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Time To Get Back On The Road - MAY 5

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The guys discuss resuming the tour. Ray has a strange question for Mikey.

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"I hate to leave, I just got you home." Gerard and Monica were snuggling on the sofa, just enjoying holding each other. "But I've got to meet the guys and Brian. We've got to make some decisions about the tour."
"Get back on the road, Gee." Monica told him. "You know as well as I do, it's time."
He stroked her hair reveling in the feel of her body in his arms, "I know but I don't want to leave you." Never before had it been so hard for him to leave on a tour. Monica had turned his life upside down. He wanted the thrill of the stage; he wanted the thrill of being with her.
"Gerard Way, you have a tour you gotta do. It's not just a job, it's part of who you are. I'm fine and Ray will be fine. Go to the hospital and talk with the guys. They will agree with me, it's time."
He looked into her eyes, "I love you so much." His lips met hers in a kiss that promised so much more. "Tonight you're gonna sleep up here where I can keep an eye on you."
"Is an eye the only thing you're gonna keep on me?" She whispered in his ear.
"Monica you just got out of the hospital, don't temp me." He felt his blood racing; She could excite him with just words.
She smiled, "I'm feeling fine, Gee. My hand hurts just a little bit, other than that I feel good." She took his hand and ran it against her body, slowly making sure it lingered on her most intimate areas. "Don't I feel good?" she purred.
"Fuck, Monica you enjoy this don't you? You like to make me burn for you." He looked at his hand, which she now had pressed to her breast.
She smiled seductively, "Yes, I want you to burn for my touch like I burn for yours." She let go of his hand and dropped hers so that it brushed lightly across his lap.
Donna called out from the kitchen, "Monica, what vegetable do you want for dinner?"
Monica sat back slightly and he laughed, "Quite the mood killer. Mom and daughters in kitchen."
She giggled, "I like green beans" she hollered back to the kitchen. She knew Kelly and Kara were helping Donna with the dinner plans. Bob was watching them because he had released Monica and Gerard wanted some time alone.
Gerard glanced at his watch, "Shit, Bob and I need to get going. I'll be back as soon as I can." He gave her a quick kiss and hollered to Bob that they need to get going. He looked towards the kitchen then lowered his voice, "Tonight we aren't gonna make love. You just got out of the hospital." She started to protest but he reached over and cupped her face in his hands. "Instead I'm gonna make love to you. Slow and gentle and all for you. Know that now." His voice was low and sexy. Monica felt passion stirring deep within her. She looked into his eyes and was mesmerized by the depth of love she saw within them. "Do you understand?" his breath was warm against her lips.
"I understand." she answered breathlessly.
"Uh, you ready Gerard?" Bob hated to interrupt but if they were to meet the guys on time they really had to leave.
"Yeah, I'm ready." He smiled at Monica as he rose from the sofa. "We'll be back before dinner."
Monica watched him leave and felt her heart still racing. The man made her blood boil and her senses reel. "Tonight" she whispered to herself.
Bob and Gerard were the last band members to reach Ray's room. They had gotten a call on the way to the hospital from Christa telling them that Ray had been moved to another floor. He didn't need to be on the Intensive Care floor anymore, another sign of this outstanding progress. Brian had arrived before any of them and he and Ray has already discussed the tour.
"OK, Ray and I have talked and he and I both think the tour should resume as soon as possible. I can probably reschedule a few of the dates we canceled starting next week." Brain told them after they had all found seats.
"You mean we would leave next week?" Frank asked.
"If I can get the dates, yeah." Brain answered. "You probably would leave on Monday."
They all looked around the room trying to gage each other's reactions. "You guys need to do this" Ray said to his friends.
"Are you sure your good with us leaving?" Gerard asked him, "We could just postpone until you're ready."
Ray smiled, "It will probably be about a month before I'm really ready to travel any distance. Besides you don't want me to miss out on Christa taking care of me, do you?"
Frank laughed, "Oh so now we see why you're not coming with us" he teased.
"No, really you need to get back on the road. I'll stay, get stronger and rejoin you when you get back to the States." Ray looked at them and sighed, "You all know I'll miss being with you but hell, that's just how it has to be."
Mikey sighed, "He's right, we need to get back on the road."
Ray looked at Mikey strangely. There was something he needed to ask him after the meeting.
"Gee, Monica's all right?" Brian asked. He wanted to make sure that Gerard's mind would be where it needed to be if they were going to do this.
"Yeah, she's good. She told me to get back on the road. I guess I'm still just trying to shake this all off."
"It must have been hell when you saw her at the accident scene" Bob said softly. He could only imagine how he would have felt if it has been Kara.
"Fuck, I still have nightmares about it. Have you heard anything else about Jenn?" He asked Brian.
"Nothing yet, but no matter what she won't be getting out any time soon so there's nothing to worry about. Frank, how is Jamia doing?" Brian looked at him trying to see where his head was about this.
"She's doing good. I'm glad we will be in the States when she gets closer to her due date. I have to be with her when the babies are born."
Brian agreed, "Of course, none of us would want it any other way." He looked at each band member then spoke, "So are we all good with the idea of leaving this coming Monday?"
"You didn't ask Bob" Gerard reminded him. He had recently realized that there were times that they unintentionally ignored their drummer.
Bob looked over at Gerard with a surprised look on his face. "Oh, hey I'm OK with it."
"And Kara?" Gerard asked his friend.
Bob smiled, "She'll miss me like I'll miss her but she understands. She's a lot like her mom." The men shared a knowing smile.
Brian looked over at Bob, "Hey, I didn't meant to ignore you, Bob. "
"Yeah, I know. I just don't have a fiancée who was in an accident, or pregnant." He kidded.
They all laughed. "Ok then I've got to start making calls. I'll get back to you guys when I've got an itinerary." Brian stood. "Ray, get better as quick as you can, you know I depend on you to keep them focused when their on the road."
Ray smiled, "Yeah, they do need a keeper, especially Frank."
Frank jumped up from his chair, "Take that back Toto. I never cause any problems." He smiled at his own lie.
One by one they said goodbye to each other and headed out of the room.
"Mikey can I talk to you for a minute?" Ray asked.
"Sure" he hugged Gerard and told him that he and Alicia would be over for dinner tonight.
When they were all gone Mikey took a seat by Ray's bed. "Christa will be back in a minute and I wanted to ask you something before she gets here."
Mikey looked confused, "Sure, what?"
When I was in the coma I can remember hearing voices, at least I think I did. Maybe I was dreaming if was fucking weird. But I think I remember you talking to me."
"For sure, I did talk to you, we all did." Mikey said, "That's kind of neat you heard us."
Ray nodded, "Yeah, it is" He looked at Mikey and blurted out, "Did you tell me you got married by Elvis?"

AUTHORS NOTE - Sorry about posting later than usual but I spent most to the day running around to comic book stores getting copies of Gerard's "Umbrella Academy" It was free comic book day!!!
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