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Hogsmeade Weekend

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A trip to Hogsmeade results in finding out new things.

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A boring month pass as the students and professors go on with their studies or teaching, until the end of October, everyone was very excited about Hogsmeade Weekend.

The morning of Hogsmeade Weekend, three friends walked to the main entrance to Hogwarts, when they were called upon." Hey guys." Jerold smiled at the three friends.
"Hi professor Jerold, are you going to Hogsmeade?" Hermione quickly asked, as the young professor nodded.
"My dear wife needs some things in the Village so she volunteered us to help watch over the students." Jerold groaned while getting a slap on the shoulder by his wife.
"What we had nothing better to do, and plus Jerold dear you said you completed your grading." Catrina scolded as she came up to the group holding a sleepy child in her arms.
"But still it doesn't mean I don't have anything else to do." Jerold complain sounding like a child.
"Yeah sure, so come on we should head early so I can get my things, and then we can keep an eye out for trouble." Catrina firmly commanded as she dragged an unwilling partner out of the school.

With the professors gone a groan was heard." I hope I don't end up like him." Harry complained, as his friends rolled their eyes.
"Hate to break it to you mate, Jerold is you in what five years or so." Ron joked as he led his friends to the entrance.
"Harry its not bad, look at what your counterpart accomplished, a wife, a daughter and not to mention being a powerful Wizard." Hermione added
"I guess you are right Hermione, but are you sure about the daughter part?" Harry smiled as he remembered the little girl antics.
"Well she will have Aunty Hermione, Uncle Ron, and Uncle Harry to help keep her in line RIGHT!" Hermione firmly asked, and the two boys quickly nodded as they continue their walk.


The trip to Hogsmeade was not a pleasant experience for young Wizard following a Witch around the stores carrying everything she bought." Can we rest for a second?" Jerold grumbled as he tried to balance tons of packages in his arms.
"Fine dear, let's head to those benches over there." Catrina calmly suggested, as she pointed to a long bench just outside the store.

After a few minutes of resting for the couple, and noisy rummaging for a little girl, whose half of her body was in a overturned bottomless bag, looking for something." Kat dear, why not wait until we are back at Hogwarts?" Jerold tirelessly suggested, as the little girl answered muffled by the bag.
"Jerold dear let her do what she wants, at least she is near us, instead of running about the streets." Catrina suggested with a smile, as she patted her pockets indicating she has the object the child was looking for.

After another five minutes of rest, students were walking down the streets of Hogsmeade, and both professors sighed as they got up." Look likes the rest of my shopping needs to wait." Catrina informed a relieved husband.
"Looks that way, but what shell we do with Trouble?" Jerold joked as he notice his daughter somehow disappeared into the Bottomless bag.
"We can look after your Troubles!" Three friends smiled as they came up to the couple.
"Thank you, you all a lifesaver." Catrina smiled as she snuck her arm into the Bottomless bag, and pulled out a not so happy child.
"Mommy I can't find my new bear?" Kat grumbled, as her mom smiled as she pulled out a nicely made six inch pink Teddy Bear from her Robes.
"Why didn't you ask for it, I had it all this time my dear?" Catrina smiled at the now pouting child." Now don't look at me that way dear, or I'm not going to let you go with your Uncles and Aunties." Catrina firmly warned a now squealing child, whom quickly rushed up to the new arrivals.
"Hi Aunty Hermione, Uncle Harry and Ron, can I go shopping with you!" Kat happily yelled as she gave each a hug.
"Hi little one, do you want to go shopping with us?" Hermione smiled as the little girl quickly nodded a yes.
"Mommy, daddy can I go with Aunty and Uncles?" Kat quickly asked, and her parents nodded.
"You can my dear and well meet at the Three Broomsticks at the end of Hogsmeade trip." Jerold kindly suggested, and the three friends agreed before taking the little girl with them.

The couple was enjoying a child free day as they made sure the students were safe, and weren't in any trouble, and as they walked their wrought, they were happily greeted by the student populations." Wow we are popular." Jerold smiled as almost every student they pass called in greetings.
"What do you expect we are their professors?" Catrina joked as her husband rolled his eyes.
"Yeah right that sure explains it all." Jerold argued as they continue their rounds.

Sometime later in Honeydukes, three friends smiled as a little wide-eyed messy hair girl looked at the large assortment of sweets." Oh can I have this and that..." Kat quickly asked, as she started pointing at almost all the sweets in her sight
"No Kat but you can have two choices and that's all!" Harry firmly informed a pouting child.
"Great I knew coming here was a bad idea!" Hermione argued, as the child stop pouting and smiled as she grabbed two large bags of sweets.
"Oh Kat is good, we better make sure we watch what we tell her." Ron shook his head as he took the little girl's choices.
"You said two choices and I choose these." Kat innocently reminded the teens, as they groaned.
"Fine but you are not eating them until after lunch." Hermione firmly informed an again pouting child.
"Come on guys, let's buy these for Kat and do some shopping for supplies I'm running out of Ink and Parchments." Harry informed everyone and left after buying numerous sweets for themselves.

In several hours the three friends and a bouncing child was walking taking in the sights, since they bought all they needed when pops heard, and without thinking the friends jumped on the little girl to knock her down just as spells flew just inches over their heads.

Moments later two teens rolled away with wands in their hands." Hermione stay with Kat." Harry quickly ordered as he and his friend stood facing their attackers.
"How heroic, two Knights going to protect their love ones!" One of three black Robes Wizards sneered at the two standing teens.
"Protect! I don't think Hermione needs us to protect her, she just staying down to keep a shield around her and Kat." Harry informed three disbelieving Wizards.
"Do you think that a mere shield can..." The same Wizard barked but quieted by a spell.
"Bombarda!" Harry yelled causing one of the Dark Wizard to fly backwards slamming hard into the ground.

The second the spell was cast, the other Dark Wizards went into action by shooting Dark Curses at the teens, but luckily was quickly stopped." Protego, Reducto!" Ron yelled causing a powerful shield to stop the curses, and blast the street to send rocks and debris at the Dark Wizards, blinding them for a few seconds.
"Incarcerous!" Harry quickly yelled causing ropes to tie the remaining Dark Wizards up before they could retaliate against them.

Within minutes the battle was over and the two teens quickly tied up the Dark Wizards, and then helped up their friend." Look like our training paid off guys!" Ron proudly informed everyone.
"Looks that way, we better get to Hogwarts and fast." Hermione worriedly suggested and with everyone agreeing Harry took his or her hands and all teleported away.

Sometime earlier in another part of the Village, a couple was sitting and watching the students pass, when both felt something jabbed into their neck, and then a not so friendly voice sounded." Don't make any sudden moves, or your little Brat will pay for your foolish recklessness!" A very rude voice sounded, and the couple quickly nodded to show that they understood." Very good, now slowly stand and turn around so I can Portkey you to my Lord!" The rude voice commanded, and the couple followed orders.

Once the couple was fully standing, the wands at their neck was gone, instantly the couple turned around to slammed their knee into their abductors stomachs, and with a wave of their hand sent the doubled over Wizards flying into the ground.

With the Wizards out cold, Jerold stepped up to one of the Wizard." I think I will pay a visit to Riddle my dear, care to handle the trash." Jerold firmly asked and his wife agreed.
"No problem, just be careful and hurry back." Catrina worriedly suggested, as she gave her husband a hugged, just before he grabbed a small statue of a snake from the Wizard hand, and disappeared

Once her husband was gone, Catrina sent emergency signal spell into the air, instantly Aurors appeared and once they took the wife statements, they arrested the Dark Wizards and Apparated away, leaving the now worried wife to finish her rounds.

Unknown Location

In a large dark foreboding room, a snakelike man sitting on a throne of skeletons, he was shocked as a white Robe Wizard fell into his chamber." YOU TOOK MY NUMBER ONE SPY FROM ME!" Voldemort hissed in rage, since he remembered the Wizard.
"That piece of trash couldn't spy on someone who is just inches from his face." Jerold smiled as the Dark Lord sneered.
"You will pay for your insolence!" Voldemort angrily hissed, as he waved his wand." Avada Kedavra!" Voldemort yelled sending out a green spell, which flew to the young Wizard, but he just slapped it aside with a bright glowing hand while looking bored.
"Is that the best you can do?" Jerold asked while shaking his head in disbelief." When I heard you were powerful, I expected more then this, oh well since I got things to take care of, I will be going, but right after I take your little pet." Jerold smiled as he disappeared in an almost blinding blue flash.

For a few seconds after the young Wizard was gone, the Dark Lord was confused, until he realized something was missing." Nagini, that little sneak took her!" Voldemort hissed in shock at his now missing Familiar.

Headmaster's Office

Except for a happy Headmaster noisily sucking on a Lemon Drop while watching a little black kitten noisily playing with a stuff bear, it was quiet until a flash of blue light alerted the Headmaster of trouble." Accio Kat!" Dumbledore quickly called out to summon the little kitten to bring it out of harms way, as he saw a large wing panther was struggling with an equally large snake." What in Merlin's name is Jerold doing with Voldemort's Familiar?" Dumbledore thought, as he quickly waved his wand." Stupefy!" Dumbledore called out sending a red spell at the snake, immediately it fell to the ground stun.

With the threat gone, the panther shimmered until it turned into a young Wizard looking gladly at the Headmaster." Thank you, I was hoping Nagini would come quietly since my status of Animal Guardian should have made it docile, but unfortunately the Horcruxe in her made it uncontrollable." Jerold tiredly informed his Headmaster as he sat on a chair.
"Does this mean the snake is a Horcruxe?" Dumbledore quickly guess, but the Guardian shook his head.
"No, the Horcruxe is inside of her, and to make things worse I can't get to it without killing the snake." Jerold worriedly informed a startled Headmaster.
"Why can't you kill Nagini?" Dumbledore quickly asked as he held a sleeping kitten.
"Because Headmaster, even though we are allowed to kill in self defense, it's against our laws to kill an innocent." Jerold informed a shock Headmaster.
"I can tell you now that that snake is no innocent, she killed many Muggles and Wizards during Voldemort's last Reign, I unfortunately watch many I knew fall to her." Dumbledore angrily informed the Guardian while glaring at the stunned snake.
"I'm sorry to hear that Headmaster, but for now Nagini is under Guardian protection until I can safely remove the Horcruxe, which was the reason it went mad." Jerold firmly informed the Headmaster, while encasing the snake in a frozen block of ice." That should keep it in hibernation until I can find a safe way to remove the Curse item, and please tell my wife I returned to Animalia, for more research but should be back by Monday." It was the last thing Jerold said, before disappearing with the frozen snake.

With Jerold gone, the Headmaster sighed as he petted the little kitten in his arms." Interesting turn of events, at least we got just one more Horcruxe to find." Dumbledore sighed as he rested behind his desk, knowing that this is a step closer to the defeat of Tom Riddle.
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