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Trip to St. Mungo's

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Once comfortably seated, Jerold looked to the Headmaster." Albus about the Longbottoms, I believe we can help them." Jerold only said, as he place a Vial on the Headmaster's desk.
"May I ask what this is?" Dumbledore simply asked his colleague, as he picked up a crystal clear Vial.
"This Potion has special Healing properties, since it can completely heal areas of the body we usually thought that would never be healed with Magic or Potions." Jerold firmly informed a shock Headmaster.
"You mean this can heal the Brain, and severely damage Nerves that would cause someone to be paralyzed?" Dumbledore shockingly asked.
"Not only that, this could Heal many of the Favorites Dark Wizards spells, especially the one that would stop someone from making another Generation of Wizards or Witches." Catrina informed the Headmaster while blushing at the thought.
"May I asked how you found this Potion, since I know I never heard of one that can do what you claim?" An equally shocked McGonagall asked, and the two younger professors looked to her.
"I will just say that our Library in Animalia has knowledge from several hundred planets, many of which are both highly advanced in Magic and Muggle technology." Jerold informed his former professor.

After some thoughts the Headmaster looked to the young professors." This Potion will greatly help us, care to share the instructions to make this Potion so we can make more of it?" Dumbledore kindly asked, but the couple shook their heads.
"Don't get this the wrong way Headmaster, but we can't since many of the Ingredients it uses can't be found on this planet, and I know we are not allowed to give you things that is not native to this World." Catrina regrettably informed her Headmaster.
"I understand Catrina I will greatly accept this Potion to help the Longbottoms, and thank you both." Dumbledore kindly informed the couple.
"By the way Headmaster when are we going to administer the Potion, because it is just part of the Healing process?" Jerold quickly asked, as Dumbledore stopped talking.
"Soon after I to talk with the Healers, and the Elder Mrs. Longbottom for permission to use the Potion, but other then that I believe by tomorrow afternoon around three." Dumbledore kindly suggested, and the couple agreed.
"Then we'll meet you here then before three." Harry informed his Headmaster as he and his wife got up to leave.
"Headmaster if you want we could tell Neville about this now?" Catrina suggested as she turned to the Headmaster.
"Yes that would be a good idea, and also tell Neville and his friends that they are invite to come to St. Mungo's, so he will be there to see his parents after the Potion is administered." Dumbledore kindly suggested, and the couple nodded as they both left the office.

As the young professors stepped into the hallways, one conjured a parchment and Quill, to use to write a note, and once done a snowy Owl appeared." Hedwig thanks for coming to me." Jerold smiled since his former Familiar seemed to know when she's needed." Here can you take this to Neville, and thanks." Jerold smiled as he tied a parchment to the Owl leg and it took off after lightly nipping the professor.

In DADA classroom, two professors waited for several minutes before three students rushed in breathlessly." Hey guys when I asked you here, I didn't mean to immediately drop everything and get here as fast as possible." Jerold joked as the three friends glared.
"Don't mind my husband bad sense of humor, but we need to talk to you all for something very important, so please be seated." Catrina quickly interrupted while glaring at her husband.

Once the students were seated and comfortable, the professor looked to one of the students." First of all, Neville we know about your parents, and before you get upset we can help fully heal them." Jerold quickly added the last part, since he knew the teen was touchy about his parent's situation.
"WHAT can you really help my parents?" Neville quickly asked, as he looked shocked.
"We can, and once we have your grandmother permission we are going to help them tomorrow afternoon." Jerold gently informed a wide-eye teen." And before you asked Neville, you and your friends can come to St. Mungo's to watch us treat your parents." Jerold kindly added, and the teen quickly accepted.
"Thank you professor thank you." Neville only could say, before surprising the young professor by giving him a teary hug.

After a few minutes of letting the teen hug him, gave out a couch." Neville as much I enjoy this, I prefer having my wife or daughter hugging me." Jerold smiled as an embarrass teen quickly let the professor go.
"I'm sorry professor, I'm just happy that I will be able to finally speak to my parents!" Neville quickly informed his still smiling professor.
"I know Neville." Jerold smiled as he gently squeezed the teen's shoulder." Now you all better go and do what you were doing and please meet us in the Headmaster's office at two-forty-five PM tomorrow, since we are leaving at three." Jerold firmly suggested, and the teens nodded and with a friendly goodbye, they left the room.

Headmaster's office

A little before the appointment time, four professors was talking quietly, while a sleeping kitten was stirring when she noticed something in the line of her vision and quickly pounced.

As the professors finalize their meeting, it was interrupted by a meowing sound." Oh no Kat is at it again!" Catrina laughed aloud, as a little kitten missed pouncing onto her tail.
"When she will ever learn that it's her tail she trying to attack?" Jerold grinned as he watched his daughter stalking her tail.
"Maybe as long as you did, what was it two or three weeks before you caught your tail?" Catrina joked as Jerold groan.
"It not my fault my cat personality has the habit of controlling my emotions during the first year as a cat." Jerold angrily informed his wife.
"Yeah sure, I seem to remember your look, you were enjoying the chase." Catrina laughed as the little cat miss her tail again and rolled about the floor.
"Maybe you should try to stop Kat she could hurt herself?" Dumbledore amusedly suggested, but seem to enjoy the little show the little cat was performing.
"Nah Kat will give up eventually and as usual without any success in catching her tail." Jerold informed his Headmaster.
"Hey Minerva have you had this trouble when you first became an Animagus?" Catrina grinned as a blushing professor looked down in embarrassment.
"It took me a week to control that habit, but I think my cat personality learn it lesson when it finally caught my tail." McGonagall informed everyone with a wince.
"I know the feeling my butt was sour for several days." Both Catrina and Jerold groaned, but a screech got their attention, and everyone turned to a kitten with its tail between its front legs and a painful expression on her face.
"Oh our little kitten finally caught her tail, Jerold dear hurry and takes the picture!" Catrina smiled, and a second later, there was a flash.
"Got it, it will go directly into the Blackmail section of Kat's Album." Jerold joked as he waved a six-inch picture of a kitten with a not so happy face licking her tail.

A few minutes later the office door opened for three teens, which walked into a room where four adults was helping a little girl with a painful expression." All right what did Kat do?" Ron worriedly asked.
"Hey I thought you don't hit Kat?" Hermione quickly asked as she went over to see the damages.
"We didn't Hermione, Kat just learnt a very valuable lesson we cats tend to learn painfully." Jerold informed his friend with a shudder.
"And what lesson would that be?" Hermione quickly asked.
"To not attack your tail, it hurt." Catrina informed her friends while groaning at her memory.

Five minutes later with McGonagall babysitting Kat, and the rest headed to St. Mungo's.

St. Mungo's

A little before three PM, two groups of Wizards and Witches met in the large Lobby and after a friendly greeting, they all left for a room to begin a very important meeting.

In a large conference room, a stern looking woman looked to the professors." So these two are the creators of the so call Miracle Potion?" Mrs. Longbottom firmly asked as she pointed to two young professors.
"We are Mrs. Longbottom, and we fully grantee that the Potion will work." Jerold firmly informed an unsure looking Witch, but another interrupted.
"Excuse me, we gave the potions a number of tests, and we could not identify many of the Ingredients, can you explain why?" A Healer firmly asked, as the young professor sighed.
"We have in our possessions rare and unknown types of Ingredients, along with rare books from numerous countries." Jerold quickly lied as he looked to the Healer." Even though you can't identify them, I assure you the potion will work." Jerold firmly informed a still unsure Healer.
"Healer Michael please allowed my Colleagues to use the Potion, since I know they can be trusted." Dumbledore kindly suggested, as the Healer gave it a long thought.
"I'm sorry but it's not my decision." The Healer informed the professors, but turned to the Elder Longbottom." Mrs. Longbottom it will be your decision to go ahead with the Potion." The Healer calmly informed a lost in thought Witch.

It took a moment before the Elder Longbottom sighed and looked to the professors." To tell you the truth I all but given up hope that I would be able to talk to my son and daughter-in-law again." Mrs. Longbottom sadly informed everyone." And since I know the Healers already done all they can, I would like you to administer the Potion." Mrs. Longbottom quickly informed the professor as hope seen in her eyes.
"Thank you Mrs. Longbottom, if you wish we can go ahead with the plans to help your Daughter-in-law and son." Dumbledore kindly suggested, and everyone stood up.
"I'll take you to the room now, but I request that the children stay in the waiting room until we know the results of the Potion." The Healer firmly suggested, and even though the teens tried to protest, they relented when the professors firmly insist that they followed orders.

Some minutes later in a large room filled with beds a group of Wizards and Witches walked over to a couple that was mumbling nonsense." Hi there Alice and Frank, how are you doing today?" The Healer kindly asked, but the insane couple answer was unintelligible." That's nice dears why not lay back so I can examine you." The Healer kindly suggested, while waving her wand, which magically lay the couple gently down onto the bed.

Once the Healer was done with her magical scans, she turned to the others that came with her." The Longbottoms are well enough to try your Potions, I do hope this works." The Healer kindly suggested, as she moved aside for the professors to administer the Potion.

With the Healer out of the way, the Jameson couple each went to the side of one of the insane couple." I hope this Potion works or we wasted four months on perfecting it." Jerold groaned as he stood beside Frank Longbottom.
"It better work, I don't want to try redoing this Potion." Catrina firmly informed her husband, as they poured some of the Potion into the couple's mouth.

With the required amount of Potion poured, the Jameson couple place a hand on one of the insane couple and chanted a spell causing the head of the insane couple to glow bright blue." What are they doing?" The Healer quickly asked, as she moved foreword to look, but was stopped by a hand on his shoulder.
"Not to worry, Jerold and Catrina been studying the spells needed to help the potion to work for weeks, so they know what they are doing." Dumbledore firmly informed the unsure looking Healer
"I guess I have to take your word, since I never saw this type of magic before." The Healer only could say, as he sat down waiting for the couple to finish what they were doing.

A few minutes later both couple was done, and as light lingered on the patients head, the two Guardians removed their hands to look at the others." It's done, but unfortunately we couldn't save all their past memories, but they should be able to recover them on their own by talking with family members." Jerold tirelessly informed the group, as one of the patient stirred.
"Oh my head..." The Witch cried out, and the Healer was beside her.
"Here drink this, it's a Headache Potion." The Healer calmly informed the patient.
"Ah thanks, but why am I in St. Mungo's?" Alice confusedly asked, as she drank the Potion.
"You were injured when your home was attack, do you remember it?" The Healer calmly asked as the Witch gave it a thought.
"I remember fighting Wizards but I must have black out, sorry I can't remember anything more." Alice worriedly informed the Healer.
"That alright all you need is your family to help speed your recovery." The Healer smiled as she gesture for the Elder Longbottom to step foreword." Do you know who this is?" The Healer asked and the Witch smiled.
"Mom, you look older why?" Alice quickly asked with wide eyes.
"This usually what happens when you sleep for fifteen year my Dear, I'm glad to see you back to your senses?" The Eder Longbottom smiled, as the Healer gestured the rest to leave.

Once out in the hallways, the Healer looked to the couple." That Potion did something we thought impossible." The Healer smiled as the couple blushed.
"It was nothing we just want to help out a friend." Jerold informed the Healer as he took out a couple of large Vials." This should be enough to help well over fifty patients, but without the spell work, the patient's recovery time will take a week or more." Jerold warned as the Healer understood.
"Can't you teach us the spells?" The Healer wondered.
"I wish we could, but the spell is in another language, and you need to be fluent in it." Catrina regrettably informed the Healer.
"Well I guess its better then waiting for years to get at lease some results." The Healer relented as she looked to the door." I better get Neville I know he would want to be with his parents." The Healer suggested as she left the group.

As the Healer left the Headmaster turned to the couple." Today you both done a great service, and I thank you for helping the Longbottoms." Dumbledore gladly informed the couple.
"No thanks is needed Headmaster, I'm just glad the Potion work, but if you don't mind I think we should retire early, the spell sort of drained us." Jerold tirelessly informed the Headmaster.
"In that case, go and get a well deserve rest, I will talk with you later maybe tomorrow after classes." Dumbledore kindly suggested and with a nod, the couple was gone in a flash of blue light.
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