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The return to the past

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Harry return home

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Two years later

Over the years, Harry married a certain cat-girl, whom less then a year after their marriage, they had a little feisty child, which had three forms, a black winged panther kitten, a catlike human girl, and lastly a human girl, with green eyes, messy black hair, and lastly with a face no one can say no too.


The morning sun awoke Harry as he stretched out awaking a young brown hair woman beside him." Morning love, are you excited about today?" The young woman asked, as Harry kissed her and then got up to dress.
"I'm more worried then excited, since we are an only three days before the Third task, of the Tri-Wizard Tournament would start." Harry reminded his wife, whom sighed since she knew about the events that would take place soon.
"Come on then, let's see if Headmaster Toadias will allow you back to help your past self now." Catrina suggested, as Harry agreed before a small blur jumped onto the bed.
"MOMMY, DADDY." A three-year-old catlike girl yelled, as she jumped up and down scratching up the blanket with her claws.
"Kat stop that right now." Harry firmly said, as he gently grabbed his daughter and tickled her.
"Daddy please stop." Kat laughed, as Catrina magically repaired the blankets.
"Come on you two, we need to head to Animalia School, to talk to the Headmaster." Catrina reminded the two, and Harry stopped.
"Alright dear, why not get Kat ready, and I will see about breakfast." Harry suggested, and Catrina nodded, as she took their squirming child out of the room.

An hour later, as a happy black hair child licking up an ice-cream cone sat as her parents talked to a toad-like human." Hmm, your records are exemplary, and I don't see any reasons to separate you both." Toadias informed the two happy couple, whom been waiting up until now for his answer.
"You will allow Harry and me to work with his past self?" Catrina quickly asked, as the Headmaster smiled.
"I am allowing it, since I do think you will have your hands full, especially with Kat around." Toadias joked, as he pointed to where Kat whom had finish her ice cream earlier, was now started climbing the shelves.
"KAT get down this instant." Harry firmly warned, as he got up to carry the squirming cat girl, back to his chair with her on his lap.

Once things got settled, Toadias smiled at the couple." Before you go, I need to give you this." Toadias informed the two as he took out a silver sphere." Once you both touch this, you will be given the power to travel from Earth to here in Animalia and vise versa." Toadias informed the couple, and they touch the sphere and it was gone.

Once the couple absorbed the power, Toadias stood up." Good luck to you both, and remember only tell a selected few about what you are." Toadias proudly informed the couple, and they nodded as they stood up, and vanished in a blue light." Hopefully this time around Voldemort will be destroyed, and then there would be some peace on Earth." Toadias thought as he sat down hoping Harry and Catrina's mission would be a short one.

Somewhere on Earth

In a dark and foreboding place, a bright blue light exploded, leaving three figures standing in the hallway, and immediately a painting of a woman started screaming." INTRUDERS, WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN THE HOUSE OF BLACK." The painting angrily yelled as a not so happy messy hair man turned to the painting.
"Since this house seems to be abandon, I'm taking over it, and there is nothing you can do!" Harry hissed as his hands glowed blue and shot a powerful beam at the ceiling, which cause a glow to spread throughout the house.

As the glow spread, the woman in the painting eyes grew wide." NO WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" The painting yelled, as the glow engulfed her.
"I'm dispersing the darkness of this house, that's what I'm doing!" Harry firmly informed a now glowing painting.

For a few seconds, the glow around the couple, and child intensified before exploding leaving a new and now more welcoming home behind.

Once it was clear, Catrina smiled at Harry." Not bad dear, I like what you did to the place." Catrina informed her husband as she looked to a hallway filled with warm colors and a portrait of her family where the rude painting was.
"Come on dear, we should unpack and get this house ready for our mission." Harry gently informed his wife, and she agreed as they left for the rooms to get ready for what yet to come.
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