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First day of classes

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Class starts, and Horcruxes hunt.

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The first morning of class, everyone was just finishing eating breakfast at the Great Hall, when the doors burst open for two men, whom smiled as they walked in." UNCLE SIRIUS, UNCLE REMUS!" Kat excitedly yelled as she jumped off from her chair to run under the Head table, up to the newly arrivals to hug them.

As Kat happily greeted the two wizards, the Headmaster turned to an innocent absentminded professor." Professor Jerold, are these the uncles you having Kat stay with?" Dumbledore firmly asked, as McGonagall looked shock.
"Oh no, you can't possible let two well known pranksters get their hands on an innocent girl." McGonagall firmly suggested, as Jerold looked to the professor.
"Professor McGonagall, even though I trust both Sirius and Remus with my daughter life, I will trust Remus to keep Sirius in line, when concerning my daughter's well being." Jerold firmly inform McGonagall, and she nodded.
"You are right, Remus is more mature then Sirius will ever be." McGonagall sighed, as she gave a rare smile at the happy child with her uncles.

Minutes after Kat left with her uncles, the Great Hall was emptying of students heading for their first class of the year, and for Harry and the rest of the fifth year, it would be potions.

Just outside the new potions classroom, which was out of the dungeons, Harry, Hermione and Ron was the first to reach the door, when a not so friendly voice interrupted their peace." What do we have here two Blood traitors, and a Mud-blood?" A rude voice sounded, making everyone turned to a blond teen standing between two goons.
"Malfoy that is sounding so old, can't you get a new line other then that!" Harry tiredly informed a not so happy Malfoy.
"So old, you will learn soon who the better is." Malfoy angrily informed Harry as he took out his wand, but the Potion's door opened for a red hair young woman who looked not so nicely at the scene just outside her door.
"Accuse me, can you put away your wand, and that will be ten points form Slytherin, for pointing it at another student!" Catrina firmly scolded, as Malfoy protested.
"You can't do that!" Malfoy started, but quickly cut off by the professor.
"As a Professor of Hogwarts, I can deduct and give points, so get inside before I deduct more points from your house MR. MALFOY!" Catrina firmly informed the student in not so friendly tone, causing him to squeak, before quickly followed orders.

Once inside the Potion's classroom, Harry found it very friendly and well lit, compared to the dark Dungeon classroom he been in for the last four years." Alright students, find a seat, and three people to a table for now." Catrina kindly informed her students, and they all quickly went to the seats.

During the hour, Harry and the rest of the Gryffindor found potions to be learning and pleasant experience, and everyone had actually brewed a potion without any help thanks to the patients of Catrina, and by the end of class, everyone was talking about how they enjoyed the class.

Later in DADA class, Harry and his classmates entered the largest classroom they ever been in, and to his surprise there was not any desks in sight, except for a large number of bean bags." Alright students, please be seated for now, since I need to evaluate each of your magic levels before I begin." Jerold kindly informed the Gryffindors and Slytherins as they entered the classroom.
"EVALUATE US, we never even studied?" Hermione stuttered in fear.
"Relax Hermione, all you need to do is shoot your most powerful stun spell at a dummy, and receive a number which unfortunately you will not learn what it means until I evaluate all the students." Jerold kindly informed a not so sure Hermione, and started calling students, to shoot a spell at one of ten plain looking dummies.

As Jerold watch and wrote each student's number, he was not to happy since many would not last long in a battle if his numbers was right." Great, I got my work cut out for me, since even the seventh years numbers are only slightly better." Jerold silently groaned, as he continue calling out names.

Once almost all students were called, except for four students, Jerold looked hopeful at them." Alright Miss. Granger, Mr. Potter, Mr. Weasley, Mr. Longbottom, step up to the dummies." Jerold ordered, and the four stood five feet from the Dummies, and fire a stun spell.

Once all students were called, and again seated, Jerold stood before them." Thank you for your patients, and to let you know that I was evaluating you on your magic level, which goes from 0-100, and from what I see, you all accept for a very few, are bellow average which is any number between 30-50." Jerold firmly informed the now groaning class, since many barely made it to 45." And because of this, I will be focusing on practical lessons more then on written, so I can help increase your magical levels." Just as Jerold said that, the bell sounded for the end of class, but quickly called out to the students before they left." One second there is no homework, but I like you to list all spells you know which will be helpful in a battle, and also I would like Miss. Granger, Mr. Potter, Mr. Weasley, and Mr. Longbottom to stay behind please." Jerold called out, stopping those who heard their names.

Once alone, Jerold smiled at his younger self, and friends." Before I begin, Mr. Longbottom, please shoot a stun spell at the dummy again, but this time using this wand." Jerold informed Neville, as he threw a brand new wand to him.
"Why do you want me to use a different wand?" Neville stuttered, as Jerold sighed.
"I understand Mr. Longbottom that you are using your father's wand and if I remember well, some wands will not work properly if the wand does not choose you." Jerold kindly informed a not so sure Neville.
"Is this the reason I'm not doing well in class?" Neville nervously ask, as Jerold shrugged.
"There is only one way to find out, so please fire a stun spell, using all your magic you can muster." Jerold firmly suggested, and Neville stood before a dummy.
"STUPEFY!" Neville yelled, causing a bright red spell to shoot out, both hitting the dummy and sending it crashing into the far wall to everyone shock.

Once the shock of seeing a dummy flying wore off, Jerold smiled at Neville." A 158 score, not bad Neville is almost as high as Harry's." Jerold proudly informed Neville whom eyes were wide, and an unbelievable look on his face.
"No it got to be wrong, I should be weak, not powerful?" Neville only could stutter, as he eyes never left the fallen dummy.
"Neville you were never weak, since what held you back were using the wrong wand for the last four years." Jerold gently informed Neville as he placed a comforting hand on his shoulders." And now with this wand, you will find your magic easier to control, but first you will need private lessons, so you can control your newly release magic.
"Jerold warned the teen.
"You will really help me?" Neville only could ask, as Jerold nodded.
"I will, and you three are also invited for extra training in defense if you like." Jerold asked the other students in the room, and they nodded in agreement." Then it's settled, on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, you come here an hour after dinner, and we'll work on some spells and such." Jerold suggested, as they all agreed." And Neville, I want you to use your old wand until you mastered using your new wand, do I make myself clear of this!" Jerold firmly suggested, and the teen quickly looked to the professor.
"Wait you are giving me this wand?" Neville excitedly asked, as he held up the new wand.
"I am, since you not find any other wand like it anywhere." Jerold informed a very happy teen, and then sent the students on their way.

Once alone in the classroom, a voice sounded behind Jerold." You were right about Neville being held back because of his wand, but about Harry's level 59, why you said Neville almost reach his level?" Dumbledore asked as he suddenly appeared out of the shadows.
"I had Harry lower his power level, since I already tested him during the summer, and plus it wouldn't do any good, if all of Hogwarts learn his true level wouldn't it?" Jerold suggested, and Dumbledore nodded in agreement.
"Can I have a go at the dummy, since I would like to see my level?" Dumbledore kindly asked, as Jerold nodded to do so as he stepped aside.
"STUPEFY!" Dumbledore yelled, causing the dummy to fly and hit the wall hard.
"Wow a 200 level, you know Harry's a 169, and should pass your level before the end of the year." Jerold warned, and the Headmaster nodded in acceptance.
"That is good to hear, the more powerful allies for the light we have the better." Dumbledore informed Jerold with a smile.

Once the power levels were out of the way Jerold looked to Dumbledore." Headmaster, what can you tell me about Horcruxes?" Jerold suddenly asked, causing the Headmaster to look startle at the question.
"All I know it is a dark object that holds part of a person's soul, to keep the rest of the soul anchored to the world of the living when the person dies, why do you ask?" Dumbledore asked, as he looked worried about the answer.
"I'm asking since I know Riddle made six of them, and right now I already destroyed three with thanks to my knowledge from Animalia." Harry firmly informed his Headmaster, whom quickly sat down looking worn from what he heard.

In a few moments Dumbledore came out of his shock, and looked to the young professor." This explains everything of how Riddle survives death." Dumbledore only could say, as Jerold nodded.
"We need to find the others before the finale confrontation, only when the last Horcruxes are destroyed, we have a better chance of defeating Riddle!" Jerold warned, and Dumbledore sighed, knowing this task would not be easy. "Do you know what the other Horcruxes are?" Dumbledore worriedly asked, but Jerold shook his head.
"No I afraid I don't, but here is what I was able to destroy, Riddle's diary in my second year, the Slytherin's Locket, and Gaunt's Ring." Jerold informed the Headmaster, whom looked thoughtful before speaking.
"The last three maybe personal objects of the Founders, I also guessing it might be the snake itself." Dumbledore suggested, and Jerold nodded in agreement.
"We should check his award for what he supposed to have done when Riddle was in school." Jerold suggested, and Dumbledore quickly agreed.
"If you want too, let's try and see if it is one." Dumbledore suggested, and Jerold nodded.
"Good idea, but if you cherish having your right hand the way it is now, you better let me handle the Horcruxes destruction." Jerold warned, as Headmaster nodded at the warning.

In the trophies room, two Wizards walked over the large display case." Hmm, I can feel a Dark presence here." Jerold warned his Headmaster as he took out a white two inch round crystal.
"What is that Jerold?" Dumbledore asked, as he looked interest.
"A soul detector, we can use this to find any stray souls on an object." Jerold informed a thoughtful Headmaster.
"Interesting magical device, but can it tells the deference if an object is poses by spirit, or is actually a Horcruxes?" Dumbledore asked, as Jerold sighed.
"I'm afraid it can't tell the deference, but I can once I find the object." Jerold informed the Headmaster, as the crystal slightly dim." There is something here!" Jerold excitedly informed the Headmaster, and then slowly move about the numerous trophies.

As Harry reach Riddles award the Soul Detector went black." You were right professor, this is a Horcruxes!" Jerold quickly informed his Headmaster.
"I'm not picking up any magical traps, so it might be safe." Dumbledore suggested, as Jerold nodded.
"But still, I better get rid of this evil thing!" Jerold warned, as his right hand grew bright blue." Stand back Headmaster this will be intense." Jerold warned, as he shot a blue beam at the award, and it started glowing.

A few minute after the Beam of light continuously hit the now dark blue Horcruxes, a loud unearthly scream radiated from the award and once it quieted Jerold stop his attacks." It's done, that is now a normal trophy." Jerold tirelessly informed the Headmaster.
"Thank you Jerold, I better get the Order informed of these Horcruxes, and hopefully we can find the last two before the end of the year." Dumbledore suggested, and the young professor agreed.
"Oh we will, and hopefully by next school year we will be Riddle free." Jerold firmly suggested, as Dumbledore nodded they left the room.

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