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Two years later

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Tragedy hits the school

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A/N; I'm skipping ahead, since I couldn't think of how the school would be run, but you hope you like it.

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Second Year

Two years pass since Harry's death and his resurrection at Animalia School for Animal Guardians, and things were looking up for the former human as he studied for classes and went to work in the large city of Animalia.

Other then keeping himself busy, Harry would meet daily with Catrina who had taken a liking to Harry and seem to love to hang around him when she had a chance between classes and her own job in Animalia City.

It's been a few months into the second year as Harry and Catrina walked through the semi crowded hallways of the school talking about the classes they were attending when an announcement magically sounded about them." All Guardians of planet Sieria please meet me in room 110 I repeat all Guardians of planet Sieria please meet me in room 110!" The voice of Toadias called out and a small number of Animalia students quickly walked away.

Once the announcement ended, Catrina catlike face looked grim as she turned to Harry." I need to go, but I will see you later in the library." Catrina quickly inform Harry before leaving a puzzled boy.
" I wonder what that was all about?" Harry wondered but decided to have a quick bite to eat at the cafeteria before headed to the library.

Hours later and with Harry done with all of his homework, he was researching through the magical books on splitting a person soul for immortality, and luckily with Catrina's help for the last few months Harry had found a number of candidates for what Voldemort had done and how to undue them.

An hour into his research, Harry was interrupted by a whimper, and he looked up to see a very sadden cat-girl." Catrina, what wrong?" Harry worriedly asked, as he quickly got up and walked up to the stricken girl.
" My home planet..." Catrina started with a sob." There was a war between the advance races." Clarisa continued as she sat heavily down with her eyes closed." I couldn't believe that they did it, and Toadias tried to stop them by sending many of our Guardians to end the wars, but it was pointless since there was nothing anyone of us can do to stop the slaughter of millions." Catrina finished as she cried heavily into her hands.

For a while Harry let Catrina cried, and when she started to calm down he spoke." Catrina what happen, maybe I can help?" Harry gently asked, but Catrina shook her cat-like head.
"Our home world is dead Harry and our higher races killed it, so there is nothing anyone can do!" Catrina angrily yelled before looking sadly down." And thanks to them, we lost several hundred Guardians, so it's just me and a few others are the only ones left from my planet." Catrina cried as Harry did the only thing he could think off he gave her a hug.

For awhile Harry and Catrina stayed together, and once Catrina calmed down again, she shook him off." Thanks Harry I really needed that." Catrina sniffed as she looked to Harry.
"Any time Catrina, I don't mind getting my shoulder wet every so often." Harry smiled, as did Catrina.
"I'm glad, since I might be using that shoulder allot." Catrina smiled, as she closed her eyes.

For awhile Catrina didn't speak, until she sighed." Harry what am I going to do, since I don't have a Home world to guard?" Catrina asked, as she look sadden again.
"Catrina from what I see here, there are other worlds with catlike creatures similar to yours, and maybe you can go to those ones?" Harry suggested, as Catrina looked to him.
"Similar like Earth you mean?" Catrina asked, as Harry nodded.
"We both work well together Catrina, so why don't we see if Professor Toadias will let you come to Earth with me." Harry asked, and Catrina nodded.
"I guess I can do it, and also I can take that potion to alter one of my forms, to make me look human." Catrina suggested, and Harry smiled.
"If you do, you better wear more then a thin cloth since you will lose your fur." Harry jokingly informed a grinning cat-girl.
"And you would love to see that wouldn't you." Catrina joke back before standing up." I will talk to Professor Toadias now, and see what he says." Catrina quickly informed Harry.
"Wait I'll come with you." Harry quickly suggested, as he got his things together and followed Catrina out.

Once in Headmaster's office, the Headmaster smiled widely at Harry and Catrina." Now what can I do for you two?" Toadias asked, as he glazed towards the couple.
"Um Headmaster I want to transfer to Earth to help Harry as much as I can." Catrina quickly asked, as the Headmaster frowned.
"I'm afraid Earth doesn't seem to need any more Guardians at this moment, and I'm sure Harry can take care of himself while he is on assignment." Toadias firmly informed a stricken Catrina.
"Sir, please I can use her expertise, and we do work well together, so please don't separate us." Harry almost begged, as Toadias sighed as he closed his large eyes to think.

For a while Toadias was quiet, and Harry thought he fell asleep, until the large toad open his eyes." I will make my decision once Harry passes his classes in a couple years, and only then I will decide." Toadias firmly informed the couple, and they both nodded.
"Thank you Headmaster, I guess we should leave then." Catrina suggested, as she and Harry stood up, knowing they could never change the Headmaster decision.
"Don't worry you two, my decision will be base on how well you two do in two years, so if I don't see any unwelcome changes, I will not allow you both to work together." Toadias warned, and the two nodded as they left the office.

As Harry and Catrina left Toadias office, the Headmaster smiled." If this keeps up, I will win that bet with the other professors." Toadias amusedly thought as he went back to work.
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