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Coming Home

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(New Title)The gang is packing up and heading back to New Olympia for their last year of high school. There's one thing different thought. This year, they are Cronus-free. What will partake in the ...

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Coming Home

Atlanta threw her favorite pair of green Khakis into her blue suitcase. She tore through her drawers at top speed trying to find the perfect clothes to pack. The old Atlanta wouldn't care what she packed but ever since she had met Theresa, things had changed. Now, Atlanta took out her brand new pink one-shoulder top and her Jean hip huggers that she had bought a week ago from Sirens. She carefully folded them and placed them neatly into the suitcase. She tossed a couple other various items into the suitcase and sat down on it. She tried to zip it up -which was hard because she had pack so many items- and finally succeeded. She picked up the suitcase and dragged it down the stairs, each step making a loud thump, and leaving it in front of the door.

"Mom! I'm leaving now!" Atlanta yelled through the doorway.

"Be careful!" Her mom yelled back.

"I will! Love you!" She closed the door behind her and walked down the doorsteps to her car, a black Chevrolet convertible with red interior. She had finally passed Driver's Ed. She tried last year, but failed. No surprise there. She always failed Driver's Ed, no matter how many times she tried.

She put the keys in the ignition and the car turned on. Her radio turned on as well. "Fork in the Road" by Lillix was playing. Even though it was half over, she listened to it anyway. 'I wonder if anybody changed over the holidays. Neil probably didn't change. I hope Jay did, he's so stuck up and boring. I know Theresa did. I kept in contact with her all summer. Herry probably did a little. Odie? Nah. Archie? Hmmm, probably not. It'd be a miracle if he did though. That boy is so stubborn.' She thought to herself, a smile painted on her face. 'The guys probably wouldn't recognize me since I dyed my hair and straightened it. I can't wait to see the looks on their faces.' The smile on her face grew wider.


Theresa's once clean room, now, looked like Hurricane Katrina had come and gone. T-shirts, skirts, jeans, underwear and bras were scabbard, both on the floor and hanging off random items.

"What to wear. WHAT TO WEAR!" Theresa screamed and stuck her head in her closet, throwing her shirts and skirts everywhere known to be humanly possible. "I could wear this skirt," She suggested pulling out a nice dark blue Jean skirt. "Oh but it doesn't go good with this top!"

She had a pink halter-top with sparkles around the neckline. "Or these jeans" She held out a pair of white jeans with flowers at the bottom. "Ugh! But it doesn't match this shirt!" She had a black long sleeved shirt with holes in the shoulders. "I'll just wear this and this." She grabbed whatever she felt in her closet, which happened to be a black Jean skirt with a red tube top. She sighed and said, "Now for the make up." She took whatever make up she had and put it on her face.

"Eww I am not wearing that!" She said as she wiped the soft yellow lipstick off her lips and the light green eyes shadow off her eyes.

After about 36 minutes of taking off and putting on make up, she finally looked in the mirror and she saw she was wearing no make up at all.

"It'll do." She smiled.

She dragged her rolling suitcase down the stairs and out the door. "Bye Daddy! I'm leaving!"

"Bye Hunny! Have a good time!" Her father yelled.

"I will!" She yelled back. She walked out the door and into her red sports car that she still had. 'I need to get rid of this old thing.' She thought.

She got in her car, opened the gate that led to her driveway and drove out onto the trail to New Olympia.


Archie ran a hand through his sweaty black mullet. After he had left New Olympia he had decided to change the purple back to black. After all, it was his normal hair color. But now, he didn't know if he had made the right decision. 'Would Atlanta like it?' he asked himself. He shrugged and brought down his suitcase to the living room where he said his good byes to his mother, father and little sister Emelia.

"Bye Mom, Bye Dad, Bye Em." He said giving each a hug or in his dad's case a friend hand shake because that's how the men in this house did things. No hugs aloud.

"Be good Archie." His mom said kissing him on the cheek, leaving a red lipstick mark. "Oops sorry Archibald." She apologized and licked her finger to smudge the red lipstick off.

Archie had a look of disgust on his face. "Mom!"

"Oh don't mind your mother. Have fun and don't get into trouble. Oh and one last thing. Hurry up and make your move on that Atlanta girl before she's gone." His dad said winking at him.

"Dad! Seriously both of you guys are embarrassing."

Archie turned around, picked up his suitcase and walked out the door. He strapped his suitcase to the back of his motorcycle and made his way to New Olympia.


A handsome brown haired boy stood in front of his mirror, checking to see how he looked. He smiled as he saw a picture of Theresa sticking in the top right corner of his mirror. 'I hope Theresa hasn't changed. I know it's only been 3 months, but it felt like forever. I missed Theresa, I hope she missed me.' He thought to himself.

He did look different, he didn't dye his hair like Archie or Atlanta, but he was wearing different clothes. He was wearing a nice black jacket with a yellow T-shirt with his original jeans and shoes. He wasn't dressed up, he just wanted to look different, or look good for a certain psychic. He checked himself one more time, ruffling his hair a bit to make it look a little messier, and grabbed his bags. "Bye mom! See you at Christmas!" He yelled.

"By Hun! Have fun!" She yelled back.

Jay smiled and walked out the door and into his car. 'Oh I will.' He thought. He couldn't wait to see Theresa and the others again, and he couldn't wait to tease Archie again. He hasn't seen them in so long and he really missed them. 'I hope they missed me as much as I missed them.' He hoped that this year, he could tell Theresa how he actually felt.


Neil tried to shove his full-length mirror into a bag but it wouldn't fit.

"Mom-/mee/!" he called.

"Wha-/at/?" called his mom.

"My mirror won't fit into my bag!" he whined.

"Well then don't bring it Hun."

"But mo-om!"

"No 'buts' dearie."

Neil crossed his arms and huffed at his mother.

"Fine." He snarled.

When his mother left, he searched through his back closet to find a mirror that would fit in his bag. He searched for a while. Every mirror he tried wouldn't fit inside the bag. Finally, he came upon a six-panel mirror. He folded it and placed it inside his bag after fifteen minutes of staring at his self.

He zipped up his bag and went downstairs. When he got to the door he called out to his mom again.

"Mom! I'm leaving now!"

His mother ran up to him and kissed him on both cheeks. "My sweetie pie. I'll miss you. I love you!"

"Love you too Ma."

Neil hugged his mom and left the house. He got into a sleek black limo that would take him to the airport, which would then take him to New Olympia.

Neil sat down in the limo and began to think. 'I'm fed up waiting for Jay. He had his chance and he didn't take it. This year, it's gonna be my goal to get Theresa. Unlike Jay, I'll make my move as soon as I get there.'


Herry had so much stuff in his suitcase, he didn't even have room for his clothes. All he had in there were chips, boxes of cookies, cans of pop and candy.

"I think I'm gonna have to get rid of something."

He looked at his suitcase stupidly, trying to figure out which one he should take out. The chips? No, he liked the salty, crunchy taste. The cookies? No. He needed to taste something sweet and crunchy. The pop? He might get thirsty. Candy? He can't get rid of the candy! He's a walking sweet tooth!

Trying not to cry, Herry took out the chips and threw them back in the kitchen. "At least I can actually put some of my clothes in there now." He said to himself.

He walked back to his room and stuffed his clothes in there, not bothering to stack them all neatly in there.

He looked at it, rubbing his chin. "Something's missing." He said. He looked around his room and found the missing piece to the puzzle. He walked to his bed and grabbed his teddy bear, putting it in the front pocket of his bag. "Done!" He smiled. He walked out of his room with his bag and said to his parents, "I'm going back now!"

"Did you bring your teddy bear?" Her mom asked.

"Yep!" He said proudly.

"Good! Then you're all set."

"I'll see you guys during the holidays! And yes I will remember to write."

"We'll miss you!" Herry's mom said, giving him a big hug.

"I'll miss you too mom and dad." He told them, hugging them back.

He let go of his mom's embrace and walked out the door and into his truck. 'I can't wait to see the guys again! I hope Cronus isn't gonna do anything this time.' He thought as he drove off onto the road, hoping to get to New Olympia in time for their "Welcome Back" party. He hoped this year would be Cronus free, but would still be able to train with Ares and Artemis. He just hoped that Cronus didn't escape this year and they would finally have a year in peace.


Odie gently lifted his laptop and put it in the top of his suitcase. 'Perfect.' He thought. He took one last look at himself in the mirror. He smiled. Over the summer, Odie had changed a lot. He had gone through a major growth spurt and was now about a foot taller. His afro had even got bigger.

He straightened out his black leather jacket and grabbed his suitcase. Now, this was no problem. Odie's muscles had gotten way stronger because of all the time he had spent at the gym. Odie couldn't wait to seethe gang again. He hadn't spoken with any of them over the summer. He missed the arguments, movie nights, oblivious flirting, laughs and even Neil's troublesome -What could he call them?- moments. As well as the fact that Odie's summer had been quite the bore. He would go to the gym and then go on the computer until his eyes were so drowsy and dry that he just fell asleep on the keyboard.

Odie said goodbye to his mom, dad and older brother Derek. After, he got onto his yellow motorcycle -Heph had updated it before he left- and drove off to the airport.

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