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The Order of the Phoenix

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Jerold and Catrina joins the Order

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The days pass without trouble, as a young professor started his way to see his Headmaster when an emotionless voice got his attention." Professor Jameson, may I speak to you in private?" The voice of a not so friendly blonde Wizard sounded as the young professor turned to him.
"Mr. Malfoy, I guess I can talk to you for a few minutes, please this way." Jerold suggested as he led the Elder Wizard to an empty classroom.

Once the door closed the elder Malfoy turned to the younger Wizard." I been hearing a lot about you Mr. Jameson, and because of this an associate of mine is interested in meeting you!" Malfoy dryly informed a not so interested professor.
"If your associate is who I think it is I must decline his offer to meet him." Jerold firmly informed a glaring Wizard.
"You don't need to decide now Mr. Jameson, but for the safety of your wife and daughter, I would suggest that you WILL meet my associate in the near future." Malfoy sneered before he started on his way out.
"Mr. Malfoy if you or anyone tries to hurt my family, I suggest you think of funeral arrangements beforehand, since my Darling wife WILL NOT GO DOWN EASILY!" Jerold informed a glaring Wizard.
"Why would I think of hurting your family Mr. Jameson, I was just making a suggestion." Malfoy emotionlessly informed the younger man before leaving the room.

As the Elder Wizard left, the young professor shook himself." Note to one self, never be in the same room with that man, he reek too much of Dark Magic." Jerold shuddered before leaving the room to meet up with his wife and Headmaster.

In the Headmaster's office the young professor was called in, and shuddered as he noticed another guest." Professor Jameson, I want you to meet Minister Fudge, but sorry we are just finishing up on some school related topics, so please be seated, we should be done before your lovely wife arrival." Dumbledore informed the younger Wizard with force politeness, hinting that the Headmaster was not liking his time with the Minister.

Some minutes later as the two elder Wizards were finishing their paperwork, the Headmaster look up." Come in Mr. Malfoy!" Called out, and the blond Wizard stepped in.
"Headmaster Dumbledore thank you for allowing me to meet with my son." Malfoy dryly informed the Headmaster.
"No thanks is needed Mr. Malfoy." Dumbledore simply informed the Elder Malfoy, before turning to the Minister." Minister Fudge, I think this will do for now, I really need to speak to both professor's Catrina and Jerold for an important meeting." Dumbledore regrettably informed the Minister.
"Fine I guess this will do for now, but I would like another meeting with you in a few days, if that not a problem." Fudge firmly asked, and the Headmaster accepted it.
"I will be free in two days, at the usual time." Dumbledore informed the Minister and he accepted the date.
"Then if it's not any trouble can I use your Floo." Fudge simply asked which the Headmaster allowed.

Once the unwelcome guests left, a large cat with silky reddish fur walked in, and started looking around." Catrina dear, its clear you can change into your human form." Jerold calmly informed his wife, whom appeared in the place of the cat a second later.
"Jerold dear I don't know how you can stand being around someone whose whole body reeks of Dark Magic!" Catrina informed her husband with a look of degust.
"I know Catrina, but we must bare it since we need to make it look like we are ignorant of our surroundings." Jerold gently informed his wife, while giving her comfort by hugging her.

A few minutes later a cough separated the couple." I think it's time to meet up with the Order, so please follow me." Dumbledore gently informed the couple, before turning to a bookshelves and pushing in a book instantly half of the selves was gone revealing a staircase going down.

In a large plain room filled with an unknown number of Wizards and Witches was startled when the doors open for an elder Wizard and a couple, but quickly calm down as one spoke." Sorry about the lateness, Minister Fudge wanted my ideas on changes to the school which luckily I was able to deter for the time being." Dumbledore kindly apologized as he and his companions sat on available seats.
"It's alright Albus, but can you tell us why one of your companions is wearing a powerful form of a Glamour spell which I barely picked it up?" Moody barked as his fake eye rest on Jerold.
"Mad-eye, my friends can be trusted, since it was them that not only help save Harry Potter during the Tri-Wizard Tournament, they help capture Pettigrew and is now is helping to train him and his friends to fight the growing Darkness." Dumbledore informed a startled group.
"Training, if Harry needs battle training, why can't we train him ourselves?" Made-eye Moody barked.
"Because the Jameson's couple can train Harry in ways we can't comprehend, and it will greatly help us in our war against Voldemort." Dumbledore firmly informed a startled ex-Auror, and then went into what Jerold told him about Voldemort.

Once everyone was fully up to date, the Head Auror spoke up." Sir, where do we start looking for the Horcruxes?" Shacklebolt worriedly asked.
"We could start by searching the Archives for items related to the Founders that disappeared anywhere from thirty to fifty years." Dumbledore started as he looked to his Order." Also if you think you found one, I only want Jerold to handle its destruction, since I been told there might be many Dark Magical Traps place on or around them." Dumbledore added as the group accepted the warning.

Once Dumbledore stopped his talks, Jerold stood up." I have something to help your search." Jerold started as he place a three two inch diameter crystals on the table." If an item has a concealed Soul in it, this will go dark, but please remember the warning and leave it alone until I can confirm its Voldemort's Horcruxes." Jerold warned and the Aurors snatch them up.
"We'll do that, and thanks for the help." Shacklebolt firmly thank the young professor.

As the Order seemed to accept the new arrivals, the Headmaster stood up. "Now that is settled, we need to induct two new Order Members." Dumbledore proudly announced, and instantly a red and orange Phoenix appeared." Jerold Jameson, and Catrina Jameson, please stand facing each other holding each other hands." Dumbledore gently commanded and the two younger professors stood and followed orders.
"Fawkes if you please get into position." Dumbledore kindly asked his Familiar and the Phoenix settled onto the couple's joined hands." Fawkes will confirm that you both are telling the truth, so please use your true name in the Intuition ceremony." Dumbledore hinted and the couple nodded knowing what it was.

Once giving last minute instructions, Catrina went first to say the Oath to induct her into the Order. "I Catrina Potter, swear on my magic and my status as Animal Guardian, that I will fight against the Darkness and protect the innocent!" Catrina firmly announced and a light blue glow appeared about her.
"I Harry James Potter swear on my magic and my status as Animal Guardian, that I will fight against the Darkness and protect the innocent." Jerold firmly announced and a glow surrounded him and joined his wife glow.

Seconds after the glow appeared it intensified as a beautiful Phoenix song sounded and after a few minutes, it was over as quickly as it began.

Once the glowing couple was normal again, an Order Member quickly stood up." HE SAID HE WAS HARRY POTTER, BUT HOW CAN THAT BE!" The Member shouted, and the rest realize it.
"Headmaster what is going on here, how can he be Mr. Potter?" Shacklebolt firmly asked as he turned to the Headmaster.
"I'm not in title to say, but I can assure you that Jerold Jameson is here to set things right in this timeline." Dumbledore firmly informed a startled Auror.
"Auror Shacklebolt, before you send me to jail for Time Traveling, I was resurrected into the past, so I had no control about my travel." Jerold calmly informed a startled Auror.
"So last year with the winged panther said about the future did actually happen?" Shacklebolt shockingly asked and the younger Wizard nodded.
"Unfortunately for me it did, but now I have the chance to save my past life, and others that were killed or injured by Voldemort." Jerold sadly informed the Order, and the Headmaster went into what the younger Wizard had changed.

After an hour of planning, the Order Members left leaving a couple whom quickly went up to the Jameson couple." Mr. Jameson, I want to thank you for helping us." Frank Longbottom gladly thanked a blushing young Wizard.
"No thanks are needed, we are just glad that the Potion work." Jerold smiled as the other gave him a hug.
"You are so modest, just like your father." Alice Longbottom smiled, as she let the younger Wizard go." I was wondering if you know that I am Harry's Godmother, since Lilly appointed me as one?" Alice quickly asked, while shocking the young Wizard.
"Actually I wasn't told about this!" Jerold calmly informed the elder Witch, before turning to another." Headmaster Dumbledore, why wasn't I been told about having a Godmother?" Jerold firmly asked, as he glared at the now gulping Headmaster.
"I was just protecting you from another lost." Dumbledore quickly defended himself as the younger Wizard continued glaring.
"I will let this pass Headmaster, but you better come clean now if you have any other things you are hiding form me!" Jerold firmly ordered, and the Headmaster quickly nodded.
"I think this is all I hide from you, but if I find any others, I will tell you as soon as possible." Dumbledore quickly informed an accepting Wizard.
"As long as I don't find out beforehand, I will take your word on this." Jerold firmly suggested as another interrupted.
"So Jerold, when do I see your lovely child Kat?" Alice smiled as the younger Wizard did.
"How about now tomorrow after classes, since I'm sure she is asleep at the moment." Jerold gently suggested, and the Witch nodded in acceptance.
"Then tomorrow it is I will be looking forward to the visit." Alice smiled as she and her husband thank the Jameson one last time before leaving.
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