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Jerold learns someone had lied to him, and now must leave those who he cared about.

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A/N; I don’t believe this, I started this story last year somewhere around October, but had to stop because of personal reasons, and then continued writing several months ago, now I’m glad I finished it.

I also want to add, that this wasn’t the original ending, I was originally going to leave this story as a time traveling Fic, but after reading Deathly Hallows, I decided to end it this way, so I can create my version of the book, and plus In this way I can continue Jerold adventures, and write more of Kat‘s antics.

Also I don’t own Harry Potter and please review.

Headmaster’s Office

Almost a week after the finale battle with Voldemort and his Dark Forces, the Headmaster of Hogwarts sighed as he started the Order of the phoenix to talk about the battle.” Mad-eye what is the total of the Deaths.” Dumbledore tiredly asked the most not wanted question.

“Surprising the students did well, some serious injuries, but they should be out and about in a couple weeks.” Moody started, but his battle scared face looked graved as he continued.” We lost a little over twenty Light fighters, and as for the blasted Death Eaters, well over a hundred dead, and the rest are in the prison hospitals, or in prison, hopefully this time there is no way they can free themselves.” Moody finished while he looked disgusted at the last part.

“Thank you Mad-eye. Shacklebolt is there anything else to report?” Dumbledore asked the dark skin Auror.

“The Clean up on the Battlefield is finished, but we are still working on the twins Portable swamps, which is going slowly since we believe there is still a few Death Eater trap in that mess.” Shacklebolt warned, but smiled hoping their still are Wizards trap in the swamp so they can sweet it out since they can‘t do nothing while in the swamp.

“Thank you Shacklebolt, I will see about helping once I check on some important Wizards.” Dumbledore started but another cut him off.

“Excuse me, what about Jerold and Catrina, how are they doing?” Molly worriedly asked the Headmaster.

“The couple is in a Healing Coma, since they almost drained their magic using that shield to save Harry.” Dumbledore answered looking worried for the couple.

“Speaking of that Headmaster, what happen with Harry, and how did he survive the Killing Curse again?” An Order member firmly asked.

“That is an answer I don’t know, but we should have it when the Jameson couple awakes.” Dumbledore answered looking hopeful that they will get all the answers before the week was up.

Hospital wing

In one of the many occupied beds, a messy hair Wizard slowly awake groaning.” Oh my head, did any one get the number of that Hippogriff!” Jerold complained, as the Healer stepped up to his bed.
“Oh good you are awake professor Jameson, oh I should be calling you Mr. Potter?” Pomfrey firmly asked, as she did some magical scans.

“Professor Jerold actually Madam Pomfrey, but wait how you know my secrete Madam Pomfrey?” Jerold wondered as he looked to the Healer.

“My magical scans showed me that your DNA matches Mr. Potter, and when I told the Headmaster he explain everything to me.” Pomfrey informed a worried professor.” But one thing is strange, if you were resurrected, you shouldn’t have any of Potter genes in you, since you were born from another family.” Pomfrey informed a started professor.

“Wait a minute, if I was not resurrected, why Headmaster Toadias said I was?” Jerold quickly informed the unsure Healer.

Since anyone could answer, another spoke up.” Professor Jerold, the only one who must answer that is your Headmaster, but I would like to know is what happen to Mr. Potter.” Dumbledore kindly asked, as the Guardians turned to him.

” When Harry was hit with the Killing Curse, it awoke his hidden ability, and that what saved him.” Catrina informed a startled husband.

“Ok Miss Know It All, what is this hidden ability?” Jerold joked, but quickly ducked as his wife threw a wandless stinging hex at him.

“Call me that one more time Jerold Jameson, and you will be sleeping on the couch.” Catrina warned, and her husband quickly shut his mouth.” Now where I was before an ungrateful husband interrupted me. “Catrina started, and then continued speaking as if nothing happen. “ Harry’s hidden ability is the power to travel between dimensions.” Catrina informed an intrigue audience.” I believe Harry got it because his Animagus form is a rare Inter-Dimensional Creature, which is creatures that can travel between dimensions, unfortunately for us little is known about them, and even though we believe there is maybe hundreds of deferent species, we only know of a handful, and the most famous one is the Phoenix.” Catrina finished, as the Headmaster looked lost in thought.

“Is that what the shield you place around Harry was for, it stopped him from going to another Dimension.” Dumbledore unsurely guess.

“That is right Headmaster, and if I hadn’t done anything Harry would have traveled to another Dimension, and would be lost to us, since there will no way for him to return or for us to retrieve him.” Catrina informed an accepting Headmaster.

“It seems that this ability is too dangerous for Mr. Potter to have, we should try to block it so he won’t accidentally go to another Dimension.” Dumbledore thoughtfully suggested, and the Guardian agreed.

“I will look it up in our Library we should have Magical Blocks that can be focus to block certain abilities, while leaving any other abilities free for Harry to use.” Catrina suggested, and the Headmaster agreed that it would be for the best.

Once his wife was done talking, a wide-eye husband quickly spoke up.” Wait a minute, if getting hit by the Killing curse cause that ability to show itself, would it do it to me, since I have an Inter-Dimensional creature as an animal form?” Jerold shockingly asked, and his wife too realizes it.

“I’m afraid my dear, you hit the nail right on the head, you didn’t die that day, and wasn’t sent to the past, you were actually sent to another Dimension.” Catrina informed a not too happy husband.

“No this is a nightmare, I left all my friends to deal with Voldemort on their own, and I betrayed them by leaving them to their fate.” Jerold angrily yelled as he quickly got up to magical change his clothes.

“Jerold what are you going to do?” Catrina worriedly asked, as her not so happy husband turn to her.

“I’m going to demand that Toadias tell me why he lied to me about coming to Animalia, since I know he must know the truth.” Jerold angrily informed his wife, before disappearing in a flash of blue light.

With her husband gone, the lone Guardian collapsed onto her bed, with her eyes closed tears fell fearing for the worst.” I’m going to lose Jerold, when he goes back to his dimension.” Catrina cried into her hands, as she felt a comforting arm around her shoulder.

“Catrina dear, if Jerold truly loves you, he WILL take you back with him, since I’m sure Jerold will never leave his wife and daughter behind.” Dumbledore kindly suggested, as he pointed to the next bed with a sleeping child on it.

“You are right Headmaster, but I never saw Jerold that angry before, he might not be able to think clearly and just leave us.” Catrina worriedly informed her Headmaster, as she looked away.” And if he does, I don’t know if I can live without him, since he helped me find a family.” Catrina worriedly informed her Headmaster.

“I know my dear I can see that when you are together, but please trust me, I know Jerold will never leave you.” Dumbledore kindly suggested, as he magically place the Guardian to sleep, to stop her worrying.

With the Guardian asleep, the Headmaster got up and left the Hospital Wing, hoping that Jerold will make the right decision, before he leaves for his Dimension.


In a large round office, a Toad-like man, look up a few seconds before a flash of blue light and young angry Guardian appeared.” Headmaster Toadias, you knew I was from another Dimension why didn’t you tell me!” Jerold demanded, as his Headmaster gave out a sigh.

“Jerold I’m sorry I didn’t tell you, since I had thought if you believe that was your world, you will be able to heal some of the guilt of losing love ones from your old world.” Toadias informed a glaring Guardian.

“And what do you think would happen when I leave here to go back I will still feel the lost all over again!” Jerold argued as he pace about.

“Jerold please calm down, it won’t be that bad, especially since you WILL have your wife and child to help you with your feelings.” Toadias gently reminded his young Guardian.

“But that isn’t their world I can’t possibility asked them to come with me!” Jerold argued.
“Jerold you forgot, that Earth isn’t Catrina home world, she had her original home world, family and friends destroyed all in one day, YOU ARE all she have left.” Toadias informed a slowly calming Guardian.

“What about our jobs as Guardians, aren’t we responsible to help our planet and such we can‘t just leave can we?” Jerold firmly asked, as his Headmaster looked to him.

“Jerold when I asked you to help your counterpart, I already had another Guardian chosen, but since I knew you could use this experience to help your world, I switch it over to you.” Toadias informed his Guardian, whom looked to his Headmaster.” Remember when you first asked if Catrina to come to Earth when her world was destroyed, I was not lying when I had more then enough Guardians to protect Earth, and you were no exception I could’ve sent you back to your world when your training was over.” Toadias informed a wide-eye Guardian.

“But that was seven years ago, Voldemort will probably be unstoppable by now!” Jerold argued, as he looked to his Headmaster.

“Actually Jerold only five months had pass since there is a time difference between our worlds.” Toadias started, as his Guardian look hopeful.” And plus History had repeated itself, Voldemort was again cast from his body, and now is force to regain his lost powers, so you have a chance to rid him from your world.” Toadias informed a hopeful Guardian.

“How do you know this Headmaster?” Jerold quickly asked.

“I have a way to see other dimensions, and sometime I will interfere if there was a way I can help the trouble worlds. “ Toadias informed a wide-eye Guardian

“You brought me here didn’t you?” Jerold quickly asked, but his Headmaster shook his head.

“Jerold when your ability showed itself, and when you started shifting to move to another Dimension, I just made sure the Dimension you went was this one.” Toadias informed his Guardian, whom closed his eyes, realizing his Headmaster could have left him to his fate.

“I guess I should thank you, if you didn’t do anything, I would both not have the experience to stop Tom in my world, and I would never have met Catrina.” Jerold sighed as he finally sat down.” So what do I need to do to send US back to my world?” Jerold firmly asked, and the Headmaster smiled, looking glad that his Guardian accepted his explanation.

Once the Headmaster was sure his Guardian was ready to leave, he looked to the side.” Fawkes, you can come out now!” Toadias called out, and a familiar gold and orange Phoenix appeared.” Jerold I believe you know this Phoenix?” Toadias smiled, as did his Guardian.

“Is he from my World?” Jerold smiled since he had not seen the Phoenix ever since Dumbledore’s death.

“Fawkes was there before you were born, but had left your World when his Master died.” Toadias informed an accepting Guardian, whom turned to the Phoenix.

“Fawkes, can you return me to my World.” Jerold hopefully asked, and the beautiful bird, nodded a yes.” I guess I better get back to Catrina, she would be worried that I left her.” Jerold informed his Headmaster as he patted the Phoenix that now was on his shoulder.

“Jerold before you go, I have something you can use to help defeat Tom, since your world is deferent, you going need to help to find the Horcruxes.” Toadias quickly informed his Guardian before he left.

“What do you mean deferent, aren’t the Horcruxes the same?” Jerold now worriedly asked.

“No I’m afraid not, and I should also warn you the world you left behind is now a much darker place to live in, since the Death Eaters even without their master, had taken over the Ministry.” Toadias warned, a gulping Guardian.

“Then I guess I won’t be bored, since I won’t have to do the same things again to get rid of Tom.” Jerold smiled, but deep inside he knew this would not be an easy task.

“You are probably right, but here this will help you since you won’t have my help when you leave.” Toadias informed his Guardian as he push a miniature trunk to him.

“A new trunk, what can it do to help me, and what do you mean I won‘t have your help?” Jerold quickly asked.

“Jerold, this is a one way trip back to your World, once you leave, there is no way to come back, since I sealed your ability to travel to other Dimensions, which I will do the same to young Harry Potter.” Toadias informed a not too happy Guardian.

“Then I guess this is goodbye.” Jerold sadly asked, and his Headmaster nodded.

“Do not be sad my Guardian, since in that trunk you will not only have copies of all the books from our Library, you will have a Potion Lab, filled with everlasting ingredients you will not find anywhere except from Animalia.” Toadias informed a smiling Guardian as he took the gift.

“Catrina will be happy to have that, and thank you for everything.” Jerold smiled as he got up to leave.
“Goodbye Harry James Potter, I know you will defeat Tom from your world.” Toadias smiled, as Jerold nodded a goodbye, just before he was gone in a flash of blue light.

Hospital Wing

In a flash of blue light, a young Guardian appeared, and knelt over a sleeping wife.” Catrina dear, wake up, we need to leave.” Jerold gently awoke his wife.

“We leaving this Dimension together?” Catrina groggily asked, as she wiped sleep from her eyes.

“Yes, I will never leave you, or our troubles behind.” Jerold smiled, as gesture to their child.

“Then let’s go and head to the Headmaster’s office, to tell him goodbye.” Catrina sadly suggested, as she magically change her clothes, and once they gathered a sleeping daughter, they quietly left the room.

Headmaster Office

Once the Guardians were called in, they were surprised that the office was almost filled with Wizards and Witches, but soon realized they were all was from the Order, and their friends.” I had a feeling you would want to say bye to me, so I called your friends and family here to give you a proper goodbye.” Dumbledore smiled as the Weasleys were the first to say their goodbyes and thanks.” Jerold dear, make sure your daughter don’t become a prankster just like your father.” Molly smiled as she hugged the couple and their daughter.

“I will try, but I fear it too late to deter her from being a prankster.” Jerold smiled, as did the elder Weasley.

Soon it was a teary goodbyes, as the Guardians said there farewells, but unfortunately when one came to two Wizards one knew he would never see again, he stopped before them.” Albus since is the last chance I have, I want to say I forgive you for all the mistakes you made concerning my life.” Jerold informed an accepting Headmaster.

“I’m glad, and I’m truly sorry for all the pain I put you through.” Dumbledore sadly informed an accepting Guardian, as they gave each other a farewell hug, before the Guardian turned to another.

“Sirius…” Jerold sadly started, but the elder Wizard cut him off.

“Don’t you dare apologize for sending me into the Veil of Death, from what you told me, IT WASN‘T YOUR FAULT!” Sirius firmly informed his Godson from another World.” Just say bye and give me a hug, that all I want to from you.” Sirius smiled as tears fell from his eyes, and the younger Wizard just did that.

Once the Guardians said their last goodbyes, they stood together, to look everyone over one last time.” I guess this is it, thanks for everything.” Jerold sadly thanked everyone again.

“Good luck Jerold, I know you will defeat Tom in your World, we all have faith that you will.” Dumbledore firmly informed an accepting Guardian.

“I know I will, and I guess this is it, and please don’t forget us.” Jerold smiled, as he and his wife took hold of Fawkes tail feather and in a blinding flash of fire, they were gone.

With the Guardians gone, the Elder Weasley turned to her ex-Headmaster.” Do you think they will be alright?” Molly worriedly asked, as the Headmaster nodded.

“I’m sure they will be.” Was all Dumbledore could say, as he sat down hoping it was so.

A/N; This is it, I hope you like this story, and continue on to its sequel Harry Potter and the Savior Return, this has Deathly Hallow spoilers, and is already out with it first chapter.

And thanks for reading my story.
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