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Battle of Hogwarts

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The finale battle between Light and Dark.

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A/N; Sorry I know I said this would be the last chapter, unfortunately the battle scene was overwhelming for me to write, and I needed a break, before finally ending this story, but I am sure the next chapter is the last.

Also I don't own Harry Potter and please review.


The morning of the Jameson Hearing, it was peaceful as a trio walked the hallways to their classes.” So how do you think the professors Hearing will do?” Hermione worriedly asked her two friends.

“From what little I heard from Professor Catrina, they will probably be searching for a new Minister before the Hearing ends.” Harry smiled at the idea.

“Yeah sure mate, it will happen when pigs fly!” Ron laughed, as did his friends.

“You want to be…” Harry started, but stopped as his hands went to his scare on his forehead, and had a look of pain.

“Harry what’s wrong, are you getting a vision?” Hermione worriedly asked, since she knew Harry should not be receiving visions thanks to his training.

“Hermione go and warn Headmaster Dumbledore, Voldemort will be here with hordes of Death Eaters soon!” Harry quickly gasped out as his friends looked wide-eye at him.

“Harry that can’t be possible, He who must not be name wouldn’t go against the Headmaster.” Hermione quickly suggested dismissing the possible attack.

“Hermione please I know what I saw, go and warn the Headmaster, Ron and I will try to slow the Death Eaters progress.” Harry quickly ordered, and the young Witch nodded with tears in her eyes, before turning into a beautiful brown Owl, which flew out of the nearest window.

With Hermione gone, Harry grabbed his friend and started running.” Hey Mate where are we going in a rush?” Ron breathlessly asked as he tried to keep up with his friend.

“Your brothers Fred and George, should have something that can help us, at least that what Jerold told me to see them if we need a distraction.” Harry quickly informed his friend as they saw the identical red heads heading into a classroom.” FRED, GEORGE one second we need your help!” Harry quickly yelled getting the twins attention.

“What the great Harry Potter needs our help, we are in.” Both twins quickly answered as the younger Wizards stepped up to them.

“I need to know if you got anything that can block an entire hallway, hopefully enough to at least slow down hundreds of Death Eaters.” Harry quickly asked causing the twins to think.

“We have the Portable Swamp it should keep anyone at bay for awhile?” The twins suggested before realizing what the young Wizard had said.” WAIT A MINUTE did you just say Death Eaters?” The twins quickly asked, as the younger Wizard nodded.

“We are going to be attack soon, so please you need to set up a couple around the Vanishing Cabinet that is where one of the main groups of Death Eaters will storm the school.” Harry urged as the twins quickly accepted the plan.

“We are on it, but first we need to get our supplies which are in our room, and then we should be able to set it within five minutes.” The twins assure the young Wizard as they turned into Hyenas and ran off.

Once the twins were gone, Harry again rushed off.” Now what Harry, I think you can rest for now since you got everything covered?” Ron quickly suggested as he continued following his friend.

“I know but we need to head to the Headmaster’s office, to warn Dumbledore what we just did.” Harry urgently informed his friend as they continue running down the hallway.

Headmaster’s Office

Earlier the Headmaster was having last minute meeting with the Head of Houses, when a brown Owl flew in, and surprise the professors when it turned into a young Witch.” Ms. Granger, when did you become an Animagus?” Dumbledore shockingly asked, as the young Witch turn to her Headmaster.

“Last Christmas thanks to Professor Jerold.” Hermione quickly explained, before looking worriedly to the professors.” But before I go into it, Harry just had a vision of He who not be name planning to attack the school!” Hermione quickly explained causing uproar upon the Heads, before the Headmaster quickly quieted them.

“Are you sure about this Ms. Granger?” Dumbledore now gravely asked, and the teen gave a quick nod.” Then in that case, I better get things moving.” Dumbledore firmly informed his student before turning to his Deputy Headmistress.” Minerva I need you to get the students into the Great Hall, while the others must strengthen the wards.” Dumbledore gravely ordered, as the heads quickly stood up and left the room to do as ordered.

Once the Heads was gone, the Headmaster went into his drawers to pull out a golden Medallion and tap it with his wand.” All Order Members, please head to the school, we are going to be attack soon, also bring reliable friends.” Dumbledore firmly ordered, as the Medallion glowed until he finished talking.

“Headmaster is it really true, are we going to be attack?” A very frighten Hermione quickly asked, as a much worn Headmaster took his seat.

“I’m afraid if Harry had a vision, it must be so, since he is train to see the truth of his Visions.” Dumbledore gravely informed his student.” But one thing worries me, it will be unknown when Jerold or Catrina will return from their Hearing, and we do need them to help destroy the last Horcruxe.” Dumbledore informed a scared teen.

“I’m sure they will know about the attack, and will be here as soon as possible.” Hermione worriedly guessed as the doors to the office banged open revealing two very tired Wizards.

“Sir we got one of the entrances the Death Eaters will be using covered, but we need to get everyone to the main entrance since that is were the bulk of the attack will be.” Harry breathlessly informed the paled Headmaster.

“Thank you Harry for this critical information, we better get to the Great Hall, and everyone should be there now.” Dumbledore gravely suggested, and they all made their way out of the office.

Great Hall

In the Great Hall students were seated at the long tables wondering why their classes were stopped, until the doors to the room opened and a graved Headmaster walked into the room with three students following, and once they got to the Head Table he turned to the students.” I have grave news, it seems that Voldemort will make a move against our great school, and we need volunteers anyone from fifth year and up to help defend her.” Dumbledore sadly announced, and after a few tense minutes of silence, more then a quarter of each year stood up looking determined to fight.” Thank you all for volunteering, now I will split you all up to either help defend inside the school or help outside.” Dumbledore announced and personally separated the volunteers, and sending them off to wait for the battle to begin.

After almost half an hour, the Headmaster was done sorting the students, and now turned to the remaining students.” I will seal the Hall doors once the professors leave here, so I wish you all luck, and hopefully we all will return before the end of the day.” Dumbledore announced, and left with the professors, each hoping that the battle will determine the finale outcome between the Light and Dark.

Hogwarts entrance

Just outside the great doors a large group of students and professors stood silently looking towards the dark forest, until one spoke up.” Headmaster I’m going to scout around, don’t worry I would be alright.” Harry smiled as the Headmaster tried to say something, but stopped as the teen was replaced by a pure black leopard, with golden wings sprouted out of its back.” So what do you think Headmaster is it strange that my Animagus form is the same as Jerold resurrection form?” Harry simply asked, as he disappeared and a gust of wind poured over the empty ground.

It took a few minutes before the Headmaster turned to Harry’s friends.” Does Harry have the same abilities as Jerold in his animal form?” Dumbledore shockingly asked two smiling friends.

“From what we been told, yes they seem to have all of each other abilities.” Hermione grinned seeing she knew something the Headmaster never knew.” And from what I can see, Harry and Jerold animal forms almost mirror each other the only difference is Jerold look older and wiser.” Hermione finished as the Headmaster nodded in acceptance.

“Well at least Harry can defend himself as his Animagus form as well as his human form.” Dumbledore sighed in relief as he had the students spread out to get ready for the upcoming battle.

About ten minutes after Harry’s disappearances, the defenders of Hogwarts was startled as flashes of light along with shouts of pain heard at the boundaries of the Forbidden Forest, it lasted for five minutes before it was over.

Moments after the light show a slightly tired teen appeared before the defenders.” I estimated there must be well over two hundred Death Eaters, but I had not seen Tom yet.” Harry tiredly informed his Headmaster.

“Thanks for the update Mr. Potter, but do you mind to tell us what the flashes and screams were about?” Dumbledore firmly asked, as his student look guilty.

“Um since the Death Eater was just hanging about the edge of the forest, I decided to attack using a special technique my Animagus form can do, which allows me to run really fast, to knock out any one in my path.” Harry smiled as the professors and students were now wide-eye.

“Mr. Potter about how much Death Eater did you take out?” McGonagall shockingly asked.

“Maybe a quarter of the Death Eaters, I’m not sure since many may have not been hit hard enough to be out cold for a while.” Harry answered looking unsure the new numbers of active Death Eaters.

“That is all right Mr. Potter, any help you can muster is better then doing nothing at all.” Dumbledore assure his student, as the first signs of an attack were seen at the edge of the forest.” But it seems your attack was not enough to deter the survivors, so let’s get ready shell us.” Dumbledore gravely suggested as he and all the defenders got ready for a life and death battle.

Moments after the first spell were cast, it was chaos as Witches and Wizards on the Light and Dark side fought for their very lives, two pair of eyes was watching from high above the Astrometry Tower.” This is worse then any battle that I been in.” Jerold worriedly informed his wife.

“I guess I’m lucky that this is my first real life battle.” Catrina worriedly informed her husband.

“Will you be all right dear, I know you are a good Dueler, but this is fight without any rules or referee.” Jerold warned as his wife glared.

“I know dear, and I will be careful, but you better come back alive, or I will find a way to bring you back so I can kill you for being so reckless!” Catrina warned, as they gave each other a hugged.

“In that case my dear, I will make sure I will survive this battle.” Jerold gulped before both disappear.

Back on the battle field, a young Wizard blasted several Death Eaters, when a loud crackle sounded, and he turned to a mad looking Witch,” Oh it’s the Longbottom baby trying to play with the big boys.” The Witch madly laughed as the young Wizard turned to her.

“Who are you and how did you know me?” Neville nervously asked, as he seems to remember the Witch from somewhere.

“Oh you don’t remember me, I’m Bellatrix Lestrange I paid a visit to your parents you were just a baby.” Lestrange informed the young Wizard, whom quickly realized who the mad Witch was.

“I KNOW YOU, YOU MADE MY PARENTS GO INSANE!” Neville shouted in anger.

“Oh the little baby remembered I better help you get reacquainted with your parents then.” Lestrange baby talked to the young Wizard before waving her wand.” CRUCIO!” Lestrange suddenly yelled but the young Wizard rolled to the side of the Curse.

“Reducto!” Neville quickly repeated the same curse at the Mad Witch.

“Protégé!” Lestrange yelled, stopping the first Curse, but quickly dodge the others.” Oh the little baby think he play with the grownups, oh well I better teach him some manners.” Lestrange lightly scolded, before waving her wand.” Avada Kadavra!” Lestrange yelled, as the Wizard quickly conjured some blocks that blew up as the Curse hit it, sending thick dusts into the Witches face, causing her to be temporary blinded.” Come out, come out where ever you are, you can’t hide from me for ever!” Lestrange madly yelled, as someone behind her yelled out a spell.

“REDUCTO!” Neville yelled at point blank range, hitting the Mad Witch back, and sending her flying into the ground in pain.

As the Mad Witch lay on the ground, she cried out in agony since her back was badly torn apart from the blast.” Someone help me!” Lestrange cried out in pain.

“After all the pain you done, I think not, I will just leave you here to your fate.” Neville spat at his parents torturer.

“Please don’t leave me here, I beg of you.” Lestrange painfully cried out to the Wizard whom simply ignored her, and started to walk away.” Avada…” Lestrange stated to yell, but another spell cut her off.

“REDUCTO!” Another Witch yelled destroying the Mad Witches wand, along with her hand, sending the Mad Witch screaming in pain.

As the mad Witch screamed, the young Wizard looked to his rescuer.” Professor McGonagall, you saved my life!” Neville stuttered in shock.

“Of course I did, but you are not the only family torn by this Mad Witch, I saw numerous families destroyed by her cruel deeds.” McGonagall spat out at the down Witch, before turning to her student.” Come on we got a battle to win, lets leave this creature to her fate.” McGonagall suggested with a look of disgust, as they got into other battles that sprouted about them.

In another part of the large battle field, a Witch in white Robes, seem to dance around the many spells flying around her, as she attack Dark Wizards with clawed hands sending them to the ground screaming in pain from the long and deep gashes that formed on their bodies.” Too easy, these Humans are way too slow.” Catrina smiled as she quickly took out many more Dark Wizards in her humanoid cat form.

In another part an elderly Wizard was back to back with a younger one, both was keeping back a large scale of Dark Wizards bent on taking them out.” It seems you got us in a tight mess Mr. Potter.” Dumbledore joked before blasting several Dark Wizards with a spell.

“Hay Jerold is more to blame on this mess then me.” Harry argued as he too blasted some Dark Wizard.

“True and speak of the Devil here he is now.” Dumbledore said in awe, as a Wizard in white Robes calmly walked towards them, as tendrils of pure magic shot out of his body and slamming into Dark Wizards left and right, leaving a trail of fallen Wizards.

“Mr. Potter I see you still use too much magic to increase your speed attacks, how many times I had to go threw your thick head that only a quarter of your magic is needed for that special attack.” Jerold jokingly scolded, as he quickly turned around to catch a green Curse that sped his way.” Oh no you didn‘t try to kill me didn‘t you!” Jerold yelled as he threw the Curse back at the caster, and smiled as he heard a thump.

“Professor Jerold, please try to keep a FEW Death Eater alive so we can question them later.” Dumbledore kindly scolded as he continues his attack.

“Of course Headmaster, but are you sure you don’t want to end the battle with the Death Eaters quickly, since Tom just arrive…” Was Jerold only warning, since a strong Dark wave of pure Darkness painfully knock the Headmaster, his student, and almost everyone around a thirty-foot radius to the ground, while the unaffected Guardian face the new arrival.

On the ground, the now paralyzed Headmaster could only watch as a snake-like Wizard walked out of the Darkness and up to the lone defender of the Light.” You are much stronger then I first thought, Mr. Jameson!” Voldemort firmly hissed, as his wand was ready for an attack.

“Well I was never one who likes to show off my power.” Jerold informed the Dark Lord with shrugged.

“Then let’s see how powerful you really are!” Voldemort hissed, as he waved his wand.” Avada Kadavra!” Voldemort yelled, and as Jerold started to wave his hand to deflect the spell like before, he disappeared, causing the spell to soar harmlessly into the air.

“Oh you gotten stronger, that spell would have weakened me gravely.” Jerold worriedly informed the Dark Lord, as he appeared some feet away.

“Just weaken you I really doubt that.” Voldemort started, but a golden wing panther pounce on him, drawing blood as he dug his claws into the Dark Wizard’s Robes.” Oh you pay for that!” Voldemort painfully hissed, as he tried in vain to remove the large creature

Far from the attack, the Guardian only could watch in awe. “Hmm either Harry is much stronger than I thought, or it was his new wand that protected him.” Jerold guessed, as he watched the Dark Lord throws off the panther with inhuman strength.

“Um Jerold, I don’t think this will be an easy battle.” Panther/Harry could only say, after he had jumped next to his counterpart.

“First of all, when did I say this was going to be easy, and second dodge?” Jerold yelled out the command, instantly both jumped to the side avoiding a Dark Curse that tore a five-foot gash in the ground.

“Fools, do you think you can defeat me!” Voldemort yelled, as shadows formed about his wounds, within seconds his wounds healed.

“We don’t think we can defeat you, we know we can!” Jerold yelled as he pulled out a silver sword so he can try a different tactic.

“That the Gryffindor Sword, so it’s true it was found!” Voldemort yelled in surprised, as he pulled out a similar sword from his Robes.” Does this mean you are Gryffindor’s Heir? “Voldemort shockingly asked.

“Actually Tom Riddle both Harry and I are Gryffindor Heirs!” Jerold firmly informed the Dark Lord, before rushing up to him to him, swinging the sword straight up, but the older Wizard dodge and swung his sword at the younger Wizard but missed him as he danced around his the attack.

“Impressive, you can fight well with the sword.” Voldemort hissed, as the younger Wizard got ready to defend himself.” But I guess it would be fitting that the Heirs of Hogwarts fight with their ancestors weapons, like the swords of Slytherin and Gryffindor!” Voldemort hissed, as the younger teen noticed something odd about the Dark Lord’s sword, and turned to his counterpart to gesture something, which the panther nodded in understanding before both got ready to attack.

“Yes this does seem fitting for the finale battle between the Light and Dark.” Jerold yelled as he rushed up to the Dark Lord, and swung his sword from his left side, but the Dark Lord quickly block the attack, and was about to move away, but he stopped as teeth bit down hard on his wand arm, causing him to scream in rage.

“Harry hold on to Tom, don‘t let him go until I finish the spell!” Jerold quickly yelled as he dropped his sword, and grabbed onto the Dark Lord’s sword.

“What are you doing, let the sword go!” Voldemort screamed as the panther bit harder into his hand.

“I will only after I finished this spell!” Jerold firmly informed the Dark Lord, as both his hands and now sword glowed blue, and instantly it exploded, sending the three combatants flying into the ground.

Moments after he landed, the older Wizard rolled into a kneeling position, cursing himself for using that spell to destroy the sword.” Great I wished I used a less destructive spell, but that was the quickest spell to use on the blasted Horcruxe.” Jerold thought as he rushed to his counterpart whom lain on the ground unmoving, while at the same time summon his sword.

After seeing his counterpart breathing, but out cold, the older Wizard turned to the barely standing Dark Lord, and walked towards the greatly wounded Wizard.” I guess this is it TOM RIDDLE, your Horcruxe are all gone, and you are now MORTAL!” Jerold yelled as he got his sword ready to deliver the finale blow.

“You will never kill me, I will win!” Voldemort yelled, as he waved his wand.” Avada Kadavra!” Voldemort yelled, but the younger Wizard spun around barely missing the green spell, and immediately rammed the sword into the Dark Lord heart.

“Look like you are wrong Riddle, and if there is a slim chance of meeting them, please say hi to my parents, I have a feeling they would love to have a word with you!” Jerold firmly spat at the slowly dieing Dark Lord, then pulled out the sword causing the lifeless body to fall to the ground unmoving.

“It’s over, the Prophecy is fulfilled.” Jerold sighed in relief, but as those paralyzed was now freed, screams of anguish sounded behind him, and the Guardian turned to see his friends crying over an unmoving body.” NO the Curse was not meant for me, Tom was aiming for Harry.” Jerold cried out in despair, as he quickly rushed up to the fallen Wizard.

As the sadden Wizard walked over to the still form of his student, a hand gently squeeze his shoulder.” It was not your fault, I too thought Tom was aiming for you, and there was nothing you could have done to stop the Curse.” Catrina tried to comfort a crying husband.

“You are wrong, there were many things I could have done to block the curse, if only I wasn’t bent on ramming the sword into Tom Dark Heart, Harry would be alive.” Jerold couldn’t go on as he cried on his wife shoulders, and both stood there as reinforcement of the Light quickly dispatch the last of the Dark Forces,

Soon after the Dark Lord fall, the Light won and now the survivors gather around a fallen Hero, but everyone sadden looks turn to gasps as the young fallen Wizard started to glow blue, and immediately started to slowly fade in and out of existence.” Jerold, Catrina what’s going on with Harry?” A teary Hermione quickly shouted getting the Guardian’s attention.

“No it can’t be…” Catrina started, but ran to the fallen teen side.” It’s Harry untapped power we been trying to discover since his training, it showing itself now.” Catrina quickly answered, before turning to the teen.” Harry please focus on our voices, don’t leave us please.” Catrina begged, as she placed her hands over the teen and created a bluish shield.” Jerold I need your powers, please lend me some of it or we going to lose Harry.” Catrina quickly asked, as her husband went by her side.

“Catrina do you know what is this hidden power of Harry’s?” Jerold worriedly asked, as he placed his hands on his wife glowing hands, causing the shield to glow brightly.

“I do, it’s a power Wizards would never be able to control, even if they are rarely gifted with it.” Catrina firmly warned as she continue working on the shield, and a few minutes later, both her and her husband collapsed to the ground, as the shield disperse showing a slowly breathing teen.

Within minutes an age Headmaster was at the once thought fallen teen side and sighed in relief as he check his student over.” Harry Potter is alive!” Dumbledore happily announce, and everyone celebrated the downfall of the Dark Lord.
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