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Truths revealed

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Another is told about the Jamesons.

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A week into the new school year the Jameson couple was enjoying a free late afternoon without students and their daughter, when a knock sounded on their door, which Jerold open the door to find his Headmaster." Good evening Albus what can I do for you?" Jerold kindly asked as he led the Headmaster in and his wife offered some tea.
"Good evening to you both." Dumbledore warmly started as he accepted some tea." But I should get to the point of why I'm here I would like to ask you if you both would like to join the Order of the Phoenix?" Dumbledore kindly asked, as the couple quickly gave an answer.
"We would be honor to join you Headmaster, since it is our duty to fight the Darkness and defend the weak." Harry smiled, as did his wife.
"Then it's settled, by next week I will set up an Order meeting to make you both Official Order Members." Dumbledore gently suggested, and left after a quick goodbye.

During the meeting, a stern looking professor was enjoying watching a little girl playing with some Transfigured animals, while she relaxes in her Quarters." Kat dear I believe it's your bedtime." McGonagall gently informed the little girl.
"Ah can I stay up until mommy and daddy comes to pick me up!" Kat begged with a look that no one would say no too, causing the stern professor to smiled.
"I'm sorry my dear, that will not work on me." McGonagall gently informed the little girl, as she picked her up, and place the child on a conjured child's bed." Now if you be a good little girl and go to sleep, I will show you a special trick I can do." McGonagall informed an interested child.
"I promise I go to sleep, can I see your special trick?" Kat begged as the professor nodded.
"Now don't be scared, and please be gentle alright." McGonagall gently informed a nodding child, before turning into a large tabby cat, and jumped unto the child's bed.
"Oh you are a beautiful kitty!" Kat happily squealed as she gave the cat a light hug.

For a few minutes the professor let Kat pet and cuddled her before jumping off the bed to return to being human, to the little girl disappointment." Alright little one, if you be good and fall asleep quickly, I will let you play with me in my cat form when you wake up all right!" McGonagall gently but firmly informed a pouting child.
"All right I'll be a good little girl." Kat pouted, but grinned." I can be a little kitten too." Kat smiled, as did the professor.
"You can my dear, well lets see you become a kitten?" McGonagall smiled thinking the little girl was just going to act like a cat, but a second later she was shocked as the little girl was suddenly a little black panther, with black wings sticking out of her back." My word..." McGonagall only could say, as the little panther walked in a circle couple of times before lying down to fall asleep.

A few seconds later the professor stood in shock, until she rushed to the Fireplace and threw in some Powder to create a green flame." Jerold Jameson, please come to my room this instant." McGonagal firmly commanded, and the young man face appeared.
"I'll be in a second, but professor what happen?" Jerold worriedly asked, but the professor looked firmly at the young man.
"I will tell you in person, and please bring your wife with you!" McGonagall firmly asked, and the now nervous head quickly disappeared.

Some few minutes later a couple stepped into the room, to where a not so happy professor stood facing them." In all my years, how could you do this to a little child?" McGonagall firmly asked, causing the couple to cringe.
"But professor what happen, what do you think we did anything to our daughter?" Catrina worriedly asked, and the professor gesture to a small bed at the corner of her living room.
"I inferring to this, so please explain!" McGonagal firmly informed the couple, whom groaned as they saw a wing panther sleeping on the bed.
"Professor McGonagall you shown my daughter your Animagus form right?" Jerold sighed as the professor nodded." Then in that case, I need to bring the Headmaster here to help confirm what we are going to tell you." Harry informed a startle professor before heading to the Fireplace to make a call.

Some minutes later an Elder Wizard stepped into the room, and one look at those standing knew he was in for a long day." May I ask why I was summoned?" Dumbledore kindly asked, and the younger man sighed.
"I believe we have an unfortunate situation here." Jerold informed his Headmaster as he gestured to the bed.
"Oh I see the problem." Dumbledore grinned as he walked to the bed, and petted the little kitten's head, and smiled widely as he was greeted with a light purring." You have a lovely daughter, I'm glad to finally see her in this form." Dumbledore smiled picking up the kitten to cradle her in his arms.

It took a few minutes for a shock professor to speak after seeing her Headmaster talk like this was a normal situation." But, but professor Dumbledore you can't be serious, they taught their own daughter to be an Animagus, and may I add it is very dangerous to learn even for an adult!" McGonagall firmly reminded a very calm Headmaster.
"Minerva please calm down, since Kat is not an Animagus, this is her true form." Dumbledore informed a very shock professor.
"WHAT!" McGonagall yelled, before turning to the couple only to see a black cat with golden wings, sitting beside a brown cat, the professor quickly sat down looking drained." Ok you better explain this before I pass out from getting too much shock." McGonagall firmly stuttered out, and the two cats turned back to their human selves.

It took about fifteen minutes for the Animal Guardians to explain what they were, and luckily for them the professor knew enough of the legends for the couple to just go into their schooling and a little of what they doing to help Harry.

Once the couple was done explaining with the help of their Headmaster, the older woman sighed." I'm glad the stories I read when I was a kid has some truth to them." McGonagall smiled, as she looked to the couple." And thanks for sharing your secrets, I promise I won't reveal to anyone." McGonagall firmly committed to the couple, whom accepted the promise.

Once the couple had their professor accepting everything, they both decided to drop the bomb shell." Um Minerva there is one more secret I should tell you." Jerold nervously informed a startled professor.
"I guess I can handle more secrets, what is it you want to tell me?" McGonagall uncertainly asked.
"First of all, my name isn't Jerold Jameson." Was Jerold only warning before he cancelled his charms which hid his true appearance causing the older woman to faint." Ops I think we over did it." Harry worriedly informed everyone, while his Headmaster bent down to check if he needs a new Transfiguration professor.
"Minerva is fine Jerold, but I think we should have left this secret for another day." Dumbledore sighed as he stood up with wand in hand." Ennervate!" Dumbledore simply called out, and the professor slowly awoke.

A few minutes later the professor looked to Jerold changed appearance." Since I know you are not James, care to tell me who are you?" McGonagall firmly asked as she looked directly at the young professor.
"It's me Harry James Potter, from a year into the future, and please before you give me a scolding about time traveling, I died during the summer after my Six Year, and was resurrected to the past in my animal form." Jerold informed a wide-eyed professor.
"Harry are you are telling me what the Wing Panther from last year said was true and did actually happen?" McGonagall firmly asked, and with a nod, the professor looked not so nice at a now cringing Headmaster." Jerold, Catrina, please take your darling daughter with you while I have a nice word with our beloved Headmaster!" McGonagall informed the couple while glaring at a shrinking Headmaster.

No sooner as the couple left the room, a loud explosion of not so friendly sounds came from the closed doors, and Jerold sighed looking glad he was not in the room." I guess Minerva was not very happy with Albus, after hearing what he done to cause his and my deaths." Jerold grimly informed his wife.
"I'm glad I'm not him, but we should head to our rooms, and put this little one to bed." Catrina gently suggested, as they continue on their way.
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