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New training

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Jerold decide to stop Harry's defense training for something else.

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A/N; I will have more on the Durleys in the next chapter, but in this chapter I was stuck for a while of how I was going to end this chapter either with a surprise truth about Jerold or just forget what I been working on for the last week, it just something I just thought to use.

Also I don't own Harry Potter and please review.

Grimmauld Pl

Christmas day arrived too slowly for a little girl, as she tore up the wrapping of her presents to her parents and uncles amusement.” Dear I keep telling you, you don’t need to buy nice looking wrappings, Kat will just destroy them within a second.” Jerold joked as his wife gave a playful glare.

“Fine then next time I will just use paper bags to wrapped them up which will include your.” Catrina smiled as she opened her presents in a way that she could use the wrapping again.

Once all presents were revealed, a little kitten was now playing with a ball of yawn, startling many of the guests.” Wow if that what it took to keep Kat happy, I should have gotten her cat toys.” Sirius jokingly complained, since he bought the little girl some fancy Wizarding toys.

“Don’t worry Sirius, Kat will get to your gifts sooner or later.” Catrina smiled as she patted his hand.

After a while of watching the kitten play the ball of yawn, a young Wizard turned to another.” Harry, I’m going to advance your friends and yours training, so please Floo call Hermione, Ron, Ginny, and the Weasley twins, to tell them I want to see them here in a day or two.” Jerold informed a startled teen.

“You inviting the Twins, I guess you know what you are doing, I will back in a sec.” Harry confusedly asked, before leaving the room to go to where the Floo Network was setup.

A day later

In a large living room, a couple sat before a small group of teens.” Alright guys, for now we are not going to train in defense.” Jerold informed a protesting group, but the other adult cut them off.

“Please let my husband finish before you argue over our decision!” Catrina firm voice stopped all talks.

“Thank you my dear, now before I was interrupted I was going to tell you all that I will now start your Animagus training.” Jerold calmly informed a now excited group.

“Wow can learn how to become real Party Animals!” The Weasley twins happily yelled, as others added their excitement, until one cleared her throat.

“Um Jerold isn’t Animagus training hard, and also doesn’t it take years to become one?” Hermione worriedly asked, while at the same time destroying all the happiness the other felt.

“To normal Wizards and Witches it will take anywhere up to five years and that if you do succeed.” Catrina informed a very disappointed group.” But since you have two Animal Guardians with the knowledge of several hundred magical planets, it should only take you several hours to get your Animagus forms, and a week of practice to fully become an Animagus.” Catrina smiled as the teens again celebrated.

It took several minutes before the adults could stop the celebrations, and once it was quieted Jerold stood up.” Since you all in favor of learning, let’s head to the training area, and find out what you guys are.” Jerold smiled, as he left the living room, with everyone following.

In a large room with matted flooring, a large group entered many glance at the bare interior.” Hey Jerold where all our training equipment for our lessons?” Harry worriedly asked as he entered what should‘ve been the Defence training room.

“We put them away since almost anything can happen when you find out your Animagus forms.” Jerold firmly informed his counterpart.” Now I want everyone to lie down, and also make sure you are more then five feet from each other.” Jerold firmly ordered, and the teens quickly separated to lie as far apart from each other.

Once the teens were lying comfortable, the couple walked between them.” Now that you are ready, both Catrina and I will cast a spell that will put you in a deep sleep, and once asleep you will find yourself in an environment suited for your Animal form, there you need to find it and absorb it into your body.” Jerold informed a startled group.

“What do you mean absorb it?” Harry quickly asked as his Mentor turned to him.

“It will be automatic all you need to do is capture the creature with your bare hands.” Jerold only warning, as he knelt to the ground, and place his hand on the mat making it glow bright blue immediately all the teens closed their eyes and was fast asleep.

As her husband stood up, his wife walked over.” Jerold dear, you could have giving them more hints to help find their animal forms?” Catrina firmly informed her absent-minded husband.

“And what is the fun in that, and plus they need to do this on their own, that what it says in our manuals.” Jerold informed his wife with a shrug.

“Fine then, lets get lunch ready now, since we don’t know how long they will be out for.” Catrina quickly suggested, as she left the room with a more then willing husband.

A little over an hour later while the couple sat comfortable in the kitchen, a beep alerted them of something was happening.” That was fast, I had thought we had an hour to go?” Jerold informed his agreeing wife, before both left for the training area.

Back in the training room, the couple was surprise to see two identical laughing red Hyenas, an intelligent looking dark brown Owl, and a red fox, each trap behind a light blue shield.” Let me guess, the Hyenas are Fred and George!” Jerold laughed.

“If those are the twins, Hermione is the Owl, and Ron is the Fox.” Catrina smiled, but frown as she spotted two unchanged teens.” That is odd Harry and Ginny did not change?” Catrina worriedly informed a startled spouse.

“The two hours is not up, they should be fine till then.” Jerold assure his worried wife.” But we should check if the others are aright.” Jerold quickly suggested, and both separated to help the teen to turn back to humans.

As Jerold stepped up to the laughing Hyenas, he smiled.” Hey guys this is not a laughing matter!” Jerold grinned as the two animals stopped laughing to look up at the Guardian.” Now I know you two would love to stay as you are and laugh up a storm, but please remember that you are Human, and try to change back.” Jerold calmly asked and within a flashed, a set of twins was in the place of the animals.

“Wow thanks Professor, now we can do more pranks and then make a quick getaway.” The twins laughed at the thought of things they can get into.

“I won’t say anything as long as my wife or I is not part of the prank.” Jerold warned and the twins quickly agreed.

“Professor Jerold what about your daughter Kat?” The twins unsurely asked.

“My darling daughter Kat might join you n your escapades if you try anything on her, so just make sure she comes out in one piece all right.” Jerold informed the twins in a warning tone, which the twins quickly accepted.

The Owl and Fox had no trouble turning back to humans with the help of Catrina, and once everyone was together they decided to eat lunch and then rest until the last two friends found their animal forms.

An hour later a warning beep alerted the couple of the event they were hoping for, and once back in the training room, they were shock.” This is much unexpected.” Jerold could only say, as he spotted a black wing panther, and a red cat similar to his wife animal form.

“Jerold they are us, I wonder what this mean?” Catrina quickly asked.

“I don’t know this got to be a coincidence, but for now lets get them back as humans and later we figure this out.” Jerold sighed as he and Catrina got to work on helping the two new Animagus.
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