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*the aftermath..and a bit of insight.

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Will stared at Lily's cellphone.
It had finally stopped vibrating.
Her phone had been receiving numerous calls..from the record label, Frank, and their manager, Matt, over the past 20 minutes.
Lots of people had stopped by the bus looking for her, but were turned away.
"I don't know where the fuck she is." Will grumbled, peering into a cabinet and taking out a box of pop-tarts.
"Well, do you know where she..might be?" a nervous roadie asked, clipboard in hand.
Will unwrapped the pastry and stared blankly,
" I don't" he said, bringing the strawberry frosting to his lips with an unamused, and slightly annoyed stare.
The roadie shuffled off, yelling something into the distance.
"Jesus H. Christ," Will began, pop-tart crumbling into his mouth,
"I wish these people would just FUCK OFF." he grumbled, sitting back down on the couch,
"Like I know where the fuck she is."
"But," he added, biting off more pop-tart, "If Bert had kissed me in front of a thousand people...I'd go run and hide too." he concluded, exhaling through his nose.
"Yeah you would." Ryan agreed, staring at Lily's cellphone, which was vibrating it's way across the couch cushions...and very loudly.
"Fuckersssss" Will moaned, staring at the ceiling, "Hit ignore, for the love of God." he whined to Ryan, mouth full of toaster pastry.
"I'm not fucking touching her phone." Ryan responded with a raised eyebrow, slightly annoyed at Will's tendency to complain at every waking moment.
"Why the fuck not? COME ON" Will groaned as the phone began to buzz once more.
"Will, SHUT THE FUCK UP." Ryan began, standing up and throwing down his magazine,
"Im not touching it so stop being a little bitch!" he snapped and ran his fingers through his black hair, heading to his bunk before Will could start anything.
Will took one slow bite, brow furrowed,
"What the fuck is up with everyone?" he mumbled, tender from Ryan's insult.
Adam looked up from his gameboy,
"Maybe people are, you know.." he began in his strong, quiet voice,
"Concerned about Lily. Kind of a big deal. That's why everyone's calling and..not fucking off."
He said, pushing the buttons softly.
Will ran his fingers through his straight blonde hair, standing up to stretch,
"Yeah..." he paused, seemingly thinking about the situation,
"I guess so."
He himself hadn't seen it.
And by it, he meant the kiss.
But he had heard the high-pitched cheer of the crowd, and had seen, almost at the last possible second, Lily slap Bert.
The first thing he said was
"OH SHIT!" in a whisper behind his hand...that had automatically gone to his mouth in shock.
She had stormed off stage, pushing him and any other roadie or photographer out of the way.
And that was the last he saw of her.
He could tell it wasn't the time to tease her..or follow her.
Her phone buzzed again, paired with a
Will spun around to see Lily coming up the steps, brow furrowed..frowning,
"Oh heyyyy Lily, your" he began with a smile.
"Not fucking now Will, I've just bitched my way out of two interviews and I am NOT in the mood for your fucking sarcasm." she interjected sharply, snatching up her cell-phone.
She paused for a second and stared at the screen before pushing the accept button aggressively, putting the nokia to her ear and moving her hair in one swift movement.
"Hello?" she asked impatiently.
Will widened his eyes and looked at Adam, who lay on the couch calmly, playing his gameboy.
Adam caught his gaze and shrugged casually, continuing to play Pokemon Yellow.
"Yeah, I fucking know not to do any interviews. What am I, fucking retarded?" Lily snapped to the unlucky person on the other line.
Her hand went to her hip...
Will knew this was her defense mode.
He backed away slowly, jumping slightly as her eyes found him.
Hell hath no fury like Lily scorned.
She put her hand to her forehead and closed her eyes.
The way she raised her arm caused her shirt to ride up, exposing her pale stomach slightly.
"No..." she murmured, voice becoming soft..tainted and jagged with stress.
She sat down on the couch behind her, leaning forward, hiding her eyes,
"I...didn't know he was going to..."
She held her face in her hands as she listened to the voice on the other line, which was only a deep blur to Will's ears.
Lily shook her head,
"No.." she repeated.
She took a deep sigh,
"Yes, I did.....because Gerard was staring straight at me, what else was I supposed to do?"
She paused,
"Yes...we's been a month or so...Well I didn't think it was your business anyway....Don't be a douchebag, Matt."
She was talking to their manager.......

"So you slapped him. Do you know how much money we're going to have to pay to cover this up?" Matt began.
Lily shook her head,
"No, I don't know. And I don't give a fuck. I didn't do ANYTHING wrong." she defended,
"And I'm not going to lie about it either. Why don't you call Bert and bitch at him." Lily added angrily.
"Because I'm not his manager....." Matt paused, "Though I must admit, it does go well with your image." he reasoned.
Lily raised an eyebrow, mind spinning from what had just happened,
"My...image.." she repeated, baffled, annoyed, and slightly traumatized.
"Yeah," Matt agreed, "You know... 'I'm a wholesome girl...I don't let boys kiss me on stage...look up to me' that kind of shit." he mumbled.
Lily stared at her feet and shook her head slowly,
"I'm not a fucking image, I'm myself." she said quietly, voice stiff
"Lily..." Matt began, almost gently, "You're in the music're an image. We could market the hell out of you if we wanted-"
"Yeah but you won't." Lily interrupted, "I'm not fuckin' Avril Lavigne." she said almost aggressively.
They'd had this conversation before..tens of times...
"Lily, we're off topic here..." Matt said with a sigh,
"The point is I've talked to your label..and they don't want you to say anything."
"OH, I'm so glad they've given me the ok. Fuck that." Lily said, looking up at the ceiling,
"This is bullshit, I'll say whatever the hell I want. Reprise doesn't OWN me."
"No," Matt agreed, "They don't, but they do pay your bills, so I suggest you do as they say."
Lily stood up, breathing from her nostrils,
"Well you can tell them to FUCK off, because I'm not a fucking puppet."
"Lily, calm down" Will said softly, staring up at her from his seat on the couch.
Lily gave Will an angry glance and turned her back to him.
Matt spoke before she could get a word in,
"Lily, I know you're upset, but everything is being taken care of...Just think about what we talked about last week and-"
Lily hung up and threw her cellphone down on the couch, immediately following suit and burying her face in the cushions.
Will frowned and stared at her back.
They had talked about merchandise last week..with her face on it.
T-shirts..lunch boxes...messenger bags...stationary.
She didn't want to be used.
She lay there in silence before turning over onto her back and staring up at the ceiling,
hand to forehead,
"What..the fuck.." she sighed.
Adam and Ryan had ventured to the back of the bus and could be heard shuffling about.
Will stood up and hovered over her, hands in pockets.
"What?" Lily asked, glancing up at him.
Will stared down at her, taking one hand to brush the hair out of his face,
"Come on." he said, extending his hand.
Lily sighed and took it, allowing Will to pull her up and hold her, ever so gently.
"Fuck 'em all." he whispered as she buried her face in his shoulder,
"Fuck Matt and his t-shirts. We can always get another who isn't a total fag...and doesn't destroy the ozone with his hair spray." Will added, sweeping the hair from his face.
Lily laughed quietly.
Matt had been rocking a horrible pompadour for the past couple months.
They all assumed he thought it was scene....but it wasn' was just tacky.
Lily broke away from him and rubbed her nose,
"Fuck..." she whispered, gazing blankly off into the distance.
Will nodded,
"Yeah...fuck." he agreed.
Adam and Ryan lingered in the hallway cautiously.
"And I think I speak for all of us when I say..." Will began slowly taking a glance at the other band members behind him and staring at the carpet,
"The whole merch your decision. I'll back you on whatever you decide to do." he finished, staring up at her.
Lily ran her finger over her nostril absentmindedly,
"Thanks Will..." she said, staring out the window at the disappearing the night creeping in on all 8 legs...dripping in like murky water...the stars struggling to shine through the black.
She took in a deep breath and crossed her arms, staring at one foot, which she moved from side to side.
She looked up at Will, Ryan and Adam, who stood there, staring at her....waiting for some word to let them know she was ok....that things could go back to normal.
All she could do was put her fingers to her chin and stare up at the roof of the bus, and mumble, almost in a tone of disbelief,
"I slapped him....I ... slapped him."
"Fuck yeah you did." Will agreed quietly.
Lily furrowed her brow, frowning in thought,
"That wasn't...uncalled for, was it?"
She asked quietly, obviously concerned.
They all shook their heads in response.
Lily nodded,
"....I feel bad." she said slowly.
Lily's thought process was abruptly interrupted by Chase, a large, tattooed and pierced roadie running up to their bus.
He was panting, and had an urgent look on his face,
"Lily," he breathed, gripping the door handles,
"You gotta come with me."
"What?" Lily asked, standing up quickly and tucking her hair behind her ear,
"There's gonna be a have to.." he began, stopping short as Lily ran down the steps, pushing past him and running towards The Used's tour bus.
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