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Impossible Dream - May 6

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"Monica, we need to talk" Gerard said looking up from his spot on the sofa.
Monica sat down next to him and smiled, "Sure, honey what it is?"
He cleared his throat "Well I should have said something to you before about this but I guess I just didn't think you would understand."
The tone of his voice and the look on his face frightened her, "What is it?"
Gerard reached out and touched her face, "Monica, I like to dress in women's clothing." He blurted out.
"You know women's clothing. I like to dress up in them and walk around the house. The tighter the better."
Monica didn't know what to say. She honestly wanted to understand, "Well if you really enjoy it I guess it doesn't hurt anyone."
He smiled, "For sure, I just do it at home, well, sometimes on the bus when I'm with the guys."
Monica wondered why he hasn't done it when she was with him on tour. "So the guys know?"
"Oh yeah, me and Bob try to see who can look prettier. Of course it's me cause I'm just plain pretty."
"Bob dresses like a woman too?"
"Well, yeah. Ray likes to take pictures of us. He tried once but he just made a really ugly woman" he laughed.
Monica wondered it this was all just a joke. He couldn't be serious could he?
"Sometimes I like to dress up in grandma's old clothes and talk in her voice. Want to see?" He looked as excited as a kid at Christmas.
Monica was about to answer then Mikey walked in, "So Gee did you tell her?" He turned to Monica, "I told him he had to tell you. It just wasn't right for him to keep it from you."
"OK" Monica said slowly still trying to make sense of it all.
Mikey sat down across from them, "So anyway, Alicia and I are getting divorced. It was fucking stupid to get married like we did. I never liked Elvis anyway." He looked into Monica's eyes, "So would you have a problem with it if I asked Kelly out?"
"Well she's pretty cute and that whole psychic thing is a real turn on." He sat back and smiled, "Maybe she can learn to figure out the lottery numbers."
Monica thought she must be sleeping and this was a nightmare. WAKE UP WAKE UP she pinched herself.
Meanwhile Frank and Jamia were fighting. Frank screamed, "I don't want kids, Jamia."
She looked at him and screamed, "What the hell? I thought you were happy about it?"
He smirked, "I'm good a lying. All these years you had no idea that I am really in love with Ray, did you?"
Jamia stood and walked calmly to the dresser, "No Frank I didn't but I do now." She turned and a shot rang out.
Bob stood on top of the Brooklyn Bridge and looked down into the swiftly moving water. "Nobody fucking cares what I think. Fuck, my action figure only sells for twenty bucks and Mr. Dress Wearing Way's sells for over a hundred. Where is the justice in that?" He did a drum roll on the railing and leaped.
Kara looked up to see Bob leaping and sighed, "Shit" she thought, "now I've got to go to college."
The Black Parade CD was banned in all 50 states. Something about playing it backwards and it said I like to wear dresses - number 69 number 69.
The remaining members of the group got together for a final time. A nice dinner of chicken wraps. Gerard looked especially nice in his housecoat and boa. Mikey and Kelly were there along with Jamia who had been bailed out by Brian. Even Alicia and Elvis were there. Monica looked up from the table as Elvis began to sing "And now the end is near and so I face the final curtain."
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