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The fall of the Dursleys

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Jerold Curse worked better then he hope for.

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Private Dr

In the kitchen a woman, is busy clearing the dished when the front doors closed with a bang, and she quickly went to see who it was.” Vernon dear, what happen why you are upset?” Petunia worriedly asked, as she spied a very red face husband.

“What happen, WHAT HAPPEN?” Vernon shouted as he looked to his wife.” I being put on probation until the manager could get all the workers together for a meeting to see the truth of my capabilities as a worker.” Vernon angrily informed his wife.

“What why is the company questioning your abilities, why now after all these years?” Petunia worriedly asked.

“I don’t know dear, but I may have said something that had the head manager question my abilities on the job, I wish I knew what it was.” Vernon sighed as he sat down looking very worried about this.

As the husband finished grumbling about the unfairness of his boss, a knock on the door made them jump up in surprise.” Great who is that now?” Petunia called out as she walked over to the door, and open to see a Policeman standing at the door.” Hello how can I help you?” Petunia worriedly asked, as the Policeman looked firmly at her.

“Do you have a son name Dudley Dursley?” The Officer firmly asked, as the wife gulped.

“Why what happen, is he hurt?” Petunia worriedly asked, as the officer shook his head.

“No but he and his gang is being questioned about a beating of several kids, and I’m afraid they will be charged ma’am.” The officer informed a shock mother.

“Great this is all Freaks fault, if he hadn’t left Dudley would be beating up on him instead of the neighborhood kids, oh that freak will pay for what he done to poor Dudley.” Petunia angrily yelled, not noticing what she was saying.

“And who is this Freak Mrs. Dursley?” The officers calmly asked, as he quickly got out his notepad and started taken notes.

“Why its Harry Potter, we use to use him to do all the chores around the house since he was five, and not get anything in return.” Petunia emotionlessly informed a shock officer.

“What sort of chores Mrs. Dursley?” The officer calmly asked, as he got ready to radio for backup.

“Why the Freak did all the dishes, cooked most of our meals, and all the chores about the house, and if the lazy freak didn’t do a whole list of chores, he would be sent to the Cupboard under the stairs.” Petunia smartly informed the officer, whom glanced into the room, and saw the small door to the said Cupboard, and he was not too happy.

“Oh is that so, can you tell me how long he is left in the Cupboard, and exactly how many chores did Mr. Potter had to do?” The officer firmly asks the wife, whom looked lost in her thoughts.

“Let’s see, I think we kept him for an entire week one time.” Petunia started, causing the officer eyes to widen.” As for his chores, I just fill a whole folder paper with daily chores, and usually I don’t care if the freak done it the day before, as long as the paper was filled up he had to do it all or no food for the entire day.” Petunia informed a not too happy officer.

“Is that right, one last thing where is Mr. Potter now?” The officer firmly asked, as the wife sighed.

“He never returned after going to his boarding school at the end of the last school year, its somewhere in Scotland, but sorry I don’t know its name.” Petunia informed a startled officer.

“In that case, I will be back to talk with you more later so have nice day Mrs. Dursley.” The officer calmly informed the wife, and left for his patrol car.

Once at the car, the officer called for backup to help him arrest the rest of the Dursley family, and he sighed as he waited.” So Dudley was right about Mr. Potter home life, hopefully with his confession, along with his parents, they all will be in jail for quit a while.” The officer smiled, but one thing was on his mind, where was Harry Potter, and why the Dursleys could not tell them the school he went to, or what happen to him.

Before the end of December, the Dursleys face conviction for child negligence, the husband and wife was sentence to ten years in prison, and their son sent to St. Brutus, where he would probably spend all of his school years attending.

A Week before the sentencing

A flash of blue light appeared in the Dursley home, to reveal a young couple that immediately looked about for any signs of life.” So this was your plan all this time isn’t dear, to get your so call relatives to confess their crimes!” A red hair young woman firmly asked.

“You got me I thought it would be easier to have them turn themselves in, instead of me going to the police station to report the abuse.” Harry informed his wife with a shrugged.

“Clever plan my dear, but did you forget how much hassle is it to remove the curse?” Catrina firmly asked, as she slapped her husband on his head.

“I’m sorry already I wasn’t sure how long the Dursley would have before they get arrested!” Jerold quickly answered as he rubbed his sour head.

“Fine then I will forgive your error for now, so please next time ask me for help when you decide to do something stupid!” Catrina warned before they both separated to remove the Curses, which took almost half the day to clear all the rooms.

Grimmauld Pl

A Week before the teens would return to school, a messy hair young man is going over some large books hoping to find anything that would answer some questions about what just happen just after Christmas.” Great I only confirmed that Harry and Ginny are the same animals as Catrina and I, but why would Harry have the same animal that I was resurrected as.” Jerold thought as another stepped into the room.

“Jerold dear are you still pouring over those books?” Catrina kindly asks as she looked over the piles of books before her husband.

“I am, and I can’t seem to find any reference to what kind of animal both Harry and I are, since I had hope it is the clue of why his Animagus form is like my resurrected form.” Jerold sighed in defeat since he have a feeling he will not find an information now.

“Darling dear, maybe you should give it a rest, since when you defeat Tom Riddle, you will have all the time you need, so lets just focus on what we are suppose to do now.” Catrina firmly suggested, and her husband gave out a loud sigh.

“Fine then, but the second I’m free, I’m going back to research this, since I have a feeling there is somehow a link between my animal form, and Harry’s Animagus form.” Jerold sighed in defeat as he waved his hand to vanish the books back to the shelves, before heading out of the room with his wife.


In a large office a Toad-like man frowned as he looked into a glowing crystal ball.” Jerold, I’m sorry about lying to you about how you came to be in Animalia, I hope you will forgive me for not telling you.” Toadias sadly wished, as he continues looking over his Guardians.

Important A/N

Sorry if the last two chapters seem to confuse you, I wrote them while trying to revise the ending to my story, and may have as you would say jump the gun in revealing something I should have waited at the end of the story to reveal.

In a way of appologizing to your confusion if you are one of many, here is somethings I will clearify.

What Toadias said at the end of the last chapter was done to make him sound like he knew more then what he had revealed to Jerold when he first arrived at his school.

Jerold Animal form and Harry Animagus form is the same for a reason, I will reveal more at the end of the story.

I made Ginny and Catrina animal forms the same, just to hint of pairings, there is no conection betwin the two, unlike Harry and Jerold.

I'm still working on the ending which will be a more then couple chapters away, but unfortunately I'm still reading Deathly Hallows, and I still undecided to use it to help me with this story.

I hope this help, and I will probably will take awhile to post the next chapter, and thanks for reading my story.
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