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Fudge Mistake

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Fudge tries to make Animalia take action against Voldemort.

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Headmaster’s Office

It been four months into the new year, an age Wizard sits patiently as an important looking Wizard explains his future plans.” Headmaster I assure you we need the Animalia School of Witchcraft and Wizardry support, since they supposed to have the most powerful Wizards and Witches attending it!” Fudge firmly informed a tired looking Headmaster.

“True, but how are we going to asked their Headmaster, since last I heard, the school is nearly impossible to find, unless it chooses new candidates for learning.” Dumbledore reminded a not so patient Minister.

“Well that is why I asked you call the Jamesons couple for this meeting, didn‘t your records show that they came from Animalia?” Fudge firmly asked, as the Headmaster sighed, knowing now he needs to secure his records in the Ministry with far more advance spells then what the Ministry can provide.

“Yes they did, and speak of the devil, COME IN JEROLD AND CATRINA!” Dumbledore called out as he silently sighed in relief for the interruption.

In a few minutes the new arrivals was welcome and as soon as they settled down, the Ministry of Magic quickly spoke up.” Mr. and Mrs. Jameson, as Minister of Magic, I would like you to ask your Headmaster of Animalia to help support us in our war against He who must not be name.” Fudge proudly asked a worried couple.

“I’m sorry Minister, but I’m afraid Animalia will always be neutral in anything that is outside of its Hallow halls, unless a former student decides to do something himself.” Jerold informed a not so happy Minister.

“NEUTRAL, NEUTRAL, don’t the professors of Animalia know Wizards are dieing here, can’t they at least help us in this war?” Fudge almost shouted as the couple looked firmly at the Ministry.

“Minister, how can we help you, when you do nothing but put the Ministry ahead of the Wizards they suppose to protect?” Jerold firmly started, as his wife put a calming hand on his shoulders.” You said people are dieing but last I read from the prophet, there has been no murder in almost a year, only the accidental death every now and then.” Jerold firmly informed the now red face Ministry.

“Well the Prophet can’t report all the deaths, and…” Fudge quickly stopped himself before continuing a few seconds later.” That doesn’t matter, I want the Animalia full support or I will get the Board of Governors to force them into action!” Fudge now shouted as he stood to face the couple.

“Minister, if you did not know already, Animalia IS outside the Ministry jurisdiction so I doubt there is anything you nor anyone can do to tell us what to do!” Catrina firmly informed a glaring Minister.

Fudge firmly stated before heading to the Headmaster’s fireplace and vanished in flash of green flames.
With the Minister gone, the Headmaster looked to the Guardians.” I’m sure Fudge can’t do anything to press your Headmaster into action am I right?” Dumbledore knowingly asked one worried looking Wizard, and a smiling Witch.

“Actually my dear Headmaster Dumbledore, if Fudge does anything stupid, like what he is planning, he might need to find a new job.” Catrina smiled as two confuse Wizards looked her way.

“And why is that Professor Catrina?” Dumbledore smiled, as the younger professor grinned.

“Now that will be telling, and I wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise.” Catrina smiled, as the Headmaster accepted it.

With the Guardian’s unwilling to go further, the Headmaster decided to changed the subject.” Now that is out of the way, I may have some disturbing news about the last Horcruxe.” Dumbledore started getting the Guardian’s attention.” I believe Tom move it out of its original hiding place and now keeping it close at hand.” Dumbledore informed two not too happy Guardians.
“Great Tom must have just found out that we were hunting his Horcruxes, and realize he just have one remaining!” Jerold grumbled as he stood up and started pacing.

“Jerold dear, maybe this is perfect we can kill two birds with one stone.” Catrina grinned, as did her husband.

“You are right as always my darling, but if that is the case wouldn’t we need to wait till Tom attack us, and who knows when that will be?” Jerold gravely suggested as his wife regrettably agreed.

“I know this will be a waiting game, but this is all we can do.” Catrina sadly informed an understanding husband.

“I know dear, I wish we could just end it now, by storming Tom’s hideout or something.” Jerold sighed as he looked to the window of the office.

“You know that will be suicidal, there will be unknown amount of Death Eaters at the Hideout, and even though our powers greater then most Wizards, we still can be over powered if we had to fight to get to Tom.” Catrina firmly warned as her husband nodded in acceptance.

“Fine then we wait for now.” Jerold sighed in defeat as he turned to his Headmaster.” Sir if this is all I guess we will call it a night.” Jerold tiredly suggested, and the Headmaster agreed.

“Yes go and enjoy the rest of the day to yourselves, and have a good night.” Dumbledore kindly suggested, as the couple nodded before disappearing from the Headmaster’s office.

Great Hall

It’s been a month since the meeting with the Minister, and the Jameson couple had completely forgotten the meeting until an Owl delivered an important looking letter.” Why do I have a not so good feeling about this?” Jerold worriedly asked his wife, whom gulped as her husband ripe the letter open.

Mr. and Mrs. Jameson

There will be a full inquiry of your status as professors at Hogwarts, please attend a full Hearing with the Board of Directors within a Week from now, the date and place will be Owl to Headmaster Dumbledore.

Sign by Cornelius Fudge Minister of Magic

Ps: I you are not present at the Hearing you will be place on probation until further notice.

Once the couple read the note, they turned to the Age Headmaster whom sighed as he read his letter.” It appears Minister Fudge going to openly attack Animalia to get them to support him against Tom.” Dumbledore gravely informed the couple.

“Good let that idiot try, since he will never succeed.” Catrina smiled knowing something the others did not.

“Catrina dear, are you going to tell us why Fudge isn’t going to succeed?” Jerold firmly asked, since his wife was not saying anything about Fudge since the last meeting.

“Like I said earlier my dear, I don’t want to spoil the surprise.” Catrina smiled as she continued eating, and ignoring her husband complaints about unfair wives.

Minister of Magic

It took a week before the Jameson couple was called to the Ministry, and found themselves sitting in a large room, facing a long table filled with important Wizards and Witches.” Since everyone is here, the Board of Governors meeting will start now.” Fudge proudly announced as he stood facing the couple before him.” This meeting is to call to attention of two professors, and the school they attended, Animalia School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.” Fudge started, but before he could go on, the doors to the room opened and a short man walked in and faced the Governors.” What is the meaning of this, and who are you?” Fudge yelled as the small Wizard looked to him.

“My name is Raffia, and I’m a representative of Animalia School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.” Raffia firmly started, as he turned to the Minister.” Minister Fudge are you sure about going against our school for what I see for no reason at all.” Raffia firmly asked, as a red face Minister looked angry at the question.

“NO REASON AT ALL, Mr. Raffia, the two professors will not help in our war against He who not be name, by requesting assistance from Animalia, and not only that I been getting student complaints on their teaching performance!” Fudge argued, as he pass several parchments that showed the many complaints.

For a few minutes the representative of Animalia went through the parchments with the young professors, before turning to the Minister.” From what I and the professors could tell, all of these complaints are only from the Slytherin’s House did you not get anything from the other Houses?” Raffia confusedly asked a not so happy Minister.

“Why would it matter where all the complaints came from, these are more then enough for a hearing for the professors teaching capabilities?” Fudge argued as the representative handed over a large pile of parchments.

“Actually it does matter, since I have here parchments that phrase the professors on their teaching capabilities, from the students, their parents, and the professors.” Raffia firmly started, then handed over a couple more parchments.” These here are the professors evaluation of when they attended Animalia, and you may notice they both have top marks on almost all their classes, and were highly recommended for positions at the school, which they pass up to teach at a school of their choice.” Raffia smiled as he saw many of the Governors looking impressed at what they read.

After a few more minutes of going over the parchments, another Governor stood up, looking not so nicely at the Minister.” It appears this Hearing is no longer needed, and all charges against Professor Jerold Jameson and Professor Catrina Jameson are hereby dismissed!” The Governor called out, as the Minister quickly stood up.

“WHAT ABOUT MAKING THEM ASK ANIMALIA FOR HELP, we could use their graduates to help us with the war, since only very powerful Wizards and Witches are attending the school!” Fudge quickly demanded, as the Representative looked to the Minister.

“Minister Fudge, Animalia will not allow you nor anyone outside the school to access to their students files, and keep this up, I will be force to take action to protect the school.” Raffia firmly warned a glaring Minister.

“Are you threatening me, THE Minister of Magic, I can have you sent to Azkaban prison in a heartbeat!” Fudge yelled, as he continued glaring.” My fellow Governors I feel that we had let Animalia School of Witchcraft and Wizardry teach their ways without Government approval for far too lone.” Fudge started as he turned to the other Governors.” So I want to pass a bill that will make Animalia part of the normal Wizarding school circulation.” Fudge demanded as the Representative looked to the Minister.

“Minister Fudge you sure you want to do this?” Raffia firmly asked as the Minister turned to him.

“If this is the only way the Headmaster of Animalia will see reason, yes I’m sure!” Fudge angrily yelled as the Representative gave a long sigh.

“So be it, I did not want to do this, but you leave me no choice.” Raffia sighed in defeat, as he looked to one of the Governors.” If you look into the Book of Wizarding Laws, under section one, paragraph ten, you will find a Law concerning Animalia.” Raffia firmly informed a started group of Governors, before a number of Wizards quickly pulled out a thick book, and started flipping pages.

In no time, one of the Governors looked up to the Representative in confusion.” You are mistaking there is no paragraph ten, only a blank area between nine and eleven?” The Governor confusedly asked, while the Representative grinned.

“Its blank since the Law is protected by a Charm so no one can erase it from the Book of Laws.” Raffia firmly stated, before placing his hand on his heart.” I Raffia reinstate the Law that protects Animalia school of Witchcraft and Wizardry, from outside influences.” Raffia suddenly called out, and the Governors surprise all the Book of Laws started to glow, and the missing Law appeared into the blank area.

A few minutes later, a Minister was pale as he read the Law, and quickly looked to the Representative.” You can’t do this, I want that man arrested!” Fudge shouted, but a blue glow surrounded him, as the Representative looked to the Minister.

“As the Law of Animalia stated, anyone who foolish to attack the great school, will be immediately sent to prison, with all their title, rank, and Magic stripped from them!” Raffia firmly informed the now freed Ex-Minister.

“You can’t do this!” Fudge yelled as he pulled out his wand.” Avada Kedavra!” Fudge quickly yelled, but to everyone surprise nothing came out of his wand and when Fudge saw this he fell to his knees crying, knowing he had just lost his magic.

“Governors, I believe you need a new Minister.” Raffia informed the shock Governors, before turning to the professors.” I will leave now seeing that my job is done, but I need to tell you that Hogwarts is under siege so you better head back now.” Raffia warned, before leaving the room, with the professors quickly following.
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