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Just For You ---- MAY 10

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Gerard and Monica renew their love for the first time after the accident.

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The house was completely quiet now that Mikey and Alicia had left and Donna and Kelly had gone to bed. Gerard made his way back to the living room. Monica was curled up on the sofa; he could feel her eyes following him as he turned off the TV and most of the lights. "How are you feeling, tired?" he guessed
"A little, but mostly just glad to be out of the hospital." She rolled over on her back and smiled up at him. "Tonight was nice. I really like Christa and I'm so happy she and Ray are together."
"Yeah, I'm happy she'll be with him when we leave." Gerard perched on the edge of the sofa and reached out to touch Monica's face.
"You still feel bad about leaving without him, don't you?'
"Sure, it will be so weird not having Ray with us, we've been together for so long, through so much. Still, I know that he's getting better and it won't be long before he's back alongside us where he belongs." He leaned down and kissed her lips. "Now, I seem to remember I made you a promise earlier today."
Monica smiled, "I seem to remember that, too." She closed her eyes as he slowly began to unbutton her pajama top. Soon his fingers were parting the material baring her breasts to the cool air. She heard him catch his breath as he watched her nipples harden.
"I hate to see your beautiful body so bruised." he whispered. Lightly he stroked her skin just under her collarbones. He stopped and pulled off the blanket that covered her legs. Moving his hands down to the waistband of her pajama pants he carefully pushed them down until he freed her legs.
"My body looks bad, doesn't it?" She knew the bruises from both accidents still covered much of her skin.
"Your body is always beautiful," he answered. "I'm just so fucking sorry this happened to you. It's hard for me to look at the bruises and not think about how I could have lost you."
"Gee, I love you." she said wondering if he would ever get tired of hearing the words.
"Close your eyes and let me love you, honey." He slid off the sofa and kneeled by her side. His hands cupped then gently began to caress her breasts. He watched her face as she smiled with pleasure. "I want to show you how much I love you.," he said before lowering his mouth to her nipple. The sound of her passion-filled sigh reached his ears. Slowly his hand brushed down her body and parted her legs. With a light touch he stroked the inside of her thighs until he felt her heat. His fingers moved towards that heat to the center of her womanhood. Once there they found her moist opening and began gently rub the throbbing core. He could feel the building tension.
"That feels so good" she was breathless.
"I want this to be slow and gentle for you. Just relax and let the feeling come to you." He lowered his mouth to the area his fingers had just prepared. Her taste made it hard for him to control his own need but he knew he would. She had been through too much to make love with him yet. He just wanted to ease some of the tension she felt while giving her pleasure. He also wanted to prove to himself that he could to this for her without receiving anything in return. Monica's hips rose to meet his mouth, his tongue plunged into her moistness and she cried out softly. "Easy, honey. Go slow and enjoy the feeling." He said as he raised his head to look at her. His hands stilled her hips.
"Gee, I want you so badly." she told him.
"Not tonight, but soon." His fingers returned to their original spot and once more he began massaging the delicate folds of skin. "Does this feel good?"
She rolled her head from side to side, "So damn good" she said roughly, "Please Gee, more."
Her voice and the way she said more made his resolve almost crumble. He took a deep breath and plunged his finger into her. She caught her breath as he worked his finger inside her looking for the right spot to send her over the edge.
"More?" he asked watching the passion on her face.
She nodded, "More, please" As soon as the words left her mouth a second finger was inserted. She lifted her hand and pulled at the front of his hoodie to bring his face to hers. Her lips captured his and the taste almost sent her over the edge. As his fingers continued to thrust their tongues collided. When he felt her contract and tighten around his fingers he captured her moan against his lips. She shuddered as the last spasm of pleasure crested. Gerard removed his fingers and gently redressed her.
"Gee, why can't I do the same for you?" she reached out and touched his arm as he stood.
"Monica I wanted this to be something I did for you, so you could see how much I love you. I don't want anything in return."
She looked down and could see what this had done to him. He stepped away when she tried to touch him. "I'll be back, try to sleep." He kissed her and walked out of the room.
Monica loved him so much for this and yet, it wasn't right. She had seen the effect this had had on him. She slowly rose and moved towards the bathroom. She knocked softly and it was a minute before he opened the door.
"What, honey?" he asked.
"Gerard let me in. We have to talk." He moved slightly and she pushed past him.
"We have to talk in the bathroom?" he asked with a smile. She never ceased to amaze or surprise him.
"Gerard, we are going to be married, there should be nothing we can't talk about. Nothing that we can't share. I know how what we just did affected you. I know why you came in here."
Gerard shook his head, "Good Lord, can't a guy do himself in private?" He laughed
"Nope, it's stupid that you think that you have to." She kissed him, "I'm here to help."
He blinked in shock. "Ok I never thought I'd say this to you but I'm fucking embarrassed" He shook his head.
"We should never be embarrassed in front of each other. You need release, it's nothing to be embarrassed about."
"Monica, I love you but damn you throw me off balance, sometimes." he took a step closer to her, "So you're here to ,,,What?"
"Well with my broken hand I'm here to watch."
He felt an incredible wave of heat pass through him. The though of her watching him was so erotic he could feel himself harden even more. Monica leaned in slowly and whispered in his ear, "I'll also talk you through it." He moaned as she began to use the words that turned him on so much that when he lowered his hand he was ready to explode.
Once she was back on the sofa and covered, Gerard sat on the floor by her, "That was so fucking hot."
Monica smiled, "It was for me too you know. Whispering in your ear and helping you cum with my words."
"I love you, Monica" he gently stroked her cheek.
"I love you, Gee" she closed her eyes and fell asleep.
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