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Fifth Year

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Harry and friends return to school.

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A/N; One last chapter to edit, I will start working on the other soon after it is posted.

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The last month of summer ended too quickly for a few teens, and a black messy hair teen rushed down the stairs for breakfast." Harry dear, are you done packing up for school." A red hair woman asked, as Harry nodded.
"The last month of summer ended too quickly for a few teens, and a black messy hair teen rushed down the stairs, for breakfast." Harry dear, are you done packing up for school." A red hair woman asked, as Harry nodded.
"I'm all set Mrs. Weasley, but I'm not sure if Ron is." Harry informed a not so happy parent.
"Well then go and get some breakfast, I'll make sure Ron does pack up before coming downstairs to eat." Molly firmly informed a cringing Harry, since he knew Ron would get a rude awaking from his mother.

Less then fifteen minutes later, a not so happy red hair boy sat beside's Harry." Morning Harry, I don't believe mom wouldn't allow me downstairs until all my things was pack." Ron grumbled, as he shoveled his food into his mouth.
"Ron I did warn you that you should've finished packing yesterday!" A brown bushy hair teen scolded, as she sat on the table.
"" Ron tried to speak with food in his mouth.
"Swallow your food, before speaking Ron." Hermione scolded, as Ron quickly swallowed.
"But I always pack on the last day of summer!" Ron quickly said, just before eating again.
"Ron, that's the very reason we are late every summer to catch the train." A young red hair teen scolded, as Ron did not say anything since he started eating again.

Fifteen minutes before eleven, the Weasley family, along with Hermione, just made it threw the portal to the Hogwarts Express, and quickly said their goodbyes." Alright everyone have a good year, and please do not get into detentions." Molly firmly said, as she looked to the twins of the family.
"But mom we need a lost of detentions, to try break our last school year record!" The twins quickly informed their mother, before rushing into the train before getting a scolding.

Once the twins disappeared, Molly turned to Ginny." Make sure to look after Kat, and please make sure she gets to her parents safely." Molly gently informed her daughter, as she held a black wing sleeping kitten in her arms.
"Don't worry, we will take care of Kat, and make sure she is well fed before giving her to her parents." Ginny said with a promise as she got a hug, as did the little kitten.

Once everyone got on the train, Ron and Hermione left to the Prefect's compartment, while Harry and Ginny found a compartment for themselves and their friends.

Once alone in the compartment Kat changed into her girl form, and was happily drawing." That is very good Kat." Harry informed the little girl, whom was drawing Ginny for some minutes now.
"Yeah not bad at all Kat, but you got me wrong since I have red hair not pink?" Ginny gently informed the little girl, as she noticed the drawing could've passed for an older child's drawing.
"But Aunty Ginny I like pink, it looks better then red." Kat quickly informed her friend, as Ginny sighed.
"Ok I guess you are right." Ginny gently agreeing with the little girl, since she did not want to argue.

The hours sped by fast, and once Kat had finished her drawing, ate a chocolate frog, she was fast asleep on Hermione whom had returned with Ron some hours ago.

The trip was uneventful until the door opened for a blond hair teen, and two huge teens looking menacing into the compartment." What do we have here, a Mud-blood, and Mud-blood lovers!" The middle teen rudely said, but looked startled as he saw Hermione with a child.
"What do we have here, did you get yourself pregnant with Potter!" Malfoy laughed as he noticed Kat resemblance to Harry.
"No she is not mine, we are helping to look after her for some new professors in Hogwarts." Hermione quietly said glaringly, but had awoken Kat.
"Aunty what's wrong?" Kat sleepily asked, but a commotion stopped all talks.

Before anyone can say anything, a not so happy voice sounded behind Malfoy." Mr. Malfoy I presume?" A voice sounded, causing Malfoy to quickly turn around.
"And who are you?" Malfoy rudely asked, since he didn't recognize the older man.
"I'm Professor Jerold Jameson, the new DADA teacher, and the father of this charming young girl." Jerold firmly informed a startled Malfoy." And please leave here, or I will be force to subtract points for upsetting my daughter!" Jerold firmly informed the rude teen, whom nodded and quickly left the compartment.

Once Malfoy left, Jerold went in, and closed the door, as Kat jumped on him." DADDY I MISS YOU!" Kat happily yelled, as Jerold sat down with her on his lap.
"Kat dear, I miss you too, are you having a nice train ride?" Jerold smiled, as Kat quickly nodded.
"My Aunties and uncles let me draw, watches the scenery pass by, and also let me have a chocolate frog before I went to sleep." Kat happily informed her father, as he nodded.
"Good to hear, but do you want to come back with me, or you want to finish the train ride?" Jacob asked, as Kat gave it a long thought.
"I want to stay with Aunties and Uncles for now!" Kat hopefully asked, as the others nodded that it would be fine with them.
"Then I will see you at Hogwarts, my angel, and don't need to worry, since I will know if you are upset I will be back to help when I can." Jerold informed his daughter, as well as his friends, so they will not need to worry about trouble.

After a last hug Jerold put Kat down, she went straight to Harry, and he picked her up." I guess I will be going, and not to worry I got a charmed locket on Kat, that warns Catrina or I that Kat is upset or some other worries we need to be quickly informed of." Jerold informed everyone, and then he disappeared in flash of blue light after a quick farewell.

The rest of the train ride was uneventful, accept for friends of the teens coming in and saying hi, or meeting Kat, whom seem to have charmed all the girls, since they all want to hug and hold Kat.

Once the train pulled into the train station at Hogsmeade, Kat got a good deal of admires, as she and her Aunts and Uncles step off." Come on guys, you will see Kat in the Great Hall when we eat, and maybe her parents will allow us to look after Kat every once in awhile." Ginny quickly informed Kat Admires, as they left the train but was stopped by a loud but gentle voice.
"Hi there Kat, I heard you will be catching the train." A giant man kindly informed the little girl.
"Uncle Hagrid, I had lots of fun!" Kat happily informed the half giant.
"I'm glad you did." Hagrid started, as he smiled at the very happy girl." Kat why not go on the boats, and see Hogwarts in all its glory." Hagrid suggested, and Kat quickly turned to her Aunts and Uncles.
"Can I go PLEASE, I promise to be good!" Kat pleaded as she looked innocent like.
"Alright you can go, but please don't give Professor Hagrid trouble alright!" Hermione firmly but kindly informed the child before giving her a hug.
"Don't worry you all Kat will be no trouble." Hagrid informed the friends, as he picked up a startled girl." Here let me piggy back you to the boats." Hagrid happily said, as he looked towards the train, where the first years and a good number of students were watching." Alright you lot, first years follow me, and the rest go to the carriages." Hagrid called out in a commanding voice, and all the students quickly followed orders.

Later in the Great Hall, it was filling with students, and their professors were talking amongst themselves, accept for two." I hope Kat will be alright." Catrina worriedly inform her husband.
"Don't worry so, I'm sure Hagrid will take care of her, and if not, I'm sure our special locket will warn us of trouble." Jerold kindly reminded Catrina, but had look of worry himself.

Some minutes after the students got settled down, the doors opened for a not so promising sight." Hagrid what happen to my daughter?" Jerold called out, as he notice Kat was wet from head to feet.
"Sorry Professor Jameson's, the Giant Squid wanted to play with Kat, and she fell into the water, but no harm was done." Hagrid quickly informed two understanding parents, since animals of all sorts seem to be friendly with Animal Guardians.
"Its alright Hagrid, I'm sure the Giant Squid made sure Kat was safe didn't it." Catrina gently informed the half giant, as she and her husband came up to the pair.
"It sure did, since the squid immediately help put Kat back into the boat, and even looked sorry at the trouble it did." Hagrid worriedly informed the coupled, as Jerold smiled.
"Hagrid, there is nothing to worry about, Kat seem to have a positive affect towards all magical and non-magical animals so there is nothing to worry about." Jerold kindly informed the half giant, as Catrina took out a magical towel that completely absorbs water from all surfaces, and had Kat dried up in seconds.
"See Hagrid no harm done, so let's get ready to eat shell we." Catrina informed Hagrid, and he nodded, looking glad that he was not in trouble.

Sometime after the sorting, and a huge feast, Dumbledore stood up mad announce the rules and such, and once he was done, he smiled." Now that I got the usual information out, I need to introduce not one, but two new professors." Dumbledore kindly informed everyone, as gestured to the side of the table." Professor Jerold Jameson will be teaching Defense Against the Dark Arts." Dumbledore informed everyone, as Jerold stood up and bowed before sitting." And his wife Professor Catrina Jameson will be teaching Potions, since Mr. Snape is no longer a professor here in Hogwarts." Dumbledore kindly informed everyone, and as Catrina stood everyone including some of the Slytherins, gave out a happy cheers, so loud wizards heard it from Hogsmeade.

After almost ten minutes of celebrations Dumbledore brought order to the students, and once it quieted down, Catrina whispered to her husband." Wow, I didn't think I would be that popular?" Catrina embarrassedly informed her husband.
"Actually you're not, since they are celebrating the fall of Snape." Jerold amusedly informed his wife, as Dumbledore cleared his throat.

Once Dumbledore had everyone attention, he again spoke." Now a number of things are needed to know before you go, first since the new professors are married and share the same last name, you may address them using their first name." Dumbledore kindly informed the students." Second you may have notice their daughter, Kat Jameson, she will be sent to her uncles during classes, and only will be here when her parents are not teaching." Dumbledore continued, as he surveyed the students." And lastly, anyone who would wish to help the Jameson's with their daughter you may do so, but only with her parents permission do I make myself clear of this." Dumbledore firmly informed the students, and with a nod from almost all the females, Dumbledore continued." Now that is settled, have a good night." Dumbledore kindly informed the students, as they left their seats.

As the students got up, a paper fell before a messy hair teen, and he looked grimed as he read it." Harry what's wrong?" Hermione asked, as her friend sighed before speaking.
"Professor Dumbledore would like to see me now in his office, probably of what happen last school year." Harry gravely informed a not so happy friend.
"Well Harry you been putting it off till now, and plus you have Jerold and Catrina to back you up." Hermione reminded Harry, whom sighed.
"Yeah I guess you are right." Harry sighed in defeat, as he stood up.
"Do you want us to go with you?" Hermione ask as she stood up also.
"No I will be fine with my Mentors along for the ride." Harry informed Hermione as Dumbledore stepped up to him.
"Shell we go to my office now." Dumbledore kindly asked, as Harry nodded before following suite.

Once in the office, Dumbledore whom was sitting behind his desk looked to Harry." Now Harry, care to explain where you been, and what have you been learning?" Dumbledore gently asked, as Harry sighed before looking to him.
"Very powerful form of Light Magic, the kind of magic you only can dream of." Harry firmly informed his Headmaster, as he lifted his hand, a bright glowing ball of blue light appeared, shocking the Headmaster to his magical core.
"This can't be, only Light Magical Animals has this sort of magic!" Dumbledore stutter, as his eyes went wide, but a flash of bright blue light got his attention.

As Dumbledore turned to where the light came from, a large black panther with golden wings appeared." Good day Headmaster Dumbledore." The panther growled, as Dumbledore nodded.
"Good day to you." Dumbledore only could say, since he was sensing the same magic as his phoenix Fawkes coming off the panther.
"Then I guess I better reveal myself to you Headmaster!" The panther growled, as a flash of light engulf the panther, and an older version of Harry appeared, shocking Dumbledore even more.

It took a moment before Dumbledore could speak, as he looked at both Potters." How can this be, who are you!" Dumbledore shakily asked.
"My name is Harry Potter, from two years into the future." Older Harry firmly informed the Headmaster.
"But you look older why?" Dumbledore stuttered, as Older Harry looked grimed.
"Because when I died by the hands of Voldemort during the summer after my six year, while I was living in the so call protections of Private Dr. I was resurrected seven years into the past." Harry firmly informed Dumbledore, and then went into more of what happen.

Once Older Harry was done, Dumbledore was shocked." You're Jerold Jameson?" Dumbledore asked, as Jerold nodded." You should call me Jerold for now on, and we should keep this secrete." Jerold firmly informed an accepting Headmaster.

Once Dumbledore accepted what Jerold had said, he looked sorry." Jerold, I want to apologize for my actions, which cause both mine and yours deaths, since I know they could have been prevented." Dumbledore sadly informed Jerold.
"Don't worry Headmaster they will be, since I already save Cedric, we can also prevent Sirius, and many more from dieing." Jerold firmly informed Dumbledore, and he nodded.
"If you can, can I have a list of those who died, maybe we can save them using the Order of the Phoenix." Dumbledore suggested, and with a wave of Jerold's hand, a parchment appeared.
"Those are the only one's I know of accept for those I already mention." Jerold informed the Headmaster, as he looked over the names.

Once Dumbledore memorized the names he looked to Jerold." I will get these people protected by every means possible, and by the way does Harry know the Prophecy?" Dumbledore asked as Jerold nodded.
"He does, and it's the reason he fully accepted my training, and don't worry he knows enough to keep Riddle out of his mind permanently!" Jerold firmly informed Dumbledore, and he nodded.
"Then I guess I better get the Order on this in the near future, and I will again talk to you later Jerold." Dumbledore suggested, and Jerold nodded, as he and Harry stood up.
"We will see you tomorrow at breakfast I guess." Jerold informed Dumbledore as he and Harry said their farewells.
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