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The Crazed Healer

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Jerold get help by a not so pleasant Healer.

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A/N; Don't ask, I don't how or why I came up with this character in this chapter, and is not planning to bring her back in future chapters.

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In a huge room filled with mile high shelves, filled with well over a million books, a messy hair Wizard sighed as he sat on a large table." Great this is going to be very difficult." Jerold sighed as he threw a book up into the air, to make it fly to where it belongs." That twenty down, and thousands more to read." Jerold sighed again as he was interrupted by a toad like man.

"Mr. Jameson, I see you putting our books to good use?" Toadias wide mouth formed a smiled as he sat beside the Wizard.

"Good evening Headmaster Toadias, even though you have a large selection of books, I can't seem to find anything for removal of Dark Curse Charms." Jerold sighed as he quickly skimmed a large book.

"Ah you still looking for a way to save Nagini, here this might help you." Toadias simply informed a startled Wizard as a book flew to the table." Next time I advise you to look in the Modern section of the Library, since we do have some advancement our ancient ancestors didn't have." Toadias smiled as he got up and left as the Wizard stared wide-eye at the book.

"Great after hours of searching, he tells me this now." Jerold groaned, since he knew the Headmaster knew what he was looking for since coming back to Animalia almost six hours ago.

It took another five minutes when the Wizard found a suitable spell, and quickly went to another part of the school, where a reptilian like woman was caring for several students." Madam Hiss-Rita I may have found the spell." Jerold informed the Healer of the school.

"Ah Guardian Jerold, I will be with you in a second." Hiss-Rita calmly informed the Wizards, as healed the student she was working on.

About fifteen minutes later the Reptilian Healer shooed a childlike mouse away." Now stay out of trouble young one or I will have rat soup the next time you come by." Hiss-Rita warned, and the mouse like child quickly squeaks as he rushed out of the room.

"Hiss-Rita if you keep scaring the students out of here you may not have a job, since no one will want you to heal them." Jerold joked as he waited patiently for the Healer.

"What do you mean scaring my patients they are all just food for me." Hiss-Rita reptilian face grinned as she gestured to another door." You little friend is in the freezer, please get him while I look over the spells." Hiss-Rita grinningly informed a shuddering Wizard as she scanned the book he brought.

"The same place you keep your raw food, I wish you keep it in another place." Jerold shuddered, as he opened the large freezer and saw numerous carcasses of animals and shivered as he found a frozen snake." Do you really eat your meals raw Hiss-Rita, or you are just pulling our leg?" Jerold worriedly asked, as he levitated the frozen snake out of the freezer.

"Why do you even asked, when you know no one ever sees me in the cafeteria." Hiss-Rita smiled as the snake was place on a spare bed." Oh its one of my cousins from Earth, I barely recognize him." Hiss-Rita smiled as she waved her bright glowing hand over the frozen snake." Yes the spell will work do you want me to remove the item?" Hiss-Rita firmly asked, and the Guardian nodded.

"You are the best at doing this, so go ahead I stand back and watch." Jerold nervously informed the Healer as he stepped back.

"What you don't have to be nervous around me, but still I never had shish cabob cat in a long time." Hiss-Rita smiled as the Guardian look faintly at her." Oh well I will have that on my menu later then." Hiss-Rita sighed before starting the spell.

Within the hour, a pale face Wizard rushed out of the room with a frozen snake, and a cloth bag, quickly lean over onto the opposite wall feeling very sick." Remind me not to go back there again." Jerold breathlessly groaned as another voice sounded.

"Jerold you look ill, why not visit our Healer, she can help you get better." Toadias amused voice sounded causing the younger Guardian to gulped a wave of nausea.

"That Healer is a menace Headmaster Toadias I don't know why you got her here!" Jerold sickly asked a smiling Headmaster." I been in that room not for a few minutes and she is getting ready to make mouse stew out of a student, and not to mention Shish cabob cat." Jerold cried out in apprehension.

"Jerold you should now know she is only joking so please calm down." Toadias calmly informed a glaring Guardian.

"Calm down, CALM DOWN..." Jerold was suddenly silence by a glowing hand from his Headmaster and he quickly calm down.

"Now Jerold, I think you should head back to Earth, and I will see about Hiss-Rita bedside manners, which I fully agree is not very appropriate for the students." Toadias firmly informed his Guardian, while shivering at the thought of going into the room with the Healer.

"Better you then me." Jerold sighed before disappearing in a blue light.

"I wish it was you." Toadias sighed as he turned to the door, and dreading every step, he took.


Headmaster's office

A flash of light startled an aging Headmaster, whom smiled a second later." Good evening Jerold its good to see you are back." Dumbledore kindly started but looked grimed as he saw how his former student looked.

Horcruxe free item." Jerold sighed wishing he had not gone to Animalia, before disappearing in a flash of blue light.
It took a moment for the Headmaster to regain his thoughts before looking to the cloth bag, and open it to reveal something he never thought he would see in his lifetime." The Eye of Gryffindor!" Dumbledore only could say, as his eyes went wide at the three-inch pure red gem that fell onto his desk.
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