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Harry awakes in a new and strange place.

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A/N; The school is base on My Gym Partner is a Monkey series, without the comedy, but with some familiar characters.

Also I don't own Harry Potter and please review.

Light filtered threw the darkness as sounds sounded about, and with a yawn the darkness gave way to light, and with a blink a white ceiling appeared along with a strange looking face." Stay still young one, we need to check you out before you can move." A reptilian humanlike female creature kindly said, as she waved her scaly hand over.

After a few minutes, the reptilian creature turned to the side." He seemed to be fine Headmaster Toadias, but I would like him to stay for a couple days more." The creature hissed as she moved away.
"That will be fine, since we can use his stay to get the new Guardian up to date." Toadias suggested, and the reptilian female left the room.

Once the female reptilian left, Harry whom was lying in bed, got up but immediately felt something wrong." WHAT THE..." Harry only could say since once he started to stretch out he saw paws where his hands should have been.
"Please calm down young one, so I can explain everything." A toad like man kindly suggested, as he sat near Harry's bed.

Once Harry got settled down on the bed, Toadias began speaking." First of all, you are in Animalia School for Animals Guardian, and you are here since our magic picked you to be an Animal Guardian of your world." Toadias informed a startled Harry.
"Wait a minute, I can't be a Guardian, since I'm not an animal I'm human!" Harry quickly informed a startled Headmaster.
"Are you sure, since look into this mirror?" Toadias suggested pointing to the side, and Harry got up, only to immediately fell to the ground, but surprisingly landed on four furry legs.

Once Harry got to the mirror, he was shock to see a white cat, with golden wing staring back at him." Um Toadias what is going on, since before I woke up I was human?" Harry asked the large Toad-like creature, and he looked thoughtful.
"Hmm, what exactly happen before you awoke just moments ago?" Toadias asked, as the cat looked unsure.
"Um I was in my room, when Voldemort came and cast the killing curse..." Harry started, but gasped, as he realized something." AM I DEAD?" Harry yelled as his cat-eyes went wide.
"No you are alive, but my guess that you were resurrected into this cat form to be a Guardian." Toadias informed a now shock cat, and then magically pulled up some folders." Hmm, what was your human name?" Toadias suddenly asked a sadden cat.
"My name was Harry Potter." Harry quietly informed Toadias, since he was sad that he would not see his friends again.

For a while Toadias read to the folder before speaking." Hmm, that is strange no one by the name of Harry Potter died recently, and the only one that is connected to Voldemort is right now eight years old." Toadias informed a shocked cat.
" I was resurrected back in the past?" Harry shouted, and Toadias nodded.
" It seems that way, and if you want I can appoint you as your past life guardian once you completed this schools requirements, which will take anywhere up to five to six years." Toadias informed a thoughtful teen.

For a while after going over the idea of helping his past life, the cat turned to Headmaster." If I help my past life, and I change the future, what will become of me?" Harry asked, as Headmaster now looked thoughtful.
" Probably nothing since you are living in another life, you are no longer part of your old life." Toadias informed a relieved teen.

Once Harry had accepted his new life, Toadias decided to change the subject." Now that you are aware of what is happening, I should take you to your first class which will decide on what forms you can turn into?" Toadias informed a startled teen.
" Forms, what do you mean?" Harry asked, as Toadias smiled widely.
" A Guardian had three forms, his or her original animal form, a humanoid form, which is a cross between his animal and an human, and lastly a form of which is the most advance of his or her world." Toadias informed a confused teen.
" Um Toadias, what do you mean their world?" Harry asked looking puzzled.
" The School of Animalia is a school that is magically connected to a large number of advance planets from deferent galaxies, and the magic of this school choose any number of their animals from that world to be trained as their guardians." Toadias informed Harry, then gesture the cat to follow him out of the room.

As Harry and Toadias walked, Harry nervously glanced up the towering toad." Um sir, what is a Guardian and why was I picked to be one?" Harry asked, as Toadias looked to him.
" To answer your question, did you ever hear tales of animals doing remarkable feet's to save someone?" Toadias asked, and Harry nodded.
" I heard of many stories like that, but are you telling me all those animals were Guardians?" Harry wondered, and Toadias smiled at the cat.
" No not all of them, only the ones that would defy explanations of why the animal would do such of thing, those will be most likely be Guardians." Toadias informed a thoughtful cat.

A few seconds later, Harry again looked to the large toad." Sir, about my other question, to as why was I pick?" Harry asked, as Toadias gave it a thought.
" I'm afraid I can't answer it, since it is this school magic that chooses a new Guardian, and my assistances and I are only here to both welcome and train the new Guardian." Toadias simply informed Harry, as he led him to a room with a humanoid male fox wearing light robes waiting for them.

Once inside a bare room, Toadias looked to the humanoid fox." Good afternoon Kitsu how is the kids?" Toadias kindly asked, as the fox smiled.
" Both are fine, and I can't wait to see if they will become Guardians of our world." Kitsu happily greeted, and then looked to the small cat that came in with the Headmaster.
" Hmm this is our new Guardian, a bit skinny but I guess five or more years of training here will help him toughen up." Kitsu started while getting a glare from the cat.
" Harry don't mind Kitsu, he have the habit of teasing all the new Guardians that entered his domain." Toadias amusedly informed Harry and gestured Harry to a table, where Harry flew too without problems.

On the table, Kitsu pass over his now glowing light blue hands, and started mumbling something." Hmm interesting, your third form is human, so you will have all requirements to do our classes." Kitsu started, as he again waved his hand." Hmm your second form is a large wing panther, unlike this form which assemble a common house cat." Kitsu finished, and then turned to Toadias." All Harry needs is to concentrate on the other forms, that should change him, so we don't need any potions or spells." Kitsu simply informed his Headmaster, and left the room.

Once Kitsu left the room, Toadias turned to a confused cat which sat at table looking at him." Alright Harry lets try your human self first, since you will be using it more then the other two for classes." Toadias suggested and Harry looked unsure.
"Toadias exactly how do I transform into Human?" Harry uncertainly asked, as the Headmaster huge mouth grinned.
" First you calm yourself, and then focus on how you looked before waking up here." Toadias suggested, and as Harry closed his eyes, a calm feeling purred out of his body.

It took a few minutes before a blue light encircled Harry, and in a split second a boy of seventeen with messy black hair, and shinny green eyes appeared looking startled." You did it Harry, you are back to your human self!" Toadias excitedly informed a blushing Harry.
" Um Toadias, do you have extra clothes I can use?" Harry asked, as he covered up himself.
" Hmm a modest type hah." Toadias started as he laughed.
" Harry you will find that many of the Human type animals here go without clothes, since having scales or long fur, make them very uncomfortable while trying to wear them." Toadias laughed, but waved his hands to conjure some brown robes, that the now human notice Toadias was wearing.
" Here put these on, and later I will get a guide to take you to Animalia City to help you get your things you will need for our classes." Toadias informed the now human teen, as he left the room, but Harry quickly stopped him.
"Toadias how am I going to buy my things, I have no money?" Harry quickly asked, and the Headmaster turned to him.
" For now just bill our school, and then later you can find a job in Animalia city to both pay us back, and get help yourself to settled in." Toadias suggested, and left the room to give Harry some privacy.

In an about ten minutes Harry left the room to a waiting Headmaster, and they started walking down a white hallway filled with many pictures of animals." Harry I will leave you now, but first who should bring you to Animalia city?" Toadias questioned, as several deferent types of animals in Human forms pass them, but Toadias quickly spoke up to stop a young woman, who had resemble a cat." Catrina can I have a word with you please, if you are not busy?" Toadias kindly asked, as the young woman turned to him.
"Actually I'm free for the entire day sir, what can I do for you Headmaster?" Catrina kindly asked, as she looked to both Toadias and Harry.
"I need a favor, this is our new Guardian and I was hoping you can give him a tour of Animalia city." Toadias kindly asked, and Catrina gave it a thought before speaking.
"I guess I can, since I do need to pick up some things in the city." Catrina informed a happy Headmaster and he turned to Harry.
"Then I will leave you both now. " Toadias started, as he pulled out a piece of paper." Oh before I forget, here is a list of what you need, and good luck with your learning." Toadias happily said as he passed a note to Harry before leaving the pair.

A Harry and Catrina walked, Harry had to divert his eyes away from Catrina, since other then wearing a thin cloth that covered her shoulders and front, she was wearing nothing else, but since dark reddish fur lightly covered her body, it was almost like skintight clothing with a three-foot thin tail sticking out from her back.

As Harry and Catrina left the building, Harry noticed the school was a tall building well over twenty stories high, and looked like a modern Muggle building, but he knew from he saw from the inside it was more then it appears to be.

Just outside of the school, was the city of Animalia which seemed to be larger then Harry imagined, and to his surprise animals of all sorts was in both Human and their normal animal appearance talking or doing everyday activities." Um Catrina I was wondering about if we had to worry about natural predators?" Harry worriedly asked as he noticed humanlike Lions, tigers and other types of meat eaters.
"Oh you don't need to worry Harry, when we first came here we lost most of our animal instincts so we don't need to worry about dogs, or being on someone's menu." Catrina grinningly informed Harry while giving him a catlike smile, and then headed further into the city.

By the end of the day, Harry was back in school with a trunk filled with books pens, and other school needs, but as he found his dorm room, he was startled since other then having a chair, desk and closet with drawers, there was only a small three foot bed in the corner." Did I get the wrong room?" Harry asked himself, but in the next second remember that he was now a small cat, and no longer would need the comforts of his human needs, so he turned into a cat, and got settled in, wondering what this future will hold for him.
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