"Gotcha." I grinned cheekily at me, bringing me closer until he could kiss me gently on the lips. "You know, instead of going out for a day, I think we should stay in." He grinned at me.

"Hmmm...?" I mumbled, waiting for him to continue to indulge me with his plan.

"And get to know each other properly. Since it was you who pointed out that we don't know each other."

I nodded slowly, biting my lip. "I see... That's what you think, hey?"

Brendon nodded, "Yeah, it is."

"Well, what happens if I don't want to?" I asked innocently.

"Well then I think I might just have to make you!" He exclaimed, picking me up and throwing me over his shoulder. I laughed and wriggled slightly, trying, but not really, to get out of his grip.

He carried me into my room and dropped me gently down onto the bed. I grabbed him by the shirt as I landed on the bed causing him to fall on the bed beside me. He let out a little grunt when he hit the mattress and then rolled over so he could face me.

"So how about you tell me your life story, since you probably already know mine." He said grinning at me.

I pulled a face. "What makes you think I already know your life story Brendon?"

"Don't tell me you've never Googled me."

"Nope, I haven't." I lied. Brendon just stared at me silently, trying to get me to spill the truth. Finally I cracked. "Okay, okay, so I've Googled you."

A smile spread across his face. "Makes us even."

I scoffed, "Google probably told you shit all about me."

He raised his eyebrows, taking what I had just said as a challenge.

"I know you were born on the 5th of October 1987 as Parker Abigail Lewis. You grew up in Chicago. I know your parents names are Patricia and Raymond Lewis. Your brother is called Fredrick. You used to have a cat called Macy. You used to play drums in a band called Rewind Die Massacre. You once broke your leg during a school play in grade two. Your favourite movie is A Clockwork Orange. You used to play with toy soldiers as a kid and melt them with cigarette lighters." He stopped to chuckle softly. "Uh, what else do you want to know about yourself?"

My mouth must've been slightly ajar because Brendon put his index finger on my chin and gently pushed my jaw closed. I blinked blankly a couple of times and then mustered up enough composure after being shocked at him knowing so much about me to offer him another challenge. "What else you got?"

Brendon took a deep breath like he was getting ready to rattle off more information about me when I pressed a hand over his mouth. "Okay, maybe I really don't want to know what else you know about me."

I didn't take my hand away from his mouth just in case he decided that he really did want to show me how much he knew about me. He adopted a puppy dog expression and looked at me with sad eyes, like he was begging me to take my hand off his mouth. I was just about to move my hand away when he licked me which caused me to pull my hand quickly away and rub it on the sleeve of his shirt.

"Ew, Brendon. That's disgusting."

"You should know you can't silence Brendon Urie." He laughed.

"I know that now." I shot back. "So Google can't have possibly told you all of that about me."

"A friend of mine knows your brother, Fred, sweetheart. Fred really loves to talk about you, did you know that?" Brendon said, lazily draping an arm over my hip.

"Rick just likes to talk about anything. I can't believe you know all of that about me though. I don't even know that much about you and it's you who's the oh-so-famous rockstar."

"Well you just have to ask the right questions." He replied simply.

"Okay well lets forget the getting to know you game now. I've learnt enough about myself for today." I said pushing closer to him so I could plant a kiss on his cheek.

"So what else did you have in mind Parker?" He replied returning the kiss on my cheek.

"We've got all day, lets see what we can come up with." I chuckled, wrapping my arms around him.


Authors Note: I think the ending to this chapter is a little bit of a cop out, sorry. Next chapter will have the rest of the boys in it and the party scene. Hopefully I'll have it written soon and it'll definitely be done by next weekend if I can get all of my assessment tasks for school done.
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