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Eye of Gryffindor

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Harry and Jerold learn some things about their Ancestors.

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A/N; I was going to add what was being plan at the start of this chapter, but decided I needed more time to plan on their revenge, so it will be in the next chapter.

Also I don't own Harry Potter and please review.

The months pass without incident, and as a trio of friends headed to the Great Hall, they were interrupted by a kind voice." Mr. Potter, Weasley, and Ms. Granger can I have a word with you?" A messy hair Wizard kindly asked, and with a nod from the friends, he led the students to an empty classroom.

Once comfortably seated, the professor looked to his counterpart." Harry I was wondering if you would like to help me get even with certain relatives of ours?" Jerold grinned, as did his younger counterpart.

"If it not anything illegal you can count me in professor!" Harry firmly committed himself.

"Even though I would gladly do my worst on our so call caring relatives, I will not hurt them, but I could use some help with some special Curses if you are still interested in helping me?" Jerold smiled as his counterpart quickly agreed.

"Um sir, what curses are you planning to use?" Hermione worriedly asked, as the older Wizard looked to her.

"Hmm let me see, a Truth Curse on the entire family so they wouldn't be able to lie to anyone to get out of trouble." Jerold started with a smile." A mild Jinx Curse which would cause anything they do wrong be turned back onto them ten fold." Jerold smiled, as did his counterpart.

"Wow that will be a perfect Christmas present for me!" Harry smiled, but his friends had different feelings about this.

"Cool mate, care to let me on this, I want to see your relatives pay for all the wrong doings they done to you!" Ron smiled in anticipation.

"Ron I don't think Cursing his relatives would be a good idea, why not go to the Authorities?" Hermione firmly suggested, while her professor looked to her.

"I would like to do that Hermione but when my wife checked our laws and such, the Dursleys would probably get at least a ten year sentence, and that will not include an early release if they are lucky to get one." Jerold sadly informed his friend.

"What why is that, wouldn't it be longer with everything that they done to you both?" Ron quickly asked.

"No from what my wife heard from me, all they done would be counted as borderline abuse, which is giving a lesser sentence then a fully abusing a child." Jerold informed two not to happy friends.

"Then you can count me in on this just let me see the Curses you are planning to use." Hermione firmly asked, and several parchments appeared.

"These are Curse Runes, just place one on the floor of every room in the house, and tap the Parchment with your Wand, and the Curse is set." Jerold smiled, as his friends.

"Wow what is the life expectancy of the Curses?" Hermione quickly asked, as she looked over the advance looking Rune.

"Twenty-four hours, but every time they go into a room with the Curse Rune, the Curse will return back to it original time." Jerold informed a wide-eye group.

"But with all the rooms cursed, they would have to leave the house for twenty-four hours to be curse free cool." Ron smiled as another gave it a thought.

"Jerold what about if the Dursleys go on a Week long Holiday trip?" Hermione uncertainly asked.

"That can't be helped, but as soon as they go back into their home they will be Cursed again." Jerold informed an accepting teen.

"So when are we planning to set the Curse Runes, I want them to pay as soon as possible." Harry impatiently asked.

"We can go once we get settled in at home, and the second I send the Dursleys on a fake Holiday Cruise, which will give us several hours to set all the Curses in each room." Jerold smiled as the three friends looked strangely at the professor.

"Jerold are you crazy why are you giving the Dursleys a Holiday Cruise?" Harry angrily asked.

"I'm not really giving our relatives anything, since the second they arrive at the ticket counter, they will be either told that their ticket is a fake, or they will get in trouble for using a counterfeit ticket." Jerold smiled as he informed his friends." Either way, it will give us all the time we need to make sure the Curses are set." Jerold informed an accepting group.

"Then let's start planning on how we are going to do this now, so we can get to work the second we set foot in the Dursley's home." Hermione quickly suggested and they went to work on who goes where in the house which didn't take that long to plan.

Headmasters Office

As the four friends started planning the downfall of a certain family, an Age Wizard was pouring over a large book." Great after months of searching, I only came out with one family line, and I really don't want to give him this responsibility yet." Dumbledore sighed as he looked over the book for what seem to be the thousandth time." But of course there is a possibility of another one." Dumbledore thought and with another sigh he looked up." Dobby I need you for an errand!" Dumbledore called out and instantly a small elflike creature appeared.

"Mater Dumbledore, what is your wished?" Dobby respectably asked.

"I need you to find professor Jerold, and tell him I would like to speak with him in my office at his convenience." Dumbledore kindly informed an excited House elf.

"Dobby will find professor Jerold, and informed him of your wishes." Dobby quickly bowed before disappearing.

A few minutes after the House Elf left, a flash of blue light got the Headmaster's attention, and he smiled at the messy hair professor." Good evening Jerold, I just want to know if you know anything about this Gem?" Dumbledore kindly asked as he pointed to a three inch red Gem on his desk.

"That is the Gem I removed from Nagini isn't it?" Jerold uncertainly asked, and with a nod from his Headmaster he gave it a thought." Actually no I haven't seen that Gem before, but it's similar to the Gems on the Gryffindor Sword isn't it?" Jerold quickly asked, as he looked over to the shelves where the Sword of Gryffindor displayed.

"Actually this Gem use to belong to Gryffindor himself, and it was called the Eye of Gryffindor." Dumbledore informed a startled professor.

"Interesting, care to shed some light on this Gem I could feel powerful magic coming off it?" Jerold firmly asked as he stepped up to the desk to look the Gem over.

"It's because the Gem is a magic enhancer design by Gryffindor himself, but unfortunately only a one of his Descendant can use it." Dumbledore informed a startled professor.

"You are trying to find the Descendant are you?" Jerold quickly asked, as he spied the large book beside the Gem.

"I am, and I believe the Potters are the last of Gryffindor's line." Dumbledore informed a shock professor.

"So you think I can use this Gem?" Jerold shockingly asked, as the Headmaster shrugged.

"You are one of two descendants Jerold it's very likely you can use this Gem." Dumbledore informed a thoughtful professor.

It took a few minutes for the young professor to speak, and he looked to the age professor." If I'm one of two Descendants, would Harry be the other?" Jerold cautiously asked.

"Harry is a descendant, but since you are older and wiser, I would prefer you have this Gem." Dumbledore informed an understanding professor.

"Then in that case, what do I need to do?" Jerold uncertainly asked, as he picked up the red Gem.

"Simple really just attached the Gem to the bottom of your wand and it will do the rest." Dumbledore informed a now groaning professor.

"Sir if that is the case, the Gem won't work for me since I'm no longer use a wand." Jerold informed a shock Headmaster.

"What do you mean you don't use a wand, how are you able to teach your classes?" A very shock Dumbledore shakily asked.

"You forget Headmaster, I am no longer human, and I'm a magical creature that can manipulate magic with just a thought." Harry reminded a startled Headmaster." As to teaching my classes, I simply use a conjured wand, and pretend to use it to teach my classes." Harry informed his Headmaster, whom sighed at the information.

"In that case, I believe we need to wait to see about Harry using the Gem to help him." Dumbledore sighed, as his professor looked to him.

"Headmaster I don't think we should wait, since I know Harry will be able to handle the increase in power!" Jerold firmly informed a sighing Headmaster.

"Then I will accept your suggestion since you been working with Harry since this summer." Dumbledore sighed in defeat, as he stood up and went over to the fireplace to Floo call someone, and within minutes looked back to the young professor." I asked Minerva to bring Harry here, so we have a few minutes to plan for Harry use of the Eye." Dumbledore thoughtfully suggested, and they quickly went into the future training of the young Wizard.

Five minutes later a knock on the Headmaster's door stopped all further talks as the Age Wizard looked up." Come in Minerva and Mr. Potter!" Dumbledore called out, and the stern professor along with a young Wizard stepped in.

"Albus I brought Mr. Potter, is there anything more you need of me?" McGonagal firmly asked as the Headmaster shook his head.

"No Minerva that will be all for now, I'm sure Jerold can escort Mr. Potter back to his Dorms." Dumbledore kindly informed an accepting professor, and with a polite farewell, the elder Witch left the office.

A minute after everyone got settled down the Age Headmaster looked to his young student." I have a special heritance to give to you my boy." Dumbledore kindly informed a startled Wizard, as he gestured to the three inch Gem.

"Heritance, I hope no one I know died recently?" Harry worriedly asked, as his Headmaster quickly shook his head to assure the young Wizard.

"No Harry this Heritance is from one of your Ancestors, I believe you read or at least heard of him a Godric Gryffindor?" Dumbledore amusedly asked a very shock Wizard.

"I'm related to Gryffindor!" Harry quickly shouted as he stood up looking unbelieving at this revelation.

"Indeed you are Mr. Potter, and hopefully with this Gem, not only you will be able to harness more of your magic easily, your magic will increase greatly." Dumbledore informed a shock teen.

"I guess U will try this Gem out, so how do I use it?" Harry uncertainly asked, while looking at the professors.

"Hmm from what I read, you need to place the Gem at the bottom of your wand, and it should fuse together." Dumbledore thoughtfully suggested and the teen pick up the Gem and carefully place his Wand on top.

It took a few seconds before a bright light to engulf the Wand, then the young Wizard, and once it was over a wide-eye teen looked to his professors." Wow, I think its works..." Harry only could say before passing out and falling into his counterparts arms.

"Headmaster what happen, why did Harry faint?" Jerold quickly asked, as the Age Headmaster did some magical scans on the young teen.

"The Gem must have already increase Harry magic, he just need some rest so his body can get use to the increase." Dumbledore thoughtfully informed a startled professor.

"That some increase, the Gem must have brought his magical Levels up to two-hundred already?" Ask a wide-eye Jerold.

"It appears you are right Jerold." Dumbledore calmly informed a relived professor.

"Then I guess I will take Harry back to his Tower now, and then later I will start training him to handle this increase of Magic." Jerold thoughtfully suggested, but as he got ready to leave, a new voice stopped him.

"Jerold if I can make a suggestion, why take your other Heritance?" The Sorting Hat calmly suggested, as the professor turned to it.

"What do you mean Hat?" Jerold quickly asked while looking confuse.

"The Sword of Gryffindor rightfully belongs to an Heir, so if Harry gets the Eye, you should have the Sword." The Sorting Hat firmly suggested, as the young professor looked to his Headmaster for advice.

"It wouldn't hurt to have both the Eye and Sword in your hands Mr. Jameson, since they would do more good with you both then on display." Dumbledore calmly suggested, as the professor nervously went to the sword and picked it up.

"I guess all those lessons in swordplay my wife talked me into studying in Animalia will come in handy." Jerold smiled, as he conjured a scabbard, and immediately place the sword in it.

"That is a smart wife you got there Jerold." Dumbledore smiled, as the young professor grinned before disappearing in a flash of blue light.
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