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"That was amazing!" I yelled and grabbed a soda from the cooler.

"They're great performers." Gerard said in his high girly voice.

"I wonder where your brother is."

"Probably getting it on with Alicia."

"Alicia Simmons?"

"Yup!" He said and sipped a beer. "He's liked her for like a year and said tonight was the night he'd make his move."

"Wow. Mikey? Make a move? That's big!"

"Yeah. I guess you could say that."

"Well if there's one thing I've learned in past few weeks is the Way brothers do not make moves."

"Who should I have made a move on?"

"That girl at the mall. She thought you were stunner!"

"But I didn't like her."

"So? Free hook-up much? You had a chance and you turned it down!"

"So if that guy over there asked you to hook up you would?" He pointed at an extremely attractive boy that sat across the room. I turned to him and shook my head 'no'.

"I have my eye on someone else." I said and walked away. I heard him calling my name but I walked into a crowd of dancing people. He must have lost me. The sweet sounds of Green Day filled the room, the house! I was lost in the music. Only Billie Joe knew how I felt. He was a prodigy, I swear it.
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