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Professor Jamesons

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Jerold and Catrina head to Hogwarts as professors.

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A/N; Before I forget, I wrote this story ages ago, and I again writing it, but for now I got two finished chapters to edit, so after that, expect the next chapters to take longer to post.

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The month of August went to fast for the teens, and soon on the start of the last week, the Jameson family was packing up their personal belongings, and making last minute checkup, as they met up in the parlor of their home." Alright Sirius, Remus, you remember how to use the communication sphere, to contact us in Hogwarts?" Catrina quickly asked, as adults nodded for what appears to be the hundred time for that question." And about Kat, if we can't get her tonight she has to be in bed by seven, and no later like last time." Catrina warned and was about to continue, but Jerold stop her.
"Catrina dear, they are fully aware what needs to be done, so let's get going or we will be late for our appointment with the Headmaster!" Jerold kindly warned, and Catrina sighed in defeat.
"Fine then, you know this is the first time I will be away from Kat even it would be only a day." Catrina sighed as she picked up her daughter, and gave her a hug." Now my darling daughter, we will only be gone maybe until dinner time, so please listen to your uncles." Catrina sadly suggested, as Kat nodded.
"I will, and I promise to be a good girl." Kat sadly promise as Jerold gave her a hug.
"Don't be sad, once we are settled in Hogwarts, we will get you, and you will see your new room hopefully before your bedtime." Jerold informed a hopeful child as he let her go he stood up.

Once the parents were some feet away, Jerold turned to Sirius." See you guys later." Jerold along with Catrina said, with a flash of blue light they were gone.

On the path between Hogwarts and Hogsmeade, two young adults appeared, and the young male sighed as he looked to the ancient school." I don't believe I'm teaching instead learning in the school." Jerold said, as he waved his hand towards himself to activate a charm, which makes anyone who doesn't know the truth about him will see him differently.
"Come on Jerold, we should get going!" Catrina impatiently suggested, as she took Jerold's hand, and both walk towards the school.

To the Jameson surprised, the Headmaster and a stern looking professor were waiting for them at the school entrance, and they kindly greeted the couple as soon as they reach each other." Mr. and Mrs. Jameson, welcome back to Hogwarts!" Dumbledore kindly greeted." And where is your lovely child Kat?" Dumbledore asked, as he looked about for the charming child.
"Kat is home with her uncles, we'll pick her up once we are settled down here." Catrina kindly informed the Headmaster, and he nodded as he understood the reason.
"I will be looking forward to seeing Kat again, but let me introduce professor McGonagal, deputy Headmistress of Hogwarts." Dumbledore introduce, as he gesture to his companion.
"I heard allot about you two, and I heard so much about Animalia, maybe we can talk about your schooling in a later time?" McGonagal hopefully suggested, and the young adults nodded.
"Then its settled, lets head to your rooms to droop off your things, and then we'll show you to your classes and other areas you will need to know." Dumbledore kindly suggested, and led the couple into the school.

Once their trunks were safely in the new professor's room, Dumbledore led the couple to the dungeons." Headmaster, why is the Potion classroom in the Dungeon?" Catrina asked, as she surveyed the dark classroom.
"It's always been in the Dungeon as long as I been Headmaster, and even when I was a student here." Dumbledore informed Catrina, but smiled." But of course you can move your classroom to more suited area if you want?" Dumbledore suggested, and Catrina nodded.
"I will start to look into the unused classrooms, and find one that is more suited for me." Catrina informed the Headmaster as he led them to Jerold's classroom.

In DADA classroom Jerold was surprise, since his classroom was larger then the one he attended six year." Will this be perfect for your class?" Dumbledore asked, as he watched Jerold looking about the spacious room.
"Actually it's more then big enough to properly teach DADA." Jerold gladly informed his Headmaster.
"Then with that settle, I better show you to the kitchens, the Great Hall, and others areas of interest." Dumbledore suggested, and led the couple throughout the school.

After a talkative lunch with all the professors present, the Jameson left for their rooms to get settled, and prepare their lesson plans all the professors began talking about the new professors." They are a charming couple." Madam Pomfrey started, as others agreed.
"Yes they are, but I do hope Catrina will not be another Snape." Mcgonagal firmly agreed, but spat out the former professor's name.
"I'm sure she won't be bias as Snape was, and will be as fair as anyone of us in this room." Dumbledore kindly suggested, as they all accepted what he said.

Hours before dinner, the Jameson family arrived in the Great Hall with an excited blur running about them." Oh look at the sky? What's this? Who are those people? Hi uncle Albus!" A very energize girl quickly asked, as she rush about looking at things.
"Sorry about Kat, a certain uncle gave her too many sweets before dinner." Catrina unhappily informed a cringing group, since many knew what too many sweets do to a young child.
"You don't need to apologized, we all had to deal with an over excited children during our lifetime." Dumbledore kindly informed the couple, as he pulled out a bottle from his robes.
"But if you don't want to wait for the sugar to leave Kat systems, please have her drink this." Dumbledore kindly suggested, as Catrina grinned as she looked over the potion.
"A Calming potion, yes it will neutralize the sugar in her thank you Headmaster." Catrina gladly informed her Headmaster, as she took the potion with one hand, and snatch a speeding Kat with another hand.

With Kat firmly in her grasp, Catrina smiled." Hey Kat I got something I know you will like here drink this!" Catrina suggested, and a smiling Kat took the potion and drank it, but the smile turned to an ugly face.
"Yuck that's gross mommy!" Kat yelled, as the others grinned.
"That is what you get for eating too many sweets before dinner." Catrina lightly scolded, as her notice Kat had stopped squirming, and was now staying still.

Once peace had settle down in the Great Hall, all the professors not only enjoyed Kat's company, they all fell in love with the charming girl, and had made sure that couple knew that Kat will be welcome to stay with any one of them.

The week pass pretty quickly, and the Jameson had settled down with out any problems, except for one day when Kat found some House elves whom was more then happy to give her all the sweet she wanted.
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