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New Professors

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Two new professors are hired.

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Weeks into the summer brought many changes to Harry Potter, as he, Remus, and Sirius started their training in Light Magic, but at the morning of the second week, Jerold in dress robes called everyone into the parlor." Both Catrina and I need to head to Hogwarts to see about some job openings." Jameson informed a startled group.
"Well I hope you get the jobs, since you are doing a better job of teaching Defense then my other professors, except for Remus." Harry smiled as well as Catrina smiled, as she and Jerold got up.
"Don't worry we will, and also we'll be taking Kat along, since we need to do some clothes shopping afterwards, since Kat is growing like a weed." Catrina happily informed everyone, minutes before both she, and with Jerold holding Kat, was gone in flash of blue light.

Just outside of Hogwarts, two flashes of light blue light appeared, and two well dress young adults and a young child appeared." I don't believe I'm going to be teaching DADA." Jerold said shaking his head at the thought.
"And what is wrong with that, since you are the best Dueler in Animalia, you even beat most of their professors." Catrina reminded a smiling Jerold.
"I know, but most of those duels were a tie if I remember them correctly." Jerold reminded Catrina, but she just took Jerold's hand and dragged him to the front doors.

Once at the doors to Hogwarts, Catrina knocked, and immediately the doors opened for a not too friendly looking man." What do you want?" The man rudely asked the arrivals.
"I am Jerold Jameson, and this is my wife Catrina Jameson, and we're here for the positions of DADA and Potions professors." Jerold kindly informed the rude man, and he just turned away.
"Follow me you will need to see the Headmaster for the jobs." The man spat as he walked away, with the couple following.

In no time the small family was led to a Gargoyle statue where the not so friendly man turned to the family." The Headmaster's office is threw here, good luck in finding the password." The man informed the family with a grinned before leaving them.

As the family looked to the Gargoyle, Jerold waved a glowing hand, and immediately the statue moved to the side." I wish I could have done this before, since it's much easier then guessing passwords." Jerold groaned as he remembered the times guessing passwords, as he and his family stepped onto the moving the stairs.

The second the family reached the door to the Headmaster's office a kind voice sounded." Come in!" The kind voice of Dumbledore called out, and the family stepped into a large round office, filled with books, trinkets and a large telescope.

Once seated in front of an ancient looking man, he greeted the family." First I want to welcome you to Hogwarts, and how can I help you?" The Headmaster kindly asked, as Jerold smiled.
"My name is Jerold Jameson, and I'm applying for the job of Defense Against the Dark Arts." Jerold kindly informed the Headmaster as he place some parchment onto the professor's desk.
"And my name is Catrina Jameson, and I'm applying for the Potion's position." Catrina kindly informed the Headmaster, as she place some parchments onto the professor's desk, which the Headmaster took both, and seem interested in what was on them.

Once Dumbledore quickly went threw the parchments once, he looked to the couple." Animalia School of Wizards and Witches, I heard it's a very demanding school." The Headmaster asked, since the school familiar in the Wizarding world as an advance Wizarding School.
"It is Headmaster Dumbledore, but I assure you we will be less demanding then was our own teachers." Jerold kindly informed the Headmaster, and he nodded as he continues looking over the parchments.

For the next half hour, Dumbledore asked about the Animalia School, and a little about the couple, then once he got all the information, he smiled." Now I know what you both are capable of, what shell the little one will be teaching?" Dumbledore kindly asked Kat, as he looked to the little child.
"I can draw!" Kat innocently informed the Headmaster, causing him to smile wide.
"Yes a much needed talent for young witches." Dumbledore laughed, along with the couple.
"Actually Headmaster, we have a number of sitters, so she will be well look after while we are teaching." Catrina informed the Headmaster, as she stopped her laughter.

Once everything was settled, Dumbledore stood up smiling." I don't see any reasons to not hiring you both, so I want to personally welcome you as Professors of Hogwarts." Dumbledore proudly informed the couple as he held out his hand.
"Thank you Headmaster, we will not let you down." Jerold smiled as he took the Headmaster's hand, as did Catrina.

Once the finale papers were signed, to finalize the couple payment, and job security, the couple took their leave." I guess we will see you a week before school starts." Jerold suggested, as they got up from their chairs.
"I will be looking forward in seeing you three again, and have a nice summer." Dumbledore kindly suggested, and the family nodded as they left the office after a friendly goodbye.

Once it was clear, the Jameson Family disappeared from Hogwarts in a flash of light blue light, and reappeared in an isolated spot in a Mall, where they spent a good part of the day celebrating their new careers, once they Transfigured their clothes to look like Muggles clothing.
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