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Old friends

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A visit to the Weasleys

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The end of July came too fast for Harry, whom was enjoying this summer a lot more then past summers, but as his birthday was days away, he was called into the parlor by his older counterpart." Harry, I want you to contact Ron and the Weasleys, and tell them you will be able to come by on your birthday, and later you can stop by the Borrow on Weekends." Jerold kindly informed a happy teen.
"Really I can go and see my friends?" Harry hopefully asked, as Jerold nodded.
"Yes, since I also want to see them also, so please hurry and send that letter." Jerold quickly said, as Harry got up.
" I'll send the letter once I'm done writing." Harry quickly said, before rushing to his room.

July 31

On the morning of Harry's birthday, it was chaos as Harry dash about making sure he gotten everything for his three day stay, which Jerold had said he could spend with his friends, but his rush was interrupted by a yell." HARRY JAMES POTTER, I THOUGHT YOU WERE DONE PACKING YESTERDAY!" Catrina yelled causing both Harry and Jerold to shiver, as she looked to the teen, which was still looking for a few things.
"I'm done Catrina, I just making sure I got everything." Harry quickly said, as he closed his trunk, and shrunk it.

After saying goodbye to Sirius and Remus, the Jameson's family, along with Harry disappeared in a flash of blue light, and appears just behind the Burrow." It's been too long since I been here." Jerold sadly sighed, as he looked over the Burrow.
"Yeah seven years must been a long time to be away from friends." Harry sadly sighed, as he tried to think how his older counter part was feeling.
"Come on you two, the Weasleys must be waiting for us?" Catrina suggested, but Jerold held her back." Let's send Kat ahead, and see what their reactions when they notice she look like the female version of Harry Potter." Jerold suggested with a smile.
"You want to play a prank on the Weasleys?" Catrina asked, as Jerold nodded.
"Well it's not a prank since in truth she is Harry's daughter." Jerold reminded Catrina, whom rolled her eyes.
"Fine then, but you are on your own, when Mrs. Weasley has a nice word with you about this!" Catrina warned, causing Jerold to gulp at the Weasley temper.

Once Catrina warned Jerold, he knelt before their daughter." Kat dear, you remember the pictures of the Weasley family right?" Jerold kindly asked, and his daughter smiled as she nodded." Good girl, I see Ron de-gnoming the yard, why not go and say hi to him." Jerold kindly suggested, and Kat smiled widely.
"I will daddy I will see you later then." Kat happily suggested as she skip towards the Burrow, with her father in his cat form walked closely to Kat, but stayed hidden until he needed to come out.

Down by the Burrow, Ron expertly threw a Gnome far across the yard when he notices a little girl whom resembled someone he knew, but quickly shook off the first thought he was thinking." Hi Uncle Ron, where is Grandma Molly?" A messy hair girl excitedly asked, causing Ron jaw to drop.
"Who are you, since I don't recall ever meeting you?" Ron shakily asked after coming out of his shock a few minutes later.
" Kat Potter is my name, and can I help with De-Gnoming your yard?" Kat hopefully asked, as Ron dumbly nodded.
"Yeah I get to help Uncle Ron!" Kat dance before using wandless magic to banish the Gnomes one at the time across the yard.

Inside the Burrow, Molly Weasley saw the girl talking to Ron, and couldn't fight the feeling that the girl resembled too much like a certain Potter she knew and love like a son." Oh boy, I think I better have a long talk with that Potter, if this girl is who I think she is." Molly thought as she headed outside, to have a word with the charming child, but stopped as Kat started using wandless magic to get rid of the Gnomes.

In the yard Kat just threw a Gnome almost to the forest area, when Molly appeared looking shock." GRANDMA MOLLY!" Kat happily yelled, as she threw herself at a very surprised Molly, and gave the Weasley a hug.
"Ah do I know you?" Molly asked, as she looked the girl over, and her thoughts resurface, and now was more then convince that this girl was a Potter.

After Hugging Molly, Kat separated." No but I know you from my father's photos." Kat smiled, as Molly firmly asked the next question.
"And who is your father my dear?" Molly asked, as Kat look innocent." My father is Harry James Potter, and my mother is Catrina Potter." Kat shyly informed a not so happy mother.
"Your father is married at his age, how he can do that!" Molly almost yelled, since she tried in vane to keep her temper in check in front of the girl.

As the famous Weasley temper was boiling others from about the house came to investigate what upset the elder Weasley." Mrs. Weasley what's going on?" A bushy hair teen asked, as Ron looked to her.
"Hermione this little girl claim's her father is Harry Potter." Ron quickly informed his best friend, as others came about.
" OH OUR LITTLE HARRY ALL GROWN UP?" Two identical twins yelled, as they spotted the little girl, while getting a glare from their mother.
" Fred, George, Harry is too young to grow up this quickly!" Molly scolded, but stopped when she notice several new people coming up to her house.

As the new comers came close enough, Kat gave out a scream." MOMMY, UNCLE HARRY!" Kat happily yelled, before running up to Catrina, and her mother picked her up to carry the child back to the Weasley family.

Once Catrina was some feet from Molly, she smiled." Hello my name is Catrina Potter, and I guess you met my daughter?" Catrina smiled vanished as Molly looked sternly at the young woman.
"Are you telling me that you are married to someone who is seven years younger then you are?" Molly firmly asked, as she pointed to Harry.
"Wait a minute I'm not married to Catrina, I just met her!" Harry quickly informed a startled Weasley family.
"Wait a minute, then who is Catrina married too, if it's not you?" Hermione confusedly asked, just as a winged cat few before them and a second later, a much older Harry appeared.

Everyone was in shock as Jerold appeared." Catrina is actually married to me Miss. Granger, and my name is also Harry Potter from two years into the future, and five years in the past." Jerold informed a not so happy teen.
"HARRY POTTER, don't you remember what I said about changing the past during our third year!" Hermione yelled causing both Harry's to shudder.

Once Jerold got back his courage he again spoke." Mrs. Weasley, Hermione, I had no choice in the matter, since I was killed by Voldemort in my summer after sixth year, and was resurrected seven years into my past, where I was able to learn a new form of magic, and during this time, I met and married Catrina." Jerold informed a shocked group.

Once Harry got his say, Hermione spoke up." Harry how were you killed, since I thought you were protected during the summer?" Hermione now worriedly asked the elder Harry, but Molly cut in.
"Let's head into the parlor, so you can tell us everything." Molly firmly informed everyone, and they all went into the Burrow.

For the next half hour, Jerold informed everyone of what they needed to know, and when he was done, Molly was happily playing with her segregated Granddaughter, and Hermione quickly ask many questions." Jerold, what happen when you died, how did it feel like?" Hermione first question was.
"To tell you the truth, I didn't feel a thing I was in my room one second, the next I was awaking in a new body." Harry sadly informed his friend whom Catrina quickly interrupted.

Once Catrina stopped all questioning, she smiled." Before we tell you more about us, I guess I should tell you that both Jerold and I been hired as Hogwart's professors." Catrina happily informed two grinning teens.
"What are you teaching?" Ron asked, while getting a scolding from Hermione.
"Ron you fool its DADA, what else could it be!" Hermione reminded Ron as she rolled her eyes.
"Actually Hermione, I will be teaching DADA, and Catrina is the new Potions professor.
"Jerold smiled to the confusion of Hermione.
"Wait what about Professor Snape?" Hermione uncertainly asked.
"Snape was fired for lying to Dumbledore about turning to the light side, and is now in Azkaban Prison." Jerold informed Hermione, as Ron dance in joy.
"Yeah no more greasy haired bias Snape!" Ron excitedly yelled as he danced around to the amusement of those around them.

Once the excitement of not having Snape around died down, Molly turned to Jerold." Excuse me Jerold, does Headmaster Dumbledore know about you?" Molly asked Jerold, but he looked uncertain.
"I will tell him in due time, since I'm still not too happy with him for not warning me about the so call Blood Wards around my home before his death, and also a number of other things he kept me in the dark." Harry said in a not so happy tone, and Molly even though was curious of what the other things, did not ask.

The Jameson has stayed until nightfall for the party for both Potters, and then visiting the Burrow almost every weekend, until the week they were heading towards Hogwarts, and their new profession.
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