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Oh, feelings.

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Second chapter, Way brothers have feelings. Telll me what you think, read&rewiev.

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Gerard stared at the woman. He was amused and little shocked at the same time by her assumption .
"Err, no. "
The woman blinked her eyes twice and then got the expression of slight horror on her face. Gerard smiled wanting to say in some way that it was okay, but she didn't seem to take the note.
"Oh God. Oh shi-, sorry," she said frowning and flinching her hands in embarrassment. Her cheeks were burning red and her hands shook when she took the earphones out of her ears. "I'm really sorry, it's just you're clothes I guess. NO, I don't mean that you look like some... I just thought that you were- I'm so stupid really. If you're the fancy-named guest then I'm really, really sorry, I didn't mean to say anything offending from your name, it's just- you weren't supposed to b-be here yet and -," she gaggled nervously and fast, still moving her hands while talking. Gerard kept smiling and raised his hand to calm her.
"It's okay really. I don't mind," he said trying to sound as normal as he could from his amusement. She opened her mouth and rolled her eyes and was ready to start another rant about her mistake. "What's you're name?"
"Huh? Oh umm, Emily."
"Emily," Gerard said her name peacefully, "It's okay. I am the fancy-named guest, thanks for liking my name." He grinned.
Emily stared at him for a moment in disbelief but then smiled a little. Then she turned to her computer and typed something really fast.
"You're mister.. Gerard Way?" Her voice stayed completely normal when she pronounced his name. Gerard nodded slowly. "Yeah." She really doesn't know me, Gerard thought. She typed some more and then turned back to face him, leaned against the counter a little and smiled sweetly.
"You have some ID?"

After few minutes of official actions Emily offered a small silver key to him. As he took it, her fingers touched his palm. He maybe wouldn't have even noticed touch so small otherwise, but this time he did. Her fingers were soft but very cold. He thought it was strange and stopped to look at her hands for a second. They were neat, short nails were clearly trimmed and skin was fair. The thing that bothered Gerard was that they looked fragile. Her fingers were so long yet thin.. Emily's voice stopped his observation.
"OH, I almost forgot to say.. The toilet in your room," she said quickly and little uneasy. "It doesn't work. Neither does the shower for that matter, and I don't know where the hell the plumber is dawdling, and we don't have any other rooms free at the moment." The words came out of her mouth slower and slower as she frowned and looked like she was thinking really hard. Gerard raised his left eyebrow and waited. Emily looked straight at him with her dark blue eyes.
"You could, I mean if it's okay with you, till the darn plumber comes and all, you could use the toilet and shower in my room. It's on the same floor as your room and.. I mean if you have to, you know, go." She bit her lower lip waiting for Gerard's answer.
He was totally surprised by her suggestion. In his head all sorts of questions were racing. There was this some-what attractive woman offering her shower for him to use. Now the questions were placed by images and Gerard shook his head a little to get them away. Calm down idiot, he said to himself.
"You work here-, and you live here?" Gerard finally asked. For some reason he felt like he didn't want to leave Emily just yet, so instead of answering he asked.
"Yea, it's easier really, I'm here all the time if guests need me and it doesn't cost anything for me," Emily said and smiled.
"Right," Gerard nodded. "So umm, how will I get to your room if I need to, you know?" He felt like kid in school listening a lesson about certain body parts instead of grown-up talking about using the bathroom.
"Well. There's a phone in your room, and it automatically gets connected to this thing right here," Emily said and pointed at the device on the counter. Gerard was sure that he could hear some sort of baby-talk in her voice.
"And then I'll answer and run to escape you from your agony," Emily stated and turned her head to right a little.
"Haa-haa," Gerard said smiling and turned his back on her. He got into the elevator and as the doors closed he could've sworn he saw Emily smirking in the pale glow of the computer screen. He had a good feeling about this.

At the same time the three members of My Chemical Romance sat on the couches of Mikey Ways living room. Frank had called just few minutes ago and told that he was stuck in a traffic jam. The three men chatted about everything comfortable, like how the temperature was cold and how Alicia's pregnancy was going.
Bob drummed the fabric of the blue pillow underneath him not realising he did it. Ray sat next to him and stared at Bobs hand trying to decide whether to say something about it or just endure it. Mikey sat on the black armchair with their cat Bunny purring on his lap. He stroked its back with slow moves. He was thinking about Gerard.
He could remember the strange light in his brothers eyes when he had laid his plan on the table. He remembered the heavy silence that had followed Gerard's voice. He saw his eyes, almost begging for someone to say something, to say anything really. And Mikey could hear his own voice telling that of course Gerard could do it. That he didn't need to ask their approval.
He remembered the looks of the other guys when they heard him say those words. All unsure and uncomfortable. All wishing for some kind of release from the issue. All wanting nothing more than Gerard to take back his words, to tell that he was just fooling with them. All looking at Mikey, like it was somehow his fault that Gerard was coming up with ideas like this.
And in some way, Mikey thought, I did encourage him. Now he felt slight guilt, even if nothing bad had really happened. He had a foreboding. He had a feeling. He wasn't sure if it was a bad foreboding, but he just knew that something would happen. Mikey also knew, that if that something would be bad, he would blame himself. Bunny stopped purring, jumped to the floor and walked to direction of the kitchen. He sighed and looked at Ray and Bob.
Bob was still drumming the pillow and staring at the distance with glassed eyes. Ray leaned to his right arm and shot looks at Bob drumming hand. Mikey smiled a little.
"Bob," he said quietly.
The blond man raise his head and looked out of place for a second like he had just woke up. "What?" Bob spat the word like he was angry. He was surprised by his own tone and blinked few times.
"You're drumming a hole to that pillow. Not that I mind, but I have a wife remember?" Mikey joked and watched relieved as his friends chuckled.
"And your wife happened to hear that," said a female voice. The men turned to see Mikey's wife Alicia on the doorway. She had crossed her hands on her bulged stomach and she looked like she'd start tapping her foot on any minute.
"Come here," Mikey said and gestured her to come sit with them. She walked to the her husband and intentionally fell on Mikey's lap. Ignoring his protest Alicia looked at the guys and wondered why they were so gloomy.
"Is this," she waved her hands, " 'cause of Gee?"
"Well," Ray started.
"Kinda," Bob said.
Mikey just nodded. Alicia rolled her eyes and thought that these guys were amusing sometimes.
"Come on! Gee's a big boy. He's in N-Y-C," she spelled to them slowly. "Not on the other side of the friggin world. And for two weeks? Come on! Give the guy his two weeks. You gave Mikey and me almost three months back then, and that was in the middle of your tour. This is free time."
Mikey, Bob and Ray all mumbled something in an agreeing tone. Alicia sighed and stood up. "Who's hungry?"
They all shook their heads.
"Fine, lay on your gloominess then, but this lil Way in me sure wants some tuna pizza with extra cheese," Alicia said and left the room.
The men looked at each other still sharing the small concern in the back of their minds, but finally hunger won and they all followed Alicia to the kitchen.
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