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Coffee and Fear ---- MAY 9

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Gerard and Monica talk about her birthday. Mikey and Alicia make a stop for coffee.

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AUTHORS NOTE: Hey everybody I'm really sorry that the chapters for the last three days have been so out of order. FicWad is really hating on me! Last night's chapter "Just Tell Him" is really out of order and I've gotten lots of e-mails asking where it is. Well, it's there with the date after the chapter. Thanks to all of you who look for it. Writing these chapters takes a lot of time and I really hope people get to read them. I'm crossing my fingers today's chapter gets posted in the right place. Love you all - SanDee XOXO

"I really like her" Kara said as she and Bob drove away from the hospital. "She's a great match for Ray."
Bob agreed, "Yeah, she's good for him. I'm glad she will be with him when we start back on the tour." Beside him Kara frowned and he noticed, "You're upset we are gonna be leaving on Monday, aren't you?"
She sighed, "Not gonna lie. I like having you around but I understand. Besides you'll only be in Europe a few weeks."
"Yeah, but we'll only be back here for a few days before we leave for the Canadian dates."
"OK, Bob. Are you trying hard to cheer me up?" She teased.
He glanced over at her, "Just want to make sure you understand I'll be gone a lot."
She laughed, "Hey, it's pretty much been that way since I met you." The car made a turn that wasn't in the direction of Donna's house. "Where are we going?"
He smiled, "Well, Mikey told me before we left that he and Alicia aren't gonna leave for home until ten. I know we're supposed to be going to see a movie but I thought you might like to go to their apartment and hang for a while."
Kara smiled, "Let's see, we can go to a movie or we can go to Mikey and Alicia's apartment and spend some time together all alone. Gosh Bob, what do you think I'll choose?"
"Same thing I'd choose, Babe." He reached out and grabbed her hand. "I want to spend as much time as I can with you before I leave."
Beside him Kara raised his hand to her lips. "I love you, Bob," she said softly kissing the palm of his hand.
"I love you too" he answered, "I just hope you always remember that."
Frank and Jamia had spent the evening with her parents and had just arrived home when she voiced her concern. "Frank, I haven't felt the babies move at all for hours."
He noticed the fear in her voice. "Is that bad? Are they supposed to move all the time?" He hated that he didn't know more on the topic of pregnancy.
"I don't know for sure. I mean the last few days they've been pretty active. I'm probably just worrying about nothing." She tried to convince herself it was truly nothing.
"Why don't you call your doctor? You're supposed to be able to call anytime, aren't you?" Frank led her to the sofa where they both sat down. He placed his hand on her stomach and hoped it feel some sort of movement.
"I could call Monica" she said, "I'd rather ask her first and she said I was supposed to call her anytime I was worried or had a question."
Frank got up and grabbed the cordless phone, "Give her a call."
Monica was surprised when Donna handed her the phone, "It's Jamia"
"Hey, Jamia, what's up?" She snuggled deeper into Gerard's arms. He turned down the sound on the TV.
Monica listened for a moment, "It's probably nothing. A lot of times babies go through a spell where they are very active then they slow down. Tell Frank to get you some orange juice."
Beside her Gerard looked very confused, "Orange juice?"
She smiled at him, "I'll explain in a minute." Jamia had repeated orange juice too. "Drink a big glass of orange juice, most times that will make the babies move. It's the citric acid. Don't' worry about thinking it sounds crazy but with Kelly the doctor told me about drinking orange juice to make the baby move and it worked." She talked to Jamia a few more minutes then disconnected.
"What's going on?" Gerard asked.
"She hasn't felt the babies move for several hours and she's worried. It's weird cause as painful as it can be with all the kicking as soon as a baby doesn't move you miss it. Kelly was so active when I was pregnant I never got any sleep at night." She smiled sadly at the memory.
"Why the sad face?" he asked noticing her look.
"Cause my babies are all grown up. I feel old." She sighed as she laid her head on his chest.
"You're not old."
She laughed, "This from a guy who's been acting like turning thirty is such a big deal? Heck try turning thirty-six."
He wondered if the fact that her birthday was just a few weeks off was bothering her. "So what do you want for your birthday?"
"Not having one this year, I refuse."
The way she told him that made his smile, "Oh really. Well I'm telling you that you are gonna have a birthday and we're gonna do something special. It's right before we take off for Canada so I'll be here."
"Not having one," she repeated.
He kissed the top of her head, "It's gonna be special. Maybe a romantic getaway."
"Let me know how that turns out for you 'cause I'm not having a birthday." She reached over and turned the sound back up on the TV.
Much to her chagrin, Gerard began laughing. "Monica, you can't tell your fiancé to go on a romantic getaway alone."
She turned to look up at him. "Well what else can I do? I sure as hell won't let you go on a romantic getaway with anyone else."
"Then you'll have to go with me. A special birthday romantic getaway." He leaned down and kissed her lips.
"Damn it, Gee. You said the "B" word again. I'm not having a birthday this year and that's final."
She had more to add but he silenced her with kisses. In his mind he began to plan the perfect "B" word for her.
An hour later Mikey, Alicia and Kelly finally came upstairs; they had gone back down directly after dinner. Monica and Gerard couldn't believe they had been teaching Kelly the bass for so long. "Hey, we have to show her how to play cause we all know that musical instruments aren't your thing" Mikey told his brother.
"I really like playing" Kelly said happily. "I'm ready for Warped."
"For the love of God, you don't want to start there." Alicia said rolling her eyes. "Being a girl on the Warped Tour is hella-hard."
"I think it sounds rad," Kelly told her. "Getting to go so many places, meeting so many people. Maybe I'll just be a guitar tech like you."
"OK Alicia, what have you done to my shy little girl?" Monica teased.
Alicia smiled, "Hey after her performance at the school is isn't shy anymore."
Monica thought back to the tape of Kelly singing she had seen earlier, "I guess that's true." She had been blown away by Kelly's voice. She and Gerard had sounded so good together. "However, a know a certain future guitar tech slash bass player who has school in the morning."
"Oh mom" Kelly rolled her eyes then sighed, "Guess I got to get ready for bed. Thanks guys for teaching me the stuff you did."
"Hey, anytime" Mikey said, "You got a lot of talent." He looked over at Gerard, "And don't even say she takes after you." He laughed.
Gerard smiled, "How did you know I was gonna say that?"
Kelly rolled her eyes, "Cause you're so lame, Gerard." She gave her mom and kiss goodnight then leaned over and kissed Gerard cheek too.
"Hey, wanna stop at Starbuck's?" Alicia asked Mikey as they neared their apartment. The thought of a White Chocolate Mocha sounded so good to her.
Mikey shrugged, "Sure if ya wanna." He pulled in and parked in front and they entered the building quickly to get out of the cold night air. The place looked deserted, were no other customers.
Behind the counter Steve smiled. He was a friend of Alicia's from Missouri. Mikey had only talked to him a few time but he and Alicia were good friends. The first time she had walked into Starbucks and seen him she had freaked. It had been so nice seeing a familiar face from back home. "Hey guys, how ya been?" he asked.
"We're good." Alicia answered, "So how is Daisy?" She hadn't seen Steve's wife in a few months and wondered how she looked being seven months pregnant.
Steve laughed, "She's great but big as a barn, she calls herself."
"Yeah, just so you don't say it." Alicia told him with a wink.
"Don't I know. So what can I get you?"
They both placed their orders and waited at the counter while Steve prepared their coffees. Since it was a Tuesday night he was the only one working. Mikey shuffled back and forth from one foot to the other nervously.
Steve finished their drinks and set the cups on the counter, "So Mikey did she ever show the other night? I got busy and didn't see you leave."
Mikey stared at him while trying to form an answer in his head. Beside him Alicia was staring waiting for that answer.
"Uh..." he said trying to buy time.
Suddenly the front door was yanked open and two hooded men barged into the store. The tallest man pushed Alicia out of the way knocking her to the ground and jumped the counter. He leveled a gun at Steve." The money, I want all the money in a bag right fucking now." He screamed.
The other man had his weapon pointed at Alicia and Mikey. On the floor Alicia whimpered.
"Shut the fuck up, bitch," he snarled at her. Mikey took a step towards her and knelt down to take her into his arms.
"Oh ain't that fucking sweet?" he said to his partner. He looked at Mikey closely then laughed, "Hey man we got us a fucking celebrity. I know this guy he's in some shit ass band. I've seen him on TV."
The man behind the counter spoke without looking away from Steve who had opened the register and was unloading the money into a bag. "Who the fuck cares?"
The man standing over Alicia and Mikey laughed. His eyes narrowed as he looked down at Alicia "Did you ever wonder what it would be like to do the girlfriend of one of them rock stars? Find out just what kind of a fuck the famous get?" He pointed the gun directly at Alicia, "Well I wanna know."
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