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"We need to get out of here!" Gerard shrieked nervously. He grabbed my arm and began dragging me towards the door.

"What the bloody hell are you doing?" I ripped my arm from his grasp. "I'm havin' fun!"

"Yeah but guys are HITTING on me, Adele. THEY'RE HITTING ON ME. One grabbed my ass! I want out. Out of this house and these clothes."

"I can get you out of those clothes." A drunk boy said while stumbling over his own feet. My loud laughing overpowered Gerard's constant "ew"s.

"Oh jesus!" I said wiping a tear from my eye. "Alright lets get you out of here."

"We need Mikey."

"Hold on." I took out my sidekick and texted Mikey.

Adele: We're leaving.

Mikey: In the middle of something.

Adele: You bonk her hard, Michael. Don't drive with anyone drunk.

Mikey: Oh god Adele. I wont I swear. Bye!

Adele: Chow.

"He'll get a ride home. Lets go hot stuff." I slapped him on his arse and walked out the front door. Before I got in the car I pulled out my lighter and lit a fag. I didn't have them very often. Maybe twice a week or occasionally when I wanted to feel badarse.

"I cant stand these clothes, Adele. I'm going insane."

"Hush nancy-boy. I brought your clothes. They're in the back seat." I unlocked the door of the car. He crawled in and second later crawled out with his normal clothes on. When he came up next to me I laughed hysterically at the fact all the make-up I put on him was still plastered to his face. I took a tissue from my bag and wiped all the pink off his cheeks, then the eye shadow. I left the eyeliner because it didn't make a difference if it was on or not. Then I moved down to his lips. What better way to get off the lip gloss by kissing? NO. Mental slap

"I don't really know how to get off your lip gloss." I said with a dreamy sigh. Just looking at him made me feel like I was floating.

"I-I think I have an idea how." I gave him a questioning look. Without warning his lips came crashing down on mine. After a second I pulled back, my eyes wide as saucers. He smiled, but when I didn't return it his eyes became wide also. Until I reattached our mouths. He smiled into the kiss and pulled away. When he did I got in my car and started the ignition. He followed and plopped down in the passenger seat. We drove in silence the whole way home, listening to Saosin. We reached the Way household. Still no one was home. We both got out and I sat on the hood of my car.

"Well, I guess I'll see you tomorrow." I said with a nervous tone. My lips were tingling ever since he kissed me. I wanted more but knew I shouldn't.

"I guess so." He said with a sad smiled. He turned to walk away and I called after him.

"Hey Chanel! Don't I get a goodbye?" He smiled and walked slowly to me and engulfed me in a hug. He smelled like cigarettes and that girly body spray Mikey and I drowned him in. Speaking of, I left that in his room. Just as I was about to ask for it he softly kissed my lips. I pulled him down for a longer kiss and pushed him off my body. I hopped off the hood and got into my car.

"What does this make us?" He yelled as I pulled out of the driveway.

"What do you want it to make us?" I yelled through the open window.

"I want you to be my girlfriend."

"Your wish is my command. Goodnight /Chanel/." I took off down the street blasting "Seven Years" with my lips still tingling. I was dating Gerard Way. Shit, life was good.
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