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Teh Fight

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omfg...the moment youve all been waiting for.

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"You're a fucking prick, you know that?"
Frank gently laid his hand on Gerard's arm, silently reminding him he wasn't going to let him do anything stupid.
Gerard had ended his conversation with Brian minutes earlier, and stormed off their tourbus in search of 'That motherfucker' Bert.
Evidently Brian had failed at calming him down.
So, Frank had followed Gerard off the bus after trying to call Lily minutes before.
And here they both were, in front of Bert's shiny black tourbus.
Bert turned around to face Gerard, taking a drag from his cigarette.
"Oh am I?" he asked, exhaling slowly.
"Yeah," Gerard agreed, "Yeah you fuckin' are." he said, fists clenched at his sides.
Bert shrugged, staring Gerard straight in the eye as he took another drag.
Bert always knew how to piss Gerard off.
Apathy angered him like nothing else.
Bert looked up at the sky,
"Why? Because I did what you're too afraid to do? Actually give a fuck about Lily? Or is it because I...." Bert exhaled, staring Gerard down with cold, narrow, unfeeling slits of eyes,
"Kissed her." he finished calmly, tapping the ash off his cigarette.
Frank could see Gerard tense up...the muscles in his back becoming tight.
He hadn't been backstage when it happened.
Worm had.
"I have..never...seen Gerard so pissed off in my LIFE." Worm had said, breathing deeply.
He wiped the sweat off his brow and rubbed his hands,
"He was squirming all over the place, trying to get at Bert....and shouting shit at him. I had to hold on to him real hard...." he trailed off, replaying the event in his mind.
"And," Frank asked, calling Lily once more, "What did Bert do?"
Worm had paused to think for a moment,
"Well," he thought aloud, "He had just gotten slapped in the he made some joke about it...and kept on it was all set up or something."
Frank stared at his cellphone,
"Why the fuck isn't she picking up?"
Frank blinked back into the current situation....
Bert and Gerard, having a face off of sorts.
Gerard ready to pound his face in.
Bert ready for another cigarette.
"You're nothing but a selfish asshole, fuckin' ex junkie piece of shit." Gerard said, cheeks flushed with anger, "And you're fucking greedy as hell. Taking away fucking CHARITY money, what the fuck was that about?"
Bert sighed and crossed his arms,
"Gerald, I'm not the one who makes the fuckin' executive decisions here. Last time I fuckin' checked I didn't own Warner Bros." Bert said in a tired, raspy tone.
"And who the fuck do you think you are, calling ME a fuckin' junkie?" Bert said with a laugh,
"Fuckin' poppin pills and shit." Bert mumbled, scratching his head...trying hard to maintain a calm demeanor.
But then, something in Bert clicked.
There was a fire in his longer a blank, cold stare, but something full of anger..full of life.
His mouth spread into a grin,
"I'm surprised you can breathe through your nose with all the fuckin' coke you snorted. Still get a high every now and then from the backed up shit?"
Gerard laughed in a very unamused tone,
"All I need to do is hang around your bus to get a fuckin' contact high."
Bert laughed very loudly, in a very sarcastic way.
"So what the fuck do you want, buddy?" Bert asked, taking a step forward.
"Huh, old buddy, old pal." Bert repeated, dangerously close to Gerard, arms crossed
Gerard let out a small chuckle,
"I want you to stay the FUCK away from my girlfriend." he said calmly, voice a bit shaky...fists still clenched.
Bert laughed,
"Oh, YOUR girlfriend." he said with a sigh, "You mean Lily."
"Yeah, that's right smartass." Gerard confirmed.
Bert smirked,
"You know I was never one to take orders..and besides," Bert began,
"I didn't even know you guys WERE dating. You never fuckin' touch her in public...and you certainly never acknowledge her in interviews..." Bert paused, a look of mock realization on his face,
"You've fooled us all Gerard, Bravo!" Bert sneered, clapping his hands with a laugh.
Gerard shook his head,
"Shut the FUCK up. Just because I'm not some fucking attention whore doesn't mean I don't appreciate her." Gerard defended.
Bert shook his head and held up his hands,
"Oh that's right, that's right.." he said apologetically, "I'm sorry, It's just you've done such a good job at covering it up, that's all. Fuckin' Gerard Way, man of mystery, ladies and gentlemen." Bert finished, pulling another cigarette out from his pocket.
Frank couldn't understand why they were there...or what it would accomplish.
Sure, Gerard could finally tell Bert how he felt...but would it end in a fight?
He stared at Gerard...his furrowed brow, his fists...his body language..
He was itching for a fight.
Frank didn't know how much longer he could take Bert's wit.
He grabbed the nearest roadie and whispered to him, sending him off to the Saint Lily tourbus.
"Just stay away from her." Gerard said, voice tense, "Pretty fuckin' simple."
Bert lit a marlboro red between his lips and took one puff, balancing the stick between his fingers as he slid the lighter into his pocket.
He nodded to Quinn, who walked by and stepped into the bus with a bewildered look on his face,
"You know what I like about Lily?" he began, taking a long drag and looking up at the stars,
"I mean..." Bert began, flicking the filter and watching the orange ash fall to the pavement,
"Besides having an.../awesome/ personality...a great voice and being one of the nicest people I've ever met..." Bert paused and took another drag,
"She's got the softest lips I've ever felt." he said, staring at Gerard from the corner of his eyes and exhaling a cloud of soft, grey smoke.
Before Frank could react, Gerard lunged at Bert, knocking him against the cold, smooth metal of the tourbus.
Bert's cigarette fell to the ground as Gerard bashed his head against the tour bus..
As the body guards from various band's ran to them...
As Quinn, Jeph, and Branden leapt out of their bus and started shouting...
As Frank skirted around them on his tip toes, trying to find a way to pull Gerard off of Bert, who was elbowing Gerard in the back, scrambling to break free.
Suddenly Bert kneed Gerard in the ribs, pushing him off of him in one swift movement.
Gerard stumbled backwards and pressed a wavering hand to his chest, staring up at Bert with a look of complete contempt.
He was taking huge, wavering breaths... and there was an anger in his eyes that Frank hadn't seen in a long time.
As Frank shouted at him to stop, Gerard came at Bert once more, throwing punches.
He lost his footing and fell to the ground, pulling Bert with him.
They wrestled on the pavement until Bert straddled him and raised his fist, ready to strike angry blows at the face Lily considered sweet, almost angelic.
And then...
They heard her..
Everyone looked up to see Lily running through the small ring of people that had formed.
Her hair was blowing in the summer breeze, tousled slightly, eyes wide and wild,
"FUCKING STOP IT BERT! GET OFF OF HIM!!" She cried, pushing her way past tattooed roadies and techs.
Gerard lowered his arms from his face as Bert looked up at her and sighed, stepping off him and giving his stomach one hard shove before standing up.
"Fucker." Gerard hissed, coming to his knees and pulling himself up.
He ran his hand over his lip, which had split in their struggle on the pavement.
He could feel tiny rocks and bits of glass embedded in his arms as a small drop of crimson liquid fell onto his fingertips.
He winced as a sharp pain shot through his side, from where Bert had kneed him moments before.
Bert could be seen rubbing a red spot on his doubt from where Gerard had slammed it into the bus repeatedly.
He had a small scratch above his eyebrow..but wasn't bleeding.
"WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU GUYS?!" Lily shrieked, standing with her arms extended from her sides.
Gerard looked up from his blood streaked hand to Bert, who stood with his hand to his head, scowl on his face.
Their eyes stayed locked in a fiery gaze.
Neither of them gave her an answer.
She crossed her arms, obviously huffy,
"SO NEITHER of you can ANSWER me?"
She asked, eyebrows raised, leaning forward slightly.
She glanced at Bert, and then at Gerard.
"You're bleeding?" she gasped, staring at the small trickle of blood coming from the split in his lower lip.
Gerard shrugged, still trembling in anger.
Lily spun around to face Bert, an accusing expression on her face that demanded an explanation.
Her eyes fell upon the small scratch above his eyebrow and the red lump that had slowly began to form on his forehead.
She looked torn..not knowing who to comfort, or who to give her sympathy to.
Instead she sighed and put her hand over her eyes, leaning forward and breathing in.
"Why?" she asked, standing up and rubbing her temples with an exasperated sigh.
They said nothing, only glared at each other beneath hooded eyes.
"Huh?!" she asked, looking back and forth between the two of them.
"Fuckin' lover boy over there pounced on me and started bangin' my head against the bus." Bert mumbled, voice breaking slightly as he massaged his head.
"Gerard?!" Lily "What the-" Lily began, only to be cut off by a very angry aries,
"HE FUCKIN' KISSED YOU, LILY. HOW THE FUCK WAS I SUPPOSED TO REACT?!" he yelled, hands out in front of him.
Lily frowned.
Gerard had never yelled at her before.
He noticed the way she shrunk slightly under his voice.
"I'm sorry babe, BUT what the FUCK?!" he demanded.
"Babe?!" Bert laughed, hand to the large lump on his head.
"Shut the FUCK up!" Gerard hissed, stepping forward aggressively.
"Hey!" Lily snapped, stepping between the two of them, furrowing her brow, almost angrily.
She looked at both of them with a piercing gaze, and began to speak slowly,
"You are both acting like 14 year olds. Stop it." she commanded, turning to give both of them a very intimidating glare.
"Kay, Babe." Bert mocked, much to Gerard's displeasure.
"Don't fucking call her that." he said through tight lips and slightly gritted teeth.
"I'll call her whatever the fuck I want." Bert said, eyes getting wide, standing up straight.
Lily turned to Gerard and held up her hand, as if she was signaling for him to calm down.
She held up a finger to Bert,
"No you won't." she corrected, almost sternly.
Bert cleared his throat and rolled his eyes.
Lily tried to think of what to say to diffuse the situation.
But...she couldn't think of anything besides,
"Can you guys just...calm..down? Just...drop it." she asked, hands still up like a barrier.
"If he stays the fuck away from you." Gerard said coldly, looking at Bert with a fiery, yet icy, fixed gaze...which Bert returned, dripping with contempt.
"I'll do whatever the fuck I want." Bert sneered, taking a step forward.
"Then you'll do it with a black eye, you fuckin' prick." Gerard responded, stepping forward to meet him.
Lily stood in the middle as they closed in on her..arms extended fully, pleading them to stop.
"Oh yeah?" Bert challenged, suddenly inches taller than he was before.
"Yeah." Gerard said under his breath, ignoring Lily's pleas.
"You guys, PLEASE stop." Lily asked shakily, scared slightly...and stuck in the middle.
Quite literally.
"He won't stop BABE," Bert mocked, "He's got to compensate." He said with a smirk.
"Don't fucking call her that!" Gerard hissed, pushing him through Lily.
"Stop it, Gerard!" Lily cried.
"No, don't stop!" Bert yelled, "Do it again you fucking douche-bag! I fucking dare you!"
Before Lily could protest, she was pulled from between them, like being pulled out of a dog-fight moments before the canines lunge at each other; teeth bared and tensions high.
She looked up to see Adam carrying her away from them, Will at his side.
And before she could say anything, Gerard pushed him again.
And then...the fists started to fly.
They struggled with each other, punching, hitting, throwing, tossing one another into the bus, onto the ground.
Roadies and their band members tried to persuade them to stop, shouting at them....
Frank and Ray yelling on the sidelines, Quinn and Jeph shouting by the bus door.
Lily stood there, Adam holding onto her to keep her from running back to them.
She watched as they threw punches...slamming bodies against the pavement.
She watched as Gerard pushed Bert against the bus, kneeing him in the ribs.
He punched him hard in the stomach, causing Bert to double over in pain.
Lily's eyes started to tear up...she couldn't watch anymore.
"STOP IT!" she screamed, "Just stop it!!!!" she cried, Adam clutching her tight.
But Gerard didn't listen, and raised his fist, punching Bert across his face.
"STOP IT STOP IT STOP IT!" she screamed.
But Gerard didn't listen..and threw another punch.
She could almost hear a sickening crunch as Bert struggled beneath him, kneeing him almost blindly in defense, pushing him away with tired arms.
Lily stumbled forward, breaking free from Adam as the vessels in Bert's nose began to break and ooze.
She threw herself in front of him..broken and bruised...bleeding from his right nostril..and.
Gerard's fist crushed into her nose, freckled from the summer sun.
The nose that he had kissed in the dark, ran his fingers over as she slept...
Silence followed.
A hush so hurt.
Lily's fingers wandered up to her nose, mouth open in shock.
"I...I didn't mean to.." Gerard managed as Lily's fingers became coated in fresh, red blood.
She gasped..a small broken cry.
Her eyes welled up as Bert faltered out from behind her, legs wobbly, eyelids fluttering, and grabbed her by the shoulders, pulling her in front of him.
"You fuckin' PUNCHED her in the NOSE!" Bert exclaimed in disbelief as Lily stared at her hands, wiping the blood away that was dripping down to her upper lip.
Before Bert could get another word in Lily's band members had burst through the crowd and were pulling her away, Will with a very displeased look on his face.
"Good job, fuck face!" he yelled at Gerard, taking time to point a finger at Bert,
"And you too douche bag!"
More blood gushed into Lily's hand as she exhaled a ragged breath, her nose making a sucking sound..a gurgling.
She couldn't help but tear up...let a tear run down her face as Adam, Will and Ryan pulled her away.
"Good fucking job, Gerard." Bert sneered, hitting him hard upside the head.
Lily heard them struggle as she tasted the blood that had pooled on her upper lip..the taste like metal..warm and cold at the same time...sticky and wet, drying on her skin and clinging to the fine hairs on her arm.
An anger welled up inside her as she heard Frank and Ray shouting in tired tones...Jepha and Quinn pleading Bert to 'let go'.
She felt the fire within her...licking away at her bones..her throat itching to scream.
Lily spun around and stomped towards them, Will snatching her arm as she started to scream at them; demanding they stop.
"FUCKING STOP IT!" she shouted, hand to her nose, coated in smears of dried blood.
"STOP IT!!!!!" she screamed.
Bert and Gerard paused in shock.
They had never seen or heard Lily act this way before.
"You!" she said, pointing at Bert, " WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?!" she cried, "YOU kissed me in front of a thousand FUCKING fans!!!"
"And YOU." she sniffled, pointing at Gerard, "Can't even HOLD MY FUCKING HAND in front of ONE."
She sniffed loudly, sucking up any extra blood,
"You TOLD ME YOU WOULDN'T GET ME IN THE MIDDLE OF THIS!" Lily yelled at Gerard, tears running down her face,
"AND YOU...ASSHOLES" Lily cried, encompassing Gerard and Bert in one gesture "BROUGHT ME IN THE MIDDLE."
"BOTH OF YOU!" She screamed as Adam tugged at her arm.
"I am NOT a fucking TROPHY!" she screamed as Adam began to pull her away, blood dripping down her chin.
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