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Marauder trouble

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The littlest Marauder.

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A/N; Sorry for the short chapter needs more time to think of the next part, and thanks to the reviewer who reminded me of the Longbottoms.

Also I don't own Harry Potter and please review.

The following Weekend, Jameson couple was in the old Dungeon classroom making an important and very advance Potion, which both smiled as it turned to a required color." I don't believe we did it!" Jerold yelled in excitement." And you said it would take us hundreds of tries." Jerold smiled as his wife sniffed.
"Well it did take us well over fifty tries to get this special Potion right." Catrina reminded her husband, as she carefully scoops several large vials of the potion.
"I know I know Catrina dear and all thanks to my little Potion Expert!" Jerold teased as Catrina looked to him.
"I wish I were I still need years more training before that happens." Catrina reminded her husband as they magically cleaned the area and left the room.

As the couple left the Dungeon and headed to down the hall, a small black blur flew pass them, followed by a much larger one." WHAT THE..." Catrina yelled as she spied a too familiar large black dog chasing small black cat.
"I wonder why Sirius chasing our daughter?" Jerold wondered as he turned into a panther and raced after the two other animals.
"Great they are acting like children!" Catrina sighed as she walked away, knowing her husband would learn the story of this eventually.

Headmaster's Office

Just as the chase being played out, the Headmaster sighed as he sat behind his desk listening to his stern professor grumble about a certain Marauder antics." The nerve of that Black, blaming the Dung Bombs incident in the hallways on Kat, I never thought he would stoop this low!" McGonagall growled not so nicely at the thought.
"It may seem that way Minerva, but I would like to hear the story in the entirety before I pass judgment." Dumbledore firmly informed an unbelieving professor.
"HEADMASTER, are you seriously thinking that innocent child was behind the mess in the Hallways?" McGonagall yelled at a very calm Headmaster.
"Like I said Minerva, I will pass judgment once I heard all, and plus have you forgotten who is Kat grandfather is?" Dumbledore calmly suggested to a wide eye professor.
"I don't think that counts, look at Harry, he never shown any talents for pranking." McGonagal started, but a knock on the doors sounded interrupting the meeting.
"Come in Professor Catrina." Dumbledore quickly called out, looking glad for the distraction.

In no time the young professor stepped in and one look at the other professors she sighed." Alright what did Kat do?" Catrina asked with a heavy sigh.
"What make you think Kat is in trouble?" Dumbledore kindly asked, as he looked to the professor.
"One Kat never runs away if she did something she knows she will get in trouble with, and two, I just saw Kat being chase by her uncle, and then my husband soon afterwards." Catrina informed two startled professor.
"At the moment we don't know who, but about half an hour ago, someone place a large quantity of Dung Bombs in the hallways around the Great Hall entrance, and the two suspects are Sirius Black and your daughter, since both had Dung bombs on their person." Dumbledore informed a not so happy mother.
"I'm afraid your two so call suspects are the culprits Headmaster, since I know Black is creating a future Marauder." Catrina sighed in a defeated tone.
"What and you let him do this?" McGonagall quickly yelled.
"Hey it's not my fault the Prankster's Gene Pool which Harry calls it, pass him, and moved on to his daughter!" Catrina quickly defended herself." Kat is a natural born Prankster, and unfortunately for us, her being around Sirius seem to bring it all out." Catrina informed the two professors in defeated tone, but a bright blue light got their attention, and soon a large Panther holding a smaller Panther by the scuff of her neck in his jaws appeared.

A full minute pass before the not so happy larger Panther place the younger one on the ground, and quickly turned into a human." Kat Jameson, turn into your human self!" Jerold firmly asked, and instantly a four year old girl appeared looking innocently at her father." Now why are you running away from your Uncle?" Jerold firmly asked, as the little girl gulped.
"I accidentally set off the Dungbombs before we could make our getaway." Kat innocently informed her father.
"I have a feeling you were trying to prank your Uncle am I right?" Jerold firmly asked, and the little child looked guiltily down at the floor.

After a few minutes of silence, Jerold looked to the others in the room." I'm sorry for my daughter's misbehavior, and I will personally hand out her punishment." Jerold informed everyone, as he picked up his daughter.
"Before you go, what are you planning to do?" Dumbledore quickly asked, stopping the young professor.
"Since both my wife and I don't believe in physical punishment, I believe no snacks and bedtime at six instead of seven for entire week." Jerold informed a not so happy child, before disappearing in a flash of blue light.

Some minutes later, Jerold appeared childless, and looked to his professors." I left Kat with Remus hopefully he will keep the children under control until I pick up Kat." Jerold tirelessly informed the others as he sat down before the Headmaster.

Once comfortably seated, Jerold looked to the Headmaster." Albus about the Longbottoms, I believe we can help them." Jerold only said, as he place a Vial on the Headmaster's desk.
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