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Lingering Memory - MAY 7

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Mikey and Frank talk about Ray's memories, Ray has an unwelcome visitor

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Frank looked over at Mikey, who had caught a ride with him to the meeting, and wondered why he was so quiet. "Everything OK?
"Oh yeah, sure". Mikey answered looking over at Frank.
Frank had waited in the car after the meeting because Ray had asked Mikey to stay for a minute so they could talk. Now Frank was wondering if something had happened. He spoke while watching the traffic, "Ray didn't say anything to upset you did he?"
"No he just wanted to ask me something about when he was in the coma. He remembers hearing some of us talking to him."
"Really, he remembers hearing us?"
"Some of it, I guess. He isn't sure if everything he heard was real of it he was just dreaming some of it." Mikey smiled to himself thinking about how he had admitted to Ray that he had indeed told he that he had gotten married. Ray had laughed when Mikey had explained about Elvis, sure that for a while there he had really tripped out with the whole Elvis thing. Ray had then proceeded to tell Mikey about the very strange dream he had remembered that morning. It was so weird that he had swore Mikey to secrecy. Mikey had laughed after hearing it and totally agreed with Ray. It was just too off the wall to tell anyone else especially Monica. Telling her about Gerard and the dresses? Well, he wasn't going to be the one.
"So it's all good?" Frank asked pulling Mikey's thoughts back to the present. He didn't like to pry but he was worried about Mikey. His moods were something they all worried about.
Mikey smiled over at him, "It's all good, Frank."
Frank got a call from Jamia who wanted to tell him she had scheduled a doctor's appointment. Mikey looked out the window and let his mind wander. He did feel good about getting back on the road that hadn't been what he was thinking about when Frank asked. He had been thinking about the other night when he had gone to Starbucks. He was still wondering why she had called then hadn't met him like they planned. Should he try to call her back? No, he reminded himself he couldn't; she hadn't given him a number. Mikey hated to admit it to himself but there was no denying he was worried about her. He knew he shouldn't but couldn't help his feelings. If only he didn't have a lingering memory about her that he couldn't let go. It wasn't something he could ask her, it was something better left buried. It was something that could destroy too many lives.
"Jamia has a doctors appointment on Thursday and I'm going with her." Frank said breaking into his thoughts. "Shit, can you just see me in a waiting room full of pregnant women?"
Mikey laughed, "You gotta behave."
Frank grinned, "Oh hell yeah, Jamia will make sure I do. So you and Alicia getting excited about your wedding?"
Mikey felt bad that Frank didn't know he and Alicia were already married. It seemed wrong for him and Bob not to know when the rest of the band did. He shrugged, "Yeah, I guess"
Frank cut him another look, "You haven't changed your mind? I mean you and Alicia are still tight?"
This line of questioning was making Mikey uncomfortable. He didn't like having to pretend he wasn't married. He didn't like lying to Frank. "I love her more each day." He answered honestly.
"I wish Jamia would agree to marry me as soon as we get back. Now she says we should wait cause Gee and Monica are gonna get married then. Shit, we got kids on the way. Sometimes she can be so pig headed."
Mikey laughed, "Face it Frank she's in charge, she always has been. And you're fucking lucky to have her."
Frank nodded, "Yeah, I am. She has put up with so much shit over the years. I can't imagine my life without her in it." Both men sat quietly lost in thought. Frank was thinking of Jamia but it wasn't Alicia Mikey had on his mind.
Gerard and Bob were almost to the car when something occurred to Gerard. "Hey, maybe we should ask Christa if she wants to come to mom's for dinner. It would probably be good for her to get away from here for awhile and it would give her a chance to get to know all of us better."
"Think she would agree to leave Ray?" Bob asked as they stopped in the middle of the parking lot to talk.
"It wouldn't be for all that long."
"Kara and I could bring her back after dinner." Bob thought the idea really sounded good. "Let's go ask her."
Christa was sitting on the side of the bed kissing Ray when they walked back in. "Wow, that's what I call nursing someone back to health" Bob laughed.
"Hey, guys." Christa sat up. "Weren't you both just here?"
Ray agreed, "Thought you had left."
"Yeah, we can tell. We came back to see if Christa wanted to go to mom's for dinner. She's making something special for Monica's first night home."
Christa started to decline the offer but Ray stopped her. "Hey, it would be good for you to get out of here for awhile."
She frowned at him, "I want to stay with you."
"You don't know what a good cook Donna is or you wouldn't even be thinking of saying no."
"Kara and I will bring you back after dinner." Bob offered.
"It will give you a chance to get to know everybody better." Ray cupped her face in his hands, "I want you to get to know all of them." He looked deeply into her eyes. "It's important to me that they know just how special you are."
"It'll just be for a few hours," Gerard reminded her.
"Fried chicken" Bob said enticingly.
"Macaroni salad" Gerard added naming his favorite dish.
"Oh hell, I wanna go" Ray smiled. "Go and when you come back you can snuggled me in some of Donna's macaroni salad."
She agreed to go and followed Bob and Gerard out of the room after giving Ray a kiss goodbye. "You're gonna love my mom's cooking" Gerard told her as they walked towards the car.
"Thanks for asking me. I hate to leave Ray but it is good to get out for some fresh air." Bob opened the passenger door and insisted she sit in front.
"So is Ray really OK with us leaving?" Gerard asked once they were on the road.
"He thinks it's what you should do. I really think the doctor will let him go home sooner than anyone thought was possible. He's doing so good."
"Toro is one determined guy." Bob told her. "And you seem determined to keep him that way."
"I love him" she answered, "Music is his life, getting back on the stage is what he lives for. I'll do everything I can to make sure that happens."
After Christa and the guys left, Ray leaned back and closed his eyes. He knew his mom was on her way to see him and he decided to take a short nap before she arrived. He still tired easily but the doctor assured him that wasn't anything to worry about. He was just about to drift off when he heard someone walk into the room. He opened his eyes and briefly wondered if he was really asleep and dreaming. "Liv" he said.

Authors Note - OK show of hands - How many people didn't get that the last chapter was a dream? I was having an off night, wrote the chapter in 10 minutes and then thought oh hell, I can't post this they will hate it. However, Caitydidsworld and my friend Anne assured me that you all would think it was funny. I think my favorite part was Bob and his action figure, poor Bob. However I gotta admit the thought of Gee in a dress just ain't bad!!! Thanks for the support you show for my story. I love you all so much (slightly less if you give me a bad rating)
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