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The gang arrives at the dorm and have a bq party. And they see a shooting star and make a wish.

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Sorry it took so long to update. We each had our own life stuff going on. R&R PLEASE!! And I bet you know what Archie wished for at the end. Hope this is worth the wait. Enjoy!



Jay hopped out of his silver Toyota unloaded his bags from the trunk. He dragged his bags up the pathway to the dorm. He unlocked the door and opened it. Odie was already there, getting his video games set up and Neil of course was checking himself out in the mirror. Herry's head peeked out from around the kitchen doorframe


"Hey buddy." Jay greeted.

"Jay!" Herry shouted.

Herry started running full-speed to envelop Jay in a bone-crushing hug. Jay was scared for his life. The whole house began to shake. Ever had a full-grown elephant come charging at you? That's what it was like for Jay. Herry's arms were like the ivory tusks.

"Oh no! Oh no!" Jay shouted waving his arms out in front of him, signaling Herry to stop. But he didn't.

Jay's body was weak, numb and limp as his strong friend embraced him. His feet hung like wet noodles from his body.

"Okay big guy, nice to see you too but can I get down now?" he asked politely.

"Oh yeah. Sorry." Herry said shyly.

Herry slowly put Jay onto the ground but Jay had lost all feeling in his body. As soon as his feet touched the ground he collapsed.

"Uh Herry? Help."

"Sure." Herry picked him up roughly and placed him onto the couch beside Odie.


Odie laughed. "Need an icepack dude?"



Hush little baby don't you cry
Everything's gonna be alright
Stiffen that upper lip up little lady, I told ya
Daddy's here to hold ya through the night
I know mommy's not here right now and we don't know why
We feel how we feel inside
It may seem a little crazy, pretty baby
But I promise momma's gon' be alright

Atlanta tapped her pinky to the beat, the music up almost full blast. She didn't care. She loved her music loud. She was so excited to get back home, she couldn't even explain it. The guys said they were doing something special when they come back home, but they didn't say what. /'I don't care, I just want to see them again'/, she thought.

Practically all she did all summer was talk to Archie on the PMR and on MSN. 'He really has been talking to me a lot, and he said that he hadn't really been talking to anybody else a lot. Wonder why.' She still was oblivious to Archie, no matter how hard he tried. She had been talking to the guys also, and even, dare I say it, Neil. But she was just happy to see them face to face again. She just hoped that this year, she could find out why Archie spends so much time with her. Right now, she was about 20 minutes away from New Olympia and she was finally going to ask Archie that question she's always wanted to ask him.


Theresa had her music blasted. She took her big white-framed sunglasses out from the dashboard. Her hair was blowing in the wind as she sped down the highway. She wanted to take as little time as possible to get to New Olympia. She was so excited to see her friends again, especially Jay and Atlanta. She had other 'friends' back at her house -she couldn't and wouldn't call it home because it wasn't her home. New Olympia was- but they weren't the same. She couldn't tell them about her visions or talk to them about monsters and Greek mythology. A). She wasn't aloud to tell them of her descent. B). why would her friends care? They were stuck up, self-centered rich kids. Neil was like that too but at least he knew about her visions and he could be really caring when he wanted to.

Theresa was extremely happy to be going home. She had missed everyone during the summer. Even Neil. She hoped it would be the same as last year. Not exactly the same though. This year there would be no Cronus. Everybody would loosen up and have fun and hang out like real teenagers. And if Jay didn't, so help her, she would cut him with his own zyphos. Jay had to loosen up and not be so serious all the time. After all there wasn't a need to be serious and leader-ish anymore with Cronus being gone. This year, she'd have a little fun with Jay. She had liked him since the day she first met him and it was her goal to get him this year. Of course she wasn't going to be the first to say, "I love you." But that didn't mean she would make the first move. 20 more minutes and she'd be in New Olympia. Her home.


Archie's foot was also tapping to the beat of his music from his iPod. He was so happy to get back home, to see his friends again: to see Atlanta again. And more importantly, no Cronus! This year they might actually get a year in peace, even though he was still keeping his weapons, just for fun. He'd still be training in the gym with the guys, or maybe just with Atlanta. He couldn't wait to see Atlanta. She said in an email that she sent him, that she got a totally new look and Archie was just dying to see it.

'She'll probably look even more beautiful than ever! She said she even straightened her hair, and dyed it! He just hoped her personality didn't change.' He thought to himself.

He loved her personality. It was just like his. He hoped that this year, he would finally tell Atlanta how he felt, and she would feel the same way. /'I hope I don't chicken out like I did plenty of times last year'/. He thought to himself. He had whimped out so many times last year, he lost count. Yeah, he couldn't wait to see his other friends again, but it was Atlanta who he wanted to see the most. He loved talking to her on her PMR or on MSN, but he wanted to see her face to face.

He also couldn't wait for the party they were going to have when they got home. He said he would help the guys with the barbecue. He also hoped that nobody went in his room, 'cause he knew that one of the other guys would be there. He hated it when they went into his room and messed with his things. The only person that he allowed to go in his room, was Atlanta -no surprise there- and Jay, since Jay was the leader and everything. But, Atlanta was his best friend, so he practically let her do anything. Archie just couldn't say no to her. Thinking about what would happen if he told Atlanta how he felt, he tightened his grip on his motorcycle handles.

"Come on Arch. You can do this. Everything is going to be fine. Just think of Atlanta telling you that she likes you as well. Relax." He said to himself.

Little did he know, that he would be having a little competition this year.

Archie smiled as he reached the dorm. He jumped off of his bike and quickly unstrapped his bags. He walked up to the house and opened the door. He saw Jay sitting on the couch with an icepack. 'Wonder how that happened.'

"Hi guys!" he greeted happily.

Unfortunately, he just found the source of his leaders pain.


"Hi Herry."

"Archie!" Herry yelled as he ran up to the warrior resident.

"Uh-oh." Archie tried to book it but he didn't succeed. He was trampled right through the door by Herry and indulged in a firm, friendly bear hug. His bones felt like Jell-O. He tried to squirm out of Herry's grasp. He did but then slid to the ground. The door was toast. It had been completely knocked out of its hinges and now lay shattered on the grass lawn in front of the dorm. Odie laughed.

"Need an icepack?"


Fifteen minutes later, after Jay and Archie had been healed, Jay returned to his leader-ly self. He started to get a plan in order for the barbecue.

"Okay Herry, we need hot dogs and hamburgers and buns. Archie, set the table and Odie and Neil put up the streamers and all that decoration stuff. We have to get this done before the girls get here." Jay ordered.

Everybody set out to do their assigned jobs. They wanted to make it perfect for the girl's arrival.

Twenty minutes later...

"Hurry up guys! The girls could be here any minute!" Jay yelled. It took them longer than he had thought. Herry burned himself and Neil and Odie tangled themselves in the streamers. But they cleaned up quickly. They finished just in time to hear two car doors slam shut and two screeching, giggling girls walking up the front steps.


Atlanta and Theresa arrived at the exact same time. They ran up to each other and hugged. They summarized their summers and giggled. It was just like before. Theresa and Atlanta both grabbed their bags and raised an eyebrow at the missing door and shattered wood pieces before giggling. Nonetheless they strutted into the house to meet their five friends. Of course, Herry was the first to hug them but the guys reminded him, not so tight. Then the girls hugged everybody else. Theresa ran up to Jay first and buried her face in the crook of his neck.

"Oh Jay I've missed you so much!"

Jay smiled and hugged her back. "I missed you too."

Archie stood awkwardly before Atlanta not knowing whether to hug her or just give her a friendly punch on the arm. Luckily, Atlanta made the decision for him.

"Oh come here you big goof." She said as she hugged him. "Missed you lots Arch." She whispered into his ear.

"I missed you more." He whispered back to her.

"Everything's a competition for you isn't it Mr.?" She said crossing her arms across her chest.

"Yep." Archie smirked.

"Well I missed you the most." She said before walking off to hug her other friends.

After all of the hugs and salutations, the barbecue was ready. Everybody sat outside on the front porch. Theresa lay with Jay in the hammock. Archie and Atlanta sat on a blanket and Herry, Neil and Odie sat at the table. They were all eating their food.

It was getting dark out, but the descendants didn't care. This night looked beautiful with the stars, the moon, and the tacky party lights in their backyard. They loved it!

"Oh my gosh a shooting star! Look!" Atlanta smiled, pointing at the white dot flying across the navy blue sky.

The gang watched in amazement as the star raced across the sky.

"Make a wish." Theresa said.

Everyone closed their eyes, trying to think of a wish. Once they finally made it, they opened their eyes and relaxed. A little tired from earlier activities. They lay down on the cold grass and just listened to the crickets.

They all were just plumb tuckered tired! They asked Atlanta if they could borrow her iPod so they could put it on their speaker and dance to her music. They did that for hours, but it was fun while it lasted.

"So what'd you wish for?" Atlanta asked.

Archie was so caught up, thinking what he would think that would happen if his wish came true, he just caught Atlanta's question.

"Not telling." He said.

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