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Gettin even

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Return to Private Dr.

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The holidays came to the students of Hogwarts too slowly, and as a trio of friends left on the train, they begin to relax." So what is our agenda for the holidays except for the obvious one?" Ron simply asked his friends as he smiled at the plans they were going to do sometime in the few days into the holiday.
"After Christmas, I will get more training using this wand." Harry started, as he lifted his newly required wand, that was now golden, and a two-inch round red Gem at the bottom of the handle.
"I been looking up on that Eye of Gryffindor Harry, but I can't seem to find anything about it." Hermione informed her friend, while looking disappointed at the lack of information." But I will probably join you guys after we deal with certain relatives of yours." Hermione informed her friends, as she looked forward to the Holidays.
"I would probably be home all the Holidays, unless I am invited to train with you Harry?" Ron quickly asked his friend, whom nodded.
"Of course Jerold would still help us train, and I hear Neville and maybe Luna will join us after Christmas Day." Harry informed his friends, just as a sleepy kitten lightly meowed as she got up licking its tail.
"Look like Kat learn her lesson about attacking her tail." Ron smiled since after the little kitten first got hold of her tail, she still went after it.
"Well I'm glad we won't need to worry about Kat running about anymore trying to get her tail." Harry smiled as he put his wand away, and picked up the little kitten to place her on his lap so he can pet the soft fur.

The hours went by fast, and as the trio plus a little kitten got off the train, they were greeted by their families." Harry dear, how was your year at Hogwarts?" A red hair Witch warmly asked, as she gave the young messy hair Wizard a hug.
"Other then the Hogsmeade incident, it was great I learn a lot of things." Harry informed the elder Witch, whom cringe at the event.
"I'm glad, but I see your Guardians waiting, why not go to them." Molly smiled, as she shooed the young Wizard and patted the little kitten he was holding.

The Reunions with the rest of his families was a fast one, and once the little kitten reunited with her parents, the trio of friends bid a last goodbye before leaving the platform to head to their homes.

Private Dr

Just a day after the start of the Holidays, a large family of a picture perfect home is busy doing last minute checks on their luggage." Dudley dear are you sure you got everything?" A horse like woman quickly asked as she put several suitcases at the front door.
"Aw mom can I bring all my game systems, I'm going to be bored without them!" A fat teen whined as his mother sighed.
"I'm sorry dear, we can't take them all, why not just pack your portable ones, and we go to the store on our way to get more games?" Petunia quickly suggested, as her son pouted but gave in.
"Fine then, but I better get lots of new games." Dudley firmly asked, as he went back to his room to finish packing up his things.

After half an hour of shopping, the Dursley family was off to the ticket office at the Docks, to where their Holiday vacation would start, or at least what they thought.

Half an hour earlier

A flash of blue light announce the arrival of a group of people, whom quickly looked about for any signs of life." It's clear, we better do this fast, you guys know the drill." An older messy hair Wizard firmly informed the others, and they quickly separated.

It took no longer then five minutes to curse all the rooms, but as the group got back together, one quickly spoke up." Um professor Jerold..." Hermione started but interrupted by a kind voice.
"Hermione try to remember to call me Jerold when we are not in class." Jerold reminded a blushing teen.
"Sorry Jerold I keep forgetting, but you should know we couldn't get to the attic, the trap door is too high." Hermione quickly informed a startled professor.
"That is odd, is the trap door magically protected against the spells you tried on it?" Jerold grinningly asked a wide-eye group.
"But sir, we are underage, we can't use magic out of school?" Hermione respectably reminded a sighing professor.
"Actually you maybe underage, I do know at least one of you who can do magic without being detected?" Jerold informed everyone, which cause two of the three friends quickly turned to an embarrass another.
"HARRY JAMES POTTER why didn't you tell us you can use magic outside of school?" Hermione scolded, instantly causing two Wizards to back away from the irate Witch.
"Hermione I thought you knew, since you knew about my summer training!" Harry quickly reminded a glaring Witch.
"That doesn't mean I would know everything about what you been up too, and I want all the details you left out once we get back to Hogwarts." Hermione firmly informed a shuddering teen.
"That is enough guys lets head to the attic now, and plus I want to check it out while we are here." Jerold firmly informed the group, and led everyone up the stairs.

With a little magic from Harry's Wand, the trap door to the attic was brought down, and the group quickly went up to investigate the clutter of long forgotten things." Jerold I don't think we can find anything useful here?" Harry uncertainly suggested as he shifted threw the boxes of old junk.
"May you are right but something is amiss, since I'm picking us a faint trace of magic here?" Jerold informed a wide-eye group.
"Magic are you sure, I thought your relative were against anything that deals with our kind?" Ron uncertainly asked, as the elder Wizard shifted threw the boxes.
"They are Ron, but maybe they didn't know about this." Jerold informed a startled teen, as he levitated two miniature trunks.
"Um Jerold what is two magical trunks doing here, and why the Dursleys would have them?" Harry quickly asked as he eyed two nicely decorated trunks.
"I will check them out once we get home, since I may know who they once belong to." Jerold sadly informed a startled counterpart." But for now, let get the attic Curse, and then head to Diagon Alley for ice cream." Jerold quickly suggested changing the subject.
"Fine with me, let gets going!" Ron impatiently informed everyone as he place a parchment on the ground, and tap it with his wand.
"Now that is done, Harry why not take your friends to the Alley, I will be there in a minute." Jerold kindly informed a startled teen.
"But I thought we need to stick together?" Harry quickly asked, as his older counterpart looked to him.
"Unlike those who think Voldemort is lurking in every corner, I don't you three would be in any danger for a short time." Jerold firmly informed three unsure looking teens.
"I guess we will see you later then." Harry uncertainly asked, as he took his friends hands, and was gone in a flash of blue light.

Once the teens were gone, the Guardian sadly looked to the still floating trunks." I don't believe that my Aunt and Uncle had them, and not once mention this to me!" Jerold angrily shouted, as he again read the miniature nameplates of James Potter and Lilly Evens.

After a few minute of calming himself down, the Guardian sighed knowing getting angry was not going to help." I better get to the Alley, and later I will sort this out." Jerold sighed as he placed the trunks in his pocket, and was gone in a flash.


Sometime earlier the day, three large family members were being firmly escorted out of a fancy building." Now see here, I have the tickets, you can't just throw us out like this!" Vernon angrily shouted at a large number of well dress men holding him and his family.
"Like we said earlier those tickets are counterfeits, and don't think we went easy on you, since we could've called the cops and charge you three for using counterfeit Tickets!" One of the larger men firmly informed a cringing group.
"Vernon dear let's just go home, no need to make more of a scene." Petunia quickly begged her husband as they reached the parking lot the security guards release the family while looking firmly their way.
"Fine then we are going, but here this we will make a formal complaint about this mark my words you haven't seen the last of me!" Vernon yelled at the not too impress Guards.
"We will look forward to it, and by then we can make formal charges against you with the counterfeit tickets we are still holding!" One of the guards firmly warned a sneering man, who wife was dragging him away.

Half an hour later the family was back at the car after putting away their large assortment of baggage." I don't believe this, a holiday Ruined." A Fuming Vernon angrily yelled as he sat before the steering wheel, holding it with a firm gripped.
"Vernon dear, maybe we can pay for a vacation trip?" Petunia quickly suggested, as her husband turned to her.
"I doubt we can find any opening now usually it takes months to reserve a room at a top of the line Hotel for the Holiday Vacation" Vernon sighed in defeated tone." How much I would hate this, we should just head back home, and try to enjoy our Holiday and just forget this ever happen!" Vernon suggested with another sigh, as they headed home and unknown to them the start of their downfall.

Grimmauld Pl.

Later that afternoon in a large bedroom, a messy hair Wizard had tears running from his eyes, as he shifted threw his dead parent's trunks, which held their personal effects." I must remember to share my findings with Harry I know he would love to have more of his parent's things to remember them by." Jerold smiled, as he picked out some things he would like to keep in memory of his parents.
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