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Return to The Third Task.

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Graveyard scene

A young boy of fourteen is running between large gravestones to dodge numerous curses from a large number of people wearing dark hooded cloaks with a silver mask that covered their faces." Fools can't you do anything right!" A snakelike man yelled, as he sent a number of his own curses, but the boy was too fast as he grabbed a fallen teen and was gone.

Unknown to everyone, a young man was in the background both watching and protecting the two escaping teens, and waiting to strike.

Just as the two teens disappeared, a young man in a white robes appeared before a started black robe man, and before anyone can do anything." Wormtail, I got a bone to pick with you!" The young man said menacingly before both disappeared in a blinding blue light, leaving the others in shock.

Seconds after both men disappeared, a snakelike man angrily hissed at the others." Find out who was that man, I want him alive!" Voldemort angrily yelled at his followers, and they all Apparate away.

Maze scene

Moments after Harry Potter appeared, and with Dumbledore talking with Mr. Diggory about his dead son, Mad-eye Moody was about to take Harry when a light blue light startled everyone." Hold it right there Crouch Jr.!" A black winged panther yelled just as it appeared before everyone.
"WHAT ARE YOU?" Crouch yelled, but the panther waved his wings, to send out a blue beam, which threw Crouch away from Harry, and at the same time removed his disguised of being Mad-eye Moody.

With Crouch Jr. cover been blown, the panther turned to the now shock group." Headmaster Dumbledore, I suggest you question him with Aurors present, since I assure you he will have lots to say, about what just happen to Harry and Cedric just moments ago." The panther yelled causing Dumbledore to move to Crouch Jr. to secure him, as the panther walked over to the fallen teen.

As the panther walked to Cedric, Mr. Diggory quickly spoke up." What do you want with my son?" Diggory worriedly asked, as the panther with surprisingly gentle green eyes looked to the older man.
"Your son isn't dead since I made sure he will live this time." The panther kindly informed a shock parent, as its wings glowed blue along with Cedric's body and within seconds Cedric was breathing." Awake Cedric and settle your parent's fears." The panther kindly said, as Cedric suddenly sat up.
"Dad, what happen, I thought I was dead." Cedric stuttered as the panther moved to where Harry stood, along with Remus and Snuffles.

As the panther stood before Harry and his Godfather, he grinned." I have a present for you Harry, and your mutt Mr. Lupin." The panther joked as he waved his glowing wings, a bright light above them made everyone look up, to see a balding man all tied up, and floating in mid air.
"Peter Pettigrew, it can't he is dead." Many yelled at seeing the man.

As the hanging man got everyone attention, the panther walked up to him." Speak Pettigrew and confess your crimes!" The panther growled, as some made to protest, but the panther gave out another growl to quiet them.

As Peter hanged in mid air, he emotionlessly spoke up." I was the Potter's Secrete Keeper!" Peter yelled alerting everyone." I betrayed not only the Potters, I also framed Sirius Black, for killing the Muggles, he was accused of killing." Peter continued, as those about started whispering." I also just helped the Dark Lord He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Name to be revived and he is now among the living, to avenge his last downfall thanks to Potter!" Once Peter said that, the panther waved his wings, sending Peter crashing into the ground in pain.

Once Peter was being secured by Aurors, he turned to an important looking man." Fudge, I want Sirius Black to be cleared of all charges against him, since this should be proof enough, along with Harry's statement from last year!" The panther growled, and Fudge nodded.
"It will be done, once I get the forms filled up." Fudge stuttered, but several papers and a quill appear before him.
"That should be the right forms, but all you need to do is sign your name where the X is!" The panther growled, and Fudge immediately signed the papers without looking.

Once the papers was sign, and handed over to Shacklebolt, the panther walked over to Harry." Now for you Harry, I want to train you for your next encounter with Tom Riddle, and you know someday you will face him again." The panther gently informed a startled teen.
"But what about my friends, they will just as threat then as I am?" Harry worriedly asked, as the panther looked to him.
"You can train them once you complete your own training this summer, and I assure you and your friends, will be more then a match against Riddle and his so call Death Eaters." The panther kindly informed a thoughtful teen.

As Harry thought about what the panther said, Remus quickly spoke up." Excuse me, but what will Harry be trained in?" Remus asked, as the panther looked to him.
"I have an extensive knowledge of powerful light magic, and I can train Mr. Potter in most of what I know, Mr. Lupin." The panther kindly informed Remus, whom seem to trust the panther.
"Then if Harry decide to do the training will you allow Snuffles and I to be there to help oversee Harry's training." Remus suggested, as Harry nodded a yes that he want to train.

As Harry made his decision, Dumbledore who heard all quickly intervene." I'm afraid I will not allow it, Harry needs the protection of the Blood wards." Dumbledore firmly informed the group, but the panther growled towards Dumbledore.
"The so called Blood wards are no use now, since Riddle use Harry own blood to resurrect him self, he can now bypass those wards!" The panther growled, as he looked to Dumbledore whom quickly backed away." And don't think adding your own powerful wards will help, since I know they will not only be any use after two years from now, if I decide to change your fate!" The panther growled, causing Dumbledore to shake in fear.

It took a few minutes before Dumbledore could speak, and tried to get his courage back." What do you mean change my fate?" Dumbledore stuttered.
"In two years, your most trusted will turn on you, and your own death will be the savior's downfall!" The panther growled, as Dumbledore's eyes went wide." All because you didn't warn anyone of the fact that the blood wards weren't any use to him, Harry was left undefended and open to Voldemort's attack!" The panther spat, and turned to Harry." We should go Harry, Remus and Snuffles, hold on to my wings." The panther simply said, as he held out his wings to the three, and once they touch the golden feathers, they were gone in a flash of blue light.

Once the panther was gone, there was chaos until the Headmaster took control." Calm down everyone, I will get to the bottom of this." Dumbledore called out as he rushed to the school to check on something.

Headmaster's office

As Dumbledore sat behind his desk, he looked over a few objects that was scattered before him." This is not good none of my tracking devices can locate Harry." Dumbledore sadly sighed as he was hoping that he could also oversee Harry's training, but a knock on the door made him look up." Come in Severus!" Dumbledore called out, and a glazed looking potion master entered.

As Snape entered the office, Dumbledore immediately knew he was under a spell, but didn't know what." Severus, what can I do for you?" Dumbledore worriedly asked, as Snape turned to him.
"I'm here to confess that I am a spy for Dark side, and will turn on the light when I am ordered too!" Snape emotionless informed a startled Headmaster.
"So you were never loyal to me!" Dumbledore asked, as he was shock that he was trick by Snape.
"No I was never loyal to you I only befriended you since I knew you will do anything to keep me out of Azkaban so I could spy for you, because of my Dark Wizards connections." Snape informed the Headmaster, whom knew Snape was telling the truth.
"In that case I have no choice." Dumbledore firmly started, as he got up and went to the fireplace to throw some powder to create a green flame." Shacklebolt can you step into my office, I will allow access for five minutes." Dumbledore called into the flames, after sticking his head into it, and a few minutes later, a dark man in Aurors robes stepped out of the fireplace.

It took some minutes of questioning Snape for more details, before Shacklebolt took Snape to the Ministry for a trial, which if Snape was found guilty, he would serve a life sentence for the many crimes he confess too.

Once Snape was taken out of the school, Dumbledore sighed since now he not only needs a DADA professor, he needed a Potions professor." Great, this year is going to be a not so pleasant one." Dumbledore complain, as he sat hoping that things will get better soon.

Earlier in Number 12 Grimmauld Place

In a flash of blue light, an adult, a teen and two animals appeared in a hallway, and the winged panther turned to the others." Welcome to Number 12 Grimmauld Place and Sirius please return to your human self." The panther kindly suggested, and the black dog was human in a wink.

For a while no one spoke, especially since one of the adults was too shock to speak at what he saw." We can't be in Grimmauld Place, since this look too pleasant to be it!" He questioned, as he looked to the panther.
"I assure you Sirius Black we are, I just hope you don't mind me redecorating the place for the last couple days." The panther joked, but before anyone could say anything, a small blur jump onto the panther.

For awhile no one move until the panther smiled at the catlike child." Kat, please stop playing around and say hi to my friends." The panther pleasantly asked, and the child quickly got off him, and gave a catlike smile.
"Hi my name is Kat Potter, and I'm four years old." Kat shyly informed the new arrivals, before changing her appearance to that of a girl with black messy hair, and shinny green eyes.

Once Kat introduce herself, Sirius looked to the panther." Ah why is her last name Potter, since last I know Harry Potter is the only Potter I know of?" Sirius confusedly asked, as the panther smiled.
"He was, at least until six years ago." The panther informed Sirius, but a red hair young woman wearing wizard's robes appeared.
"Oh good you got the young Harry Potter, so please everyone come with me to the parlor area." Catrina kindly suggested, and led everyone to a pleasant looking parlor

Once everyone was settled down, Catrina turned to the guests." Hello my name is Catrina Potter, and this big kitten is my husband." Catrina informed a shock group with a smile.
"Husband how can you be married to an animal" Harry stuttered, as the panther smiled.
"Because young Harry, Catrina is not human, as is Kat." The panther informed everyone." And the only thing you need to know, that we are called Animal Guardians, assigned to protect and train Young Harry Potter" Catrina informed the group, as a startled Remus looked to them.
"Animal Guardians, I thought they were only a legend?" Remus asked, as Catrina smiled.
"That is what we want everyone to think, since we prefer to keep what we do secrete." Catrina informed Remus whom grew silent as he remembered what he knew about the Guardians.

As Remus grew quiet, Sirius looked to the Catrina." Why do you call Harry, young Harry Potter?"
Sirius asked, as everyone looked to the couple, whom looked to another before turning to the guests.
"Remember what I said to Headmaster Dumbledore?" The panther asked as Remus turned to him.
"You know about the future don't you?" Remus asked as Catrina nodded.
"He does, but only right up to Harry's death three years from now." Catrina hinted, as Remus eye went wide.
"You are from the future that is how you know?" Remus almost shouted, as Harry looked to the panther.
"But I was told changing the future was a bad thing?" Harry asked, as the panther smiled.
"Actually I had no say in the matter, since I was killed and resurrected seven years in the past." The panther informed the guests, as he blurred in a blue light and an older version of Harry Potter appeared, causing the younger Harry to faint." Was I that weak when I was that young?" Older Harry asked, as Sirius looked to him.
"Harry, with everything that been happening, I don't think anyone can handle this." Sirius informed elder Harry.

After awakening Younger Harry, the Elder Harry spoke up." To end the confusion of calling both past and present Harry's you should now call me Jerold Jameson, and of my wife and daughter, only their last name will change to Jameson." The now Jerold informed an accepting group.

Once Names was cleared up, Remus spoke up." So when do we begin Harry's training?" Remus asked hoping to see what the future Harry had in store, as Catrina gave it a thought before speaking.
"I guess once we get Harry new clothing, and then get you all settled in, but of course after both Jerold and I get a job in Hogwarts." Catrina informed everyone, as Harry spoke up.
"You are going to teach DADA?" Harry shouted sounding very happy.
"Actually Jerold will teach DADA, and I will teach Potions, since the slimy git of a professor just confess for lying to Dumbledore about being for the Light side." Catrina informed a smiling Harry.
"Finally we are going to get a decent Potion professor." Harry yelled as he celebrated to the amusement of the others.

Two days later

All is well in Grimmauld Place, as Harry and his guardians slowly got in their new home, but once they all was settled down, Jerold called everyone into a large room, filled with thick mats on the floor." Alright Harry, Sirius and Remus, please stand together since I need to purge the Darkness from your magic, so in order for you all to fully access your Light Magic." Jerold firmly informed everyone.
"Wait what do you mean Darkness, we all should be already Light Wizards right?" Sirius confusedly asked, but Catrina shook her head.
"No one is truly Light or Dark Sirius, since both can be easily tainted because of certain actions, and being around a place full of Light or Dark magic for a long time." Catrina firmly inform unsure Sirius, as they all stood together.

Once everyone was ready, with Catrina behind the group and Jerold stood before the group." Don't be afraid, since this will take some minutes to purge the Darkness from your magic." Jerold informed the group, as both Animal Guardians raised their hands causing a wall of light blue light to encircle the group for five minutes, before disappearing leaving all those in the group with a peaceful expression.

Once the Guardians were done, Sirius looked to them." Wow, I don't think I ever felt this calm in my life." Sirius smiled, as Harry looked to Catrina.
"Will this calmness last long?" Harry asked, as Catrina shook her head.
"No you all will be back to normal in a couple hours, but after that, you will be more aware of your surroundings, and your magic will be increase by a good margin." Catrina informed everyone, as she led the others out to the parlor, to wait it out, and then get some other things in motion.
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