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Harry is attacked when the wards Dumbledore place on his home fails, and is killed after his six year. Time travel story

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July 30 1996

During a warm summer night a boy with messy hair lies on an old spring mattress in a small room of Private Dr. and for the past weeks his mind was of the previous school year where his Headmaster of Hogwarts was betrayed and murdered by a fellow colleague." We all knew something was up with Snape, but professor Dumbledore would not listen to us, SO WHY DID HE NOT LISTEN!" Harry yelled in his head, wishing he could go back and stop all the deaths caused because of him, but knew it was pointless to wish.

As Harry was mourning the lost of his Headmaster, and many that died because of him, he had not noticed that the magic protecting Number 4 Private Dr. shimmering, and then everything went to normal or at least what appears to be normal.

As Harry shut his eyes, a loud pop was heard and Harry found himself facing a long dark and familiar wand pointing at his face." Potter, I surprised that you are still here, since all the wards placed by that fool Dumbledore had just collapse, thanks to him dieing last school year." A snakelike man hissed causing the young man to realize his predicament.
" But the Blood wards should've stop you!" Harry stuttered, since he knew without his wand he was helpless.
" THE SO CALLED BLOOD WARDS, they are now useless since I had taken your blood for my resurrection two years ago, you should've realize that when I could touch you then." Voldemort laughed at Harry's fear." All that was stopping me from getting to your home was Dumbledore's wards, which like I said just fell just now." Voldemort hissed with gleam, as Harry tried to sit up to look bravely at the Dark Lord.

As Harry tried to sit up, Voldemort quickly waved his wand." CRUCIO!" Voldemort yelled, and Harry screamed as he felt like a thousand knives stabbing him all over, and once Voldemort removed the curse, Harry was left weakened and shaken all over." Well Potter, this is the end of your existence, and the start of my immortality!" Voldemort hissed with pleasure, and as Harry closed his eyes, knowing that this was the end, he again made the wish that he made was just minutes ago.

" I wish..."

" Ava..."

" I can..."

" da..."

" Change my"

" Ka..."

" Past!"

" davra!" Voldemort yelled, as Harry made his last wish, and with a bright green light everything went black ending the life of the once Boy Who Lived.

For a few minutes Harry stayed still, wondering what was going to happen next, since experiencing a short pain after the green light, but as he stayed still in darkness, voices was heard." This is not possible, we weren't expecting a new candidate for a least a month." Someone with a gurgled voice said .
" Well this creature must be a candidate, since only one with the Magic of Guardianship can enter this realm!" Said a hissing voice.
" Then it is agreed that we take him in, and train him to be a Guardian?" The Gurgled voice asked, and murmurs of acceptance was heard, and then another speaker spoke.
" EXCUSE ME, have you all not notice this child is need of medical treatment, so we better take him to the healing room, or we will not have a new Guardian!" Someone firmly informed everyone, but this one sounding catlike and soon Harry was floating away, wondering what has he gotten himself into now.
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